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9 Apr 20
@ken_eckerty I'm going to put a little thread together on $IGPK to explain where I see the value is in this stock.

I believe its undervalued on a fundamental level, which should become apparent after the S-1 goes effective.

@ken_eckerty $IGPK share structure:

$IGPK market cap is approximately $1.15M at $0.0010

$IGPK A/S is 1,200,000,000

$IGPK O/S is 1,153,317,059

So only 46,682,941 away from being maxed out.…

@ken_eckerty $IGPK was an SEC filer before becoming a non-reporting Pinksheet stock. On 02/12/2020 (almost two months ago) $IGPK filed an S-1 registration.

S-1's are typically highly dilutive, however here $IGPK is selling a maximum of 4,583,18 shares at $0.0015 for $7,103.93

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