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24 Jul
The @NME decided to report on Wiley's Jew-hating public disintegration today. Did they focus on his active threats of - and calls for - *violence* to Jewish people? No. They made it about fucking Israel. Of course they did!
Would the @NME look at hate screeds - Jews are "cowards" "slippery" "get looked after differently" "want to ruin black mans life" "make me sick" who he wants "war" with - and write a bullshit article as if there's two sides to the story about another minority? The fuck they would
In summary, go fuck yourselves @NME with your right-on 'it's all just about Israel tweets' Leftist shite. Antisemitism is racism and you've just aided a Jew-hater with your pathetic article. I used to buy your magazine on and off. No more.
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24 Jul
I am lost for words. The official Olympics Twitter account bigging up the Nazi Olympics without an single iota of awareness it represents the very opposite of the campaign its promoting. #StrongerTogether is it? Only if together means excluding Jews. The actual fuckwittage.
Yeah that amazing first torch relay eh? Based on the original Athens relay, but inspired by torchlit Nazi parades, the torch made by arms manufacturer Krupp & filmed by Hitler's film maker Leni Riefenstahl. Yeah, wooh, go @Olympics #StrongerTogether yeah!…
#StrongerTogether was it @Olympics not for the Jewish and Roma athletes banned from competing like Gretel Bergman. But yay the torch looked pretty and what about those lovely jackboots, you absolute goons.…
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3 Jul
Since 2015, one of the most distressing, awful things for Jews has been the continual gaslighting from people on the Left. Gaslighting is about manipulating info to make a victim question their sanity, doubt their memories or perception of reality. Ash is a gaslighting champion
Maybe a question about kosher salt (that could so easily be Googled) is just a question about kosher salt. But why would many Jews *not* give Ash the benefit of the doubt, or indeed think she were Jew-baiting in the first place? Let's have a look, shall we. First, off to Warsaw.
Or more specifically the Warsaw Ghetto, the remaining wall of which Ash bent over backwards to defend the graffiti of. Maintaining to the last that it was not antisemitic at all to scrawl about Gaza there. All a massive coincidence it's a mass Jewish grave
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26 Jun
The Guardian has been one of the single largest contributors to mainstreaming classic antisemitic conspiracy theories all under the guise of 'criticising Israel'. From Blood Libel, mind control to poisonings, there's not an antisemitic trope the Guardian hasn't pushed /1
Take Blood Libel, the myth that Jews use non-Jews' blood/body parts for secret ritual. The Guardian had to row back its headline "Israel admits harvesting Palestinian organs". *One* pathologist kept tissue for research similar to the Alder Hey scandal /2…
The Guardian's whole article was still framed as if the Abu Kabir institute had been primarily stealing Palestinian body parts, when in fact tissue samples had been taken across ethnic/national lines. /3…
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13 Jun
Jim Curran was a regular attendee at Jew-hate 'Keep Talking' group where Holocaust deniers & convicted neo-Nazis broke bread with Hard Left, Irish nats & others as exposed by anti-fascist group Hope Not Hate.

Aren't appearances deceptive?

H/T @mishtal…
And the lovely young person that he was speaking to, Rosie? He dripped those conspiracy theories in her ear. Jim is not an anti-racist.
This morning I saw the OP @joesaunders had blocked me rather than acknowledge documented evidence by a major anti-fascist org. And then @ali__samson did the same. A movement is not anti-racist if it embraces Jew-hate.

Ali would *not* have been the man in his cover photo.
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7 May
Perhaps, just perhaps, the @guardian @GuardianBooks should not uncritically publish articles about "Jewish-Israeli perfidy" "the tail wagging the dog" and "powerful Israeli lobby guiding US policy" along with false quotes from Ben Gurion.…
When even Electronic Intifada doesn't back up "David Ben Gurion’s reputed comment “the old will die and the young will forget”" quote, it is abundantly clear that the Guardian and this Professor Matthew Hughes are now merely polemicists. #EnoughIsEnough…
I literally have zero urge to get involved with the Israel/Palestine conflict in any way. But the Guardian, with their monomaniacal obsession with this tiny conflict, is contributing towards Jew-hatred in this country. People attack Jews here because of this paper's slant & lies.
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6 Mar
You'd wonder if someone who runs to defend a man who says "the Holocaust is exaggerated for political ends" a suitable person for an anti-racist campaign in Britain's schools. I'd think not, but then this is Britain. Where Jew hate gets a (football) pass.

Yes, that would be delightful child physical abuser Ken Loach, defended by the usual Left luvvies, politicians academics et al. From Steve Coogan to @johnmcdonnellMP. All of them think a man who actively sought out to help a proven racist is just *fine*.…
And when I say proven, I mean proven. IPSO investigated a complaint that Ken Loach's chum Pete Gregson (who also liked to abuse female Jewish colleagues as "crazy Zionist") & tossed it out. Pete has gone on to hang around with Far Right Holocaust deniers…
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5 Mar
Show Racism the Red Card apart from anti-Jewish racism, that is. Despicable stuff from the tankies/Trots that run this sham of an organisation @SRTRC_England . No @FA club should work with them. There should be *no* exceptions for racism. The UK Left is rotten with Jew-hate.
But then again, an organisation which proudly works with Afzal "Israel-British-Swiss-Rothschilds crime syndicate" "mass murdering Rothschilds Israeli mafia criminal liars" Khan MP, isn't really best to judge what's what about anti-Jewish racism, is it?
But then in Jan 2015 its Chief Exec, Ged Grebby, promoted an "excellent article" by journalist David Conn that criticised charity @antisemitism for talking about rising antisemitism saying it might “risk seeming a little ungrateful” towards Britain. Utterly vile stuff.
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27 Nov 19
People say, what would happen if Corbyn's Labour got into power? There's a precedent. Ilmar Reepalu, former Left mayor of Mälmo, Sweden. In 2008, despite police figures showing violent antisemitic incidents doubling, Reepalu denied there were any at all.…
When the 2009 Cast Lead conflict occurred, in an interview with Skånska Dagbladet Reepalu blamed violent antisemitic attacks (including assaults & firebombs) from a minority of Malmo's Muslim community on Jews not taking a clear stand against Israel.…
Reepalu lied again in an interview w/ the Telegraph,when asked about violence and Jews leaving Malmo:
"There haven't been any attacks on Jewish people, and if Jews from the city want to move to Israel that is not a matter for Malmö."
Remind you of anyone?…
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