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31 Jul
Welcome to today's edition of the White House Shadow Press Briefing. We used to be Daily, but the only thing the White House does everyday is lie. So let's get right to straighten out fact from fiction.
2. On the Mark’s comments about how its Democrats who won’t compromise. Democrats came up with a plan two months ago. The Republican plan was just presented on Monday. And in that time, the President has contradicted the Republican plan on the amount of stimulus checks, on
3. student loans. Mitch McConnell threw you guys under the bus on funding for the FBI building. What do you say to the tens of millions of people who are going to lose their benefits when it appears that the real issue is that Republicans can not agree among themselves, even
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25 Jul
Welcome to the WH daily shadow press briefing -- morning after edition. For those who are new here, think of the briefing as a sci-fi novel. @PressSec provides the fiction, we provide the science. So let's get right to questions.
2. Q. I want to ask you about the convention and then I have another question on foreign policy. First of all, has President Trump determined where he’s going to or how he’s going to deliver his speeches that he was working on that yesterday? A. As i'm sure you can tell,
3. we don't have a firm grasp on what we're doing. But the whole Florida thing was a good experiment. We wanted to see if our delegates would risk their lives for us. Turns out, just like in Tulsa, they were not. We did manage though to piss off voters in two swing states.
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18 Jul
There is no bigger story then what is unfolding in Portland. This may be a precursor for a militia style takeover of our cities sanctioned by @realDonaldTrump campaign you can overestimate the danger here
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16 Jul
Welcome to today's edition of the WH Shadow Press Briefing. The questions are real as are the answers, well they're at least the truth so they're very different from the ones @PressSec gave. So let's get right to it.
2. Q. Maryland governor Larry Hogan said today that president Trump has left states to fend for themselves during this pandemic. He accused the president of not listening to medical experts. That is quite a takedown coming from a Republican governor.
3. A. The simple answer is he's absolutely right. We don't have a leg to stand on here. We've abdicated all of our responsibilities, and worse, gotten in the way of the states. So yeah, Hogan nailed it. Q. And how do you explain that president Trump is trailing his opponent by
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11 Jul
Some questions I'd like @presssec to answer this week. 1)Why hasn't the President met with Dr. Fauci in two months? He is America's leading expert on infectious diseases. 2)The President said Dr. Fauci has made mistakes. What were those mistakes?
2. 3)The President has said he put out the fire of the pandemic and now there are just embers. Yesterday set a record for deaths in a day, how an an ember kill more than the fire? 4) @potus has repeatedly said the virus would go away. If it doesn't, is there a plan B?
3. 5) Has the President talked to any frontline doctors or nurses recently to get an update on what's going on in the field. If not why not? 6) Why doesn't the President attend the task force meetings. Does he have a different higher priority. 7)What kind of message does it send
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9 Jul
Welcome to today's WH daily shadow press briefing. This is where you go to find out what really is going on in the White House. Let me start with a long winded dishonest opening statement. On second thought, let's save everyone the time and get right to questions.
2. Q. I’m just curious, after today’s Supreme Court rulings, how is President Trump feeling about the two justices that he appointed to the Supreme Court, Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, who ruled against him today? A. He's very disappointed especially in Kavanaugh. He saved
3. his ass and now he's not keeping up his side of the bargain. He also feels persecuted by people who don't like him, which is everyone, and he wants his mommy. Q. When you were speaking to the president in the oval office, did he have anything to say specifically about Justice
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9 Jul
Welcome to today's White House Shadow press briefing. Real reporters ask the questions and we give you real answers. No lies, no word salads, no nonsensical denials of something the President said. And he was not kidding. I have an opening statement..blah blah blah blah blah
2. Questions. Q. Kayleigh, two questions for you. The first is President Trump hasn’t taken questions from White House reporters in two weeks. While we always enjoy talking to you, this White House likes to say the president is the most accessible in history so why hasn’t he
3. for two weeks amid a pandemic? A. That's a very good question. The staff here has been trying to get him to stop answering questions because it's been such an unmitigated disaster. We tried everything, but he thought he was doing great. And then we hit on a new strategy
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6 Jul
Welcome to the White House daily press shadow briefing. The questions are real, but the answers are the truth, which distinguishes this from the White House briefings. Let me make an inane opening statement. Law & Order. Ok questions.
