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CAF Veteran, Black Hatter, Ally, Advocate ADHD/ASD Dir of #STRATIOS He/Him/Dude #FilmTheCops #IWasThere #ForWhatItsWorthβœŒοΈπŸ’“ #CriminallyNotNotResponsibleπŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ
30 Jul

Don't lose hope my friends - there're a ton of good doctors and nurses out there. They're just usually discouraged from communicating with each other, their patients or are are forced to relocate.

The "good ones"/best ones have always been the #whistleblowers
I'm not mad at the nurses that abused me, I'm disappointed that they're letting down their own ideals. You can always tell when a person's betrayed their own ideals, they broadcast that in everything that they do, even sub-consciously.
Totally Unrelated Sidenote: I reminded the rude 20-something guards at the hospital yesterday, prior to them kicking me about "#ColdReading". A topic I'd suggest they and LEO's look at before interacting with me again.
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29 Jul
Incident with checker cab. Their driver threatened to come back to my house to assault me.

Cab didn't have tap, he wanted to charge me home and back again to pickup my spouse's debit card...

I have no cash/wallet/license because of police interference.

#DECH security involved.
Sitting peacefully. Chris's statement might drop later today.

Place nicely DECH admin watching on the cams right now. I just want to see the doc and go home, so let's go. Help these other people, properly.

Registered, success!

This is the Dr. Everett Chalmers Memorial Hospital waiting area. Used to be part of the ER. Now they segregate it.

Friends: this is a #Range. That's the guard bubble. Ask anyone with time in.…
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29 Jul

I'm not a very serious person, except for when folks force me to be.

Life's too short to not have a bit of fun while we're here, so be good to each other. That doesn't mean spoiling, that means taking care. βœŒοΈπŸ’—
#ACAB #IGotOut #IndigenousLivesMatter #BlackLivesMatter
I'm also in absolute love with this Pixel 2, so I'm definitely playing with my 'new' tech 😜. Thanks local market place, and shitty circumstances lol.

#FPF don't have dashcams.

Cops can't and won't keep me down, unless they put me down.βœŒοΈπŸ’—

#PoliceAccountability #FilmTheCops
Spaceballs 2: The Search for More Money is a live action performance. We're the players, surprise!

Well played @MelBrooks* & Rick Moranis.

Well played, Sir's, indeed. πŸ₯Έ

*And every non polemic satirist/thespian imho.
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29 Jul
Late night water run/cardio complete! 8L H2O + a case of pop.

The cops think they're fucking me over by grounding me and the car... They're giving me an excuse to do Court Ordered Expert recommended physio... That was denied to me in the facility that diagnosis was confirmed.
They're quite literally making me stronger. Also, thank duck for weed prescribed for pain mgmt, ADHD, and my other ASD comorbidities. I already sent the court my prescription... And posted it. And my baby mama submitted it for me, as part of her affadavits... 🀭🀟
I wouldn't call it Kangaroo Court... Gotta add that Canadian flavour, how does #PolkarooCourt sound?

G'night world.
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29 Jul
Solar power supply. It'll be reliant on cell technology. Surveillances weak point is always the remote bit.

IR cams can be messed with by using IR strobes/spots, purchased cheaply, done right it'll blind the cameras without touching them. Totally legal, and done with zero force.
A rig like that will have effective range for 10km+ depending on mast height, topograpgy, humidity, sightlines, atmospheric dust, etc...

They're rolling out old Armoured Corps surveillance packages from our Coyotes... That's just the civilian/corporate version, so higher quality
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28 Jul
Fans/players of @ingress, or the OG's #ARGs like #MAJESTIC, or the books #DAEMON, #Otherland, etc...

You're gonna like my #eastereggs.

Let me be 100% clear: technology is at the point where #Virtualisation/#Gamification and access to tech/aug real/3D imaging/printing/geospatial...

All those data points is enabling soooo much change, and law is woefully unprepared. It's been kept stagnant to favour abusers.


I highly recommend checking out Dr. Ray Kurzweils works! I sadly had to work the night shift, (guarding that CF-18 I'd shared the pic of previously) and was too bagged to see him in person at @UNBFredericton/@UNB at a speaking event.

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28 Jul
So that wasn't cool. I just tried to book a warranty required oil change through my dealer @Fox_Subaru. They've kindly driven me to and from the dealership using the shuttle - as that's standard Subaru service to *all* of their customers.
The same rude service writer as the last time refused to book my service - a requirement of my lease - and refused me shuttle service or loaner service.

Waiting on callback from Kirby, head of Fox's technicians/garage. @SubaruCanada
@SubaruCanada More accurately, blame the police and sheriff friendly service writer that talks down to multiple customers, *especially* non-white customers...

