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Investing in a new economic paradigm, organizing & policy | Fmr Nat’l Dir of @vivaroosevelt & now, Board of Dir. @rooseveltinst
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4 Jun
A year ago, I finished my grad degree at Princeton. It got me thinking about how much I learned and how much I had to unlearn to be anti-racist in economic policy. A THREAD ON HOW ECON ASSUMPTIONS CAN UPHOLD RACIST SYSTEMS:
The economic crisis and the renewed attention on anti-racist movements are not two separate “moments we’re in.” One way to think of the two is to talk about economics' diversity problem. It’s real and it’s something I experienced first hand.
But, there are fundamental problems in economics that prevent it from promoting anti-racist public agendas. Here are some (not all) of the assumptions in traditional approaches to economics, when not interrogated, uphold systemic racism, in my view:
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