2. Q. I want to ask you just a couple questions. The first one, why is the President so supportive of flying the Confederate flag? A. The President didn't even know there was a civil war, so this isn't a long standing position. The President is in the fight of his life and isn't
3. doing very well. The only way he thinks he can win is to tap into the very real racism that exists in this country. And since the Confederate Flag is a powerful symbol of racism he embraces it. It's only politics. He won't care after the election, although he'll still be
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2 Jul
Welcome to the Shadow WH briefing. Here's how it works --reporters ask the questions and we answer with the truth, something that you can't get at the White House. So here we go.
2. National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien said that the intelligence about the alleged Russia plot was being taken so seriously that U.S. allies were alerted and that it could impact military tactics. So how is that a hoax? A. It's not a hoax at all. It's a deadly attack on
3. American soldiers in Afghanistan and a foreign adversary doing whatever they want because there will be no consequences. Only the President thinks it's a hoax. He turns an attack on our soldiers into something about himself. There is no limit to his narcissism and self
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30 Jun
Welcome to the White House Shadow briefing. The questions are real and the answers are too, as opposed to those given by @PressSec So let's get right to your questions.
2. I know you said that President Trump was never briefed on these reports about the Russian bounties and whatnot, but can you say that he was briefed today? A. The President was briefed probably as early as last year by NSA John Bolton. But this is the Trump White House where
3. the President is not responsible for anything that goes wrong or for bowing to the Russians. So we'll keep up the fiction of the President not being in the loop for as long as we can. I know you don't believe us, you know you don't believe us but until @seanhannity says he
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25 Jun
The Trump campaign put up a post of video of Biden saying Covid-19 was a hoax. They left out the part where he said President Trump says it's a hoax. 20 years ago this would have been punished severely by the political press. They served as a check on these lies. No more.
this is not really a criticism of the political press, it's just a reflection of how much the game has changed, how alternative media sources and platforms have emerged and the speed of the news cycle. Dems are struggling with the new rules or more accurately there are no rules.
Trump is preparing to offer blacks a repatriation bonus or "opportunity travel grants" to return to Africa. Expect an announcement today.See how easy it is. I just typed it and someone will believe it and repeat it. (the above is satire, look it up if you don't know what it means
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23 Jun
A better late than never edition of the White House Shadow briefing. For anyone new, we let the reporters ask the questions here and instead of the standard BS from the White House, we actually give you truthful candid answers. Read on and learn the truth
2. Has the President actually directed officials to slow down the rate of coronavirus testing? A. Of course he did. It was part of an overall effort to keep the numbers low so it would not negatively impact the economy and his reelection chances. Now why he said it out loud is
3. much better question. But he's just an honest guy who feels the need to level with the American public. That was sarcasm for those who are scoring. Q. Q So when he told us — when he said Saturday that he told his people to slow it down, what did he mean by that?
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19 Jun
Your White House shadow briefing is back after a brief hiatus. For first time readers, we let the reporters ask the questions, but we give the right answers as opposed to the nonsense that comes out of @PressSec every day. So let's get to questions.
2. Q. Wondering with what we see in the markets, that they are a little jittery given the rise in cases, any reason the coronavirus task force has not been coming out to brief us, and also have they been consulted on the rally tomorrow night. A. You want see the task force again
3. The President has made clear he's won this war and cases are dwindling. Now that's not what the numbers say, but it's what the President says. You decide which is the truth. They won't consult the task force because the rally violates every single solitary recommendation from
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8 Jun
Welcome to today's Daily White House Shadow Briefing. The theme today was I haven't talked to the President about that and I don't want to get out ahead of the President on that. Well we have no problem doing that at all.
2.What’s the President’s thinking on the growing movement to defund the police, to dismantle police forces across the country and what reforms does the President think would be appropriate in the wake of the George Floyd killing? The President is thinking he's finally caught a
3. break and he has an issue that will work for him. No defunding the police does not mean no police, but expect the President to demagogue on that every day between now and the election.