@Fox_Subaru @SubaruCanada Image
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28 Jul
Fredericton and area: if you've got a horse that you're willing to loan me, get at me. I'm not kidding. πŸ˜‰
Stables? If you've a pregnant horse, show some compassion and don't saddle or bridle the girl, she's going through enough without additional torture, yeah?
Riding a pregnant hormonal horse named Shooter made for an 'interesting' time. Yup, I've been thrown before it happens, and I learned from it. That's the point.
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28 Jul
Yup. I was an inmate/prisoner.

Like many of those before me: I've been a prisoner of conscience.

I know I "could've gotten out", prior to the 50d - had I played ball. But that would've required rolling over and accepting false allegations - that's not something that I can do.
But that wouldn't have been getting out. That would've meant playing loose with my ethics, and that's a slippery fucking slope long-term.
I didn't compromise myself, nor do I own anyone any "favours" with good reason.

If I help someone - it's just me, wanting to help, or legally contracted to assist.
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28 Jul
This isn't metaphor btw. Recruiting Officer allowed my it, afterall: it's 100% allowable, and would've made for a great hero shot/PR had I shipped over with my friends to the #Sandbox.

That's how the CAF use generational military families... #Legacies in every sense of the word.
Speaking of - not sure whatever happened to the rest of my "Coffin shots" from BOTC & later courses, I've got photos - but not all of them. Yet. 😎
Re: generational military families in Canada... It was beyond a mindfuck (personally) to wrap my head around the fact that Canada *is* and always has been run on a Caste/"Guild"-esque type social system.
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28 Jul
Here's a video from todays trail-ride with my Wolverine.

Update regarding my license: a supervisor called me today, telling me I'd get my day in court... I reminded her that I was denied my day in court for the charges stemming from David Folkins foolishness in January.
I've posted about being found #GuiltyExParte for my Jan MVA? That court date was 7 or 8 April. I was in remand from 14 March 21 to 29 April 21, across multiple facilities, two being #SJRC and #RHC.

(*#Discovery hasn't occured yet re crim allegations, 2022 Q1 at earliest date.)
I've got 9 Demerits against me, 3-4 from Jan, the rest from #March14 - all unproven, with me not being allowed, or diverted from attending court.

I've been a political prisoner in Canada.

I don't say that lightly. I never asked for this; but I always play the hand dealt me.
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28 Jul
Oh this is too perfect timing, wtaf. 🀣πŸ₯²

I want stuff back @CityFredPolice. You never had legal grounds to take it from my person, nor vehicle, nor continue to hold all of it to this day at 311 Queen Street Fredericton, NB.

#GhostBusters #WhoYaGonnaCall
Friends? Lookup my @ with #MJOLNIR, #EctoOne, #BadBoys, (or variations/etc). That'll explain why I'm over here cackling to myself atm. 🀣
Followers? If any of you could toss relevant hashtags, or redirect folks to the relevant thread/vid or share any and/or all of my clips as you personally see relevant - that'd be a huuuge help to myself and my family in getting our stuff back, and our lives moving forward. β™₯οΈπŸ΄β€β˜ οΈ
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27 Jul
Local cops think they've grounded me by taking away my license lulz.

This old #Norco Wolverine was a birthday gift from my estranged SARTECH father in an attempt to buy away guilt. Perth, ON cops used to stop me all the time for violating a made up curfew for local kids. 😜
D1/ ImageImageImage
"Death before dismount" never applies if you've always got another steed stabled and loved. πŸ€ŸπŸ˜‰
Yes. I do all my own work. If you'd like some of that applied for you, reach out, I promise my contracts and terms of engagement(s) are fair.

Free bike repairs (parts excluded, but I'll try to source ethically) for any and all of Fredericton, NB's #UnshelteredNeighbours.
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24 Jul
Weed's the real winner these past couple of years, let's be honest.

Please. Please white people. Attack me for smoking weed:

1- I did 8 days for '#ReeferMadness' last summer, after getting assaulted by cops;
2- It's prescribed*, just like it is to a ton of Veterans;

*The *only* med that I have to take. Please stop telling me to take my meds, a man can only smoke so much. I want my Concerta back, but the police won't return mine and the #DECH staff won't let me register. Or wouldn't.
On that last note, I just want to point out something: if a hospital wants to get rid of a person who the staff just don't want to bother with at that time? Yeah, they escalate pre-registration for a reason.

On the docs their lawyer would use: not registered not there.
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24 Jul
Ayyy look, it's another 'fine' customer of @Fox_Subaru, and one of the local yokel

Brad here is also the Admin of "Fredericton & Surrounding Areas neighbourhood watch" [sic] on Facebook. Department of Public Safety.

Hai, Dty. MICHAUD. Wonder why he doesn't want me talking? 😎🀘
@Fox_Subaru Yup. That's right. A sherriffs deputy openly runs the local yokels rat/snitch group. This is only one of them.

The sherriffs deputies do it on purpose, to 'unofficially' keep tabs on ne'er-do-wells (from their Cult of Cop perspective).
@Fox_Subaru Wait. Is that literally extremist/cult behaviour? Yes. Yes it is.

Brad runs with white supremacists and the Proud Boys: Brad is officially a Terrorist under Canadian Federal Law.

Have fun, Deputy. Keep that head on a swivel!

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24 Jul
Time for a #StoryTime Thread:

The setting: Highschool English class, Rural Ontario (#UCDSB- Upper Canada District School Board)

The Task: 2 pg-short Story, a reasonable amt of time given for 2 typed pages assigned - two or three days iirc.

The Players: Students, Teachers.
Fast-forward to turn in day.

I submitted 12 pgs, instead of 2. It was a sci-fi story, intentionally a bit tacky, drawing on quantum theory and every other thing my brain has ever experienced or conceived of.

I'd proudly said in grade-school that I'd be a quantum physicist lol
"QT" was my "convenient lie" to get around the travel/traversal time problem in said stories. It was a space folding slip-drive in the vein of Alcubierre/Spacial folding theories. Yup. I had that much prep for a "two-page" short story.

They also assured me I wasn't autistic. K.
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24 Jul
Cops, medical professionals, pretty much anyone working in a capacity as a government official will only exercise or apply "professional detachment" as it applies to protect or benefit them individually (ie financially, career-wise, etc).

Le me stop you right there.

Professional detachment is encouraged so that gov't officials, cops, doctors, nurses, lawyers, judges, #para-medics, etc do not pre-judge/apply their personal opinions to members of the public.

That is a very important legal 'check', that is too often willfully ignored or cheerfully bludgeoned. Conflicts of interest are not supposed to be allowed and most definitely not encouraged or profitable.

Ask anyone that's taken an Oath (esp. Hippocratic) to confirm/clarify.

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24 Jul

I've flipped the bird to multiple city police over the last several days, even tailed them (while they're not idle, only) blasting #BabyShark and #NeverGonnaGiveYouUp and...

Nothing happened, except some sore cops left feeling "disrespected".
I'm sure that it's totally unrelated to anything I've been up to or my #dashcam with geotag and speedo... but city cops are suddenly remembering to obey traffic laws and speed limits.

Seems to happen everytime I'm behind them with full view of their tag and cruiser ID. Huh.
For those not in the know: Fredericton Police Force do not possess nor utilise dashcams, and never formally have.

Video/audio from their "surveillance" ops also usually can't be found - because it's never made in the first place.
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23 Jul
Yeah. So. This may be a good time to explain part of my incorporation.

I learned how to incorporate partially as I did, from my father who's been registered as a federal 'freelancer', for #PMC work overseas, off-books. No ethos.

Yes, I know locations and dates.

He burned me.
There's a reason his buddies on the police force don't want me to be out, nor to have my gear.

I'm disruptive to what they're working towards, and turned #CSIS on to them.

I wish I were being dramatic.
FYI all, a Canadian Airborne vet present during the '#SomaliIncident' sits as a cop and trainer for @TorontoPolice.

He was going to be my "in" if I wanted to be a cop in Toronto, I was told; at a face to face mtg with him and my father at a hotel in Fredericton, New Brunswick.
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22 Jul
My friends. I have a serious. Serious ask for you.

Details from me need to be limited - OPSEC to protect victims and survivors is paramount.
I need your help getting my name on Visitor lists, for prisoners inside that can't get visitor's added themselves.
Let me confirm:
Jail facilities that have #COVID19 visitation pol's in place routinely deny prisoners to add visitors, because guards lie to us about the policies.
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22 Jul
Eyes on #TO.

Fredericton? I've been trying to help our #UnshelteredNeighbours for ages, separate from the white entrenched abusers of New Brunswick.

Cops, courts and local politics have me hamstrung for a reason.

That was a bad idea. I warned you goofs of the optics.
@CityFredGov? Please see to it that water is turned on to my address, post-haste.

The sooner you start treating myself and my neighbours with respect, the easier the PR nightmare that you caused is going to go.

That's a free piece of advice. I'll be charging next time.
I'd also appreciate it @CityFredGov if you were to repair my bay window, damaged by Mr. Fancy of #FPF on a 'wellness check' on my non-suicidal, non-violent, pacifist by choice self.

Or would you rather I file the appropriate motions? I will continue to be #SelfRepresenting.
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