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3 Jun
Welcome to the Daily WH shadow briefing. We brief because not a single answer in the briefing these days is true. The questions are good ones, and the American people deserve honest answers. So let's get right to the questions.
2. CBS News has learned his remarks this morning were not received well here in the White House. Has the Secretary Esper ever expressed his views about active forces deployed to the President before this morning in private and does the President still have confidence in
3. Secretary Esper. A. The President is behind him 1000%. We're about to play one of DC's favorite games. Watch Trump let someone twist in the wind. Watch his staff give tepid endorsements and wink while saying. He'll be gone very very soon. And gone because he followed the law.
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3 Jun
Trump took if upon himself to tell us what a good christian was and who wasn't. Thought we'd go through the checklist for him Thou shalt have no other gods before me
(fail, he considers himself a god) Honour thy father and thy mother(pass--loved the cash.)
Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy(fail-golf doesn't count)
Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image. (fail-tanning beds not in the Bible)
Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain(fail across the board.)
Thou shalt not kill(fail--Covid-19)
Thou shalt not commit adultery(fail-too many to list)
Thou shalt not steal(fail-ask his investors and contractors
Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour(fail, ask any of his business partners)
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1 Jun
1. Welcome to today's edition of the White House Daily shadow briefing. We use the real questions but use the truth in the answers rather than the lies and distortions and absurdities that come out of @PressSec mouth. So let's get right to questions. Q.The country is in crisis
2. there is a global pandemic that's claimed 100k lives , at least 40 million unemployed and there are now protests that are ripping apart many cities. Where is the President. Why hasn't he delivered an address to the nations. A. First of all, what would he say? He is best known
3. for a string of racist actions and remarks throughout his career. First it was illegally excluding blacks from apartment buildings his Daddy owned. Then it was the Central Park Five. Then the birther movement. And of course his praise of white supremacists in the aftermath of
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28 May
2. him until about 9am this morning to recognize that on twitter. What took so long? A. The President does not really care about those 100k, if he did he would have shown some leadership and talked to some of the families. He also wanted to stay in sync with Fox News who
3. completely ignored the 100k milestone. They report on everything he says and he didn't want to put them in a tough spot. BTW..Laura Ingraham did a great spot on farting last night instead. Q. On twitter, shouldn't the President be fact checked especially this President who
4. has made some many false and misleading statements, has put fact checkers to work around the world. He's uttered some 18k false statements according to the Washington Post. Aren't you trying to silence fact checking going after twitter like this. A. We're only against fact
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27 May
Ukraine bribery is worse than Watergate. Systematic firings of Inspector Generals is worse than Watergate. Witholding all cooperation with Congress is worse than Watergate. Enriching yourself from the Oval Office is worse than Watergate. Putting children in cages is also worse.
Calling white supremacists good people is worse than Watergate. Accusing people of murder with no evidence is worse than Watergate. Rolling over for Russia in return for help getting elected is worse than Watergate. Sitting idly by while 100k die is worse than Watergate.
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26 May
1. Welcome to today's edition of the White House Daily Shadow briefing. The White House briefs but the answers are almost always untrue. We do something different here, we use the truth. The theme of today's briefing is the Harvard trustees must be banging their heads on tables
2. lets get to questions. Q China is sending more signals that it will crackdown on Hong Kong. What message is the WH sending to China on HK? A. Take Hong Kong, we don't care as long as we get our trade deal. Make the deal even better and we'll give you Taiwan. Follow the money
3. QWe say a lot of images over the weekend over Memorial Day of people gathering in large crowds no social distancing, video in Lake Ozark for example. Does the President have concerns about these gatherings? A. Concerns? Of course not, he sees people spending money. That is all
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25 May
1. Welcome to a special Memorial Day WH Shadow briefing. @potus took most of the weekend off playing golf, but we're still here to brief. First I hope everyone had an enjoyable long weekend and took time today to honor those who have given their lives for this country.
2. Memorial Day is the most solemn of our national Holidays. Sending a tweet that says HAPPY Memorial Day without mention of our fallen soldiers is a reflection about how little @realDonaldTrump knows about service and sacrifice. His life has been devoted to himself and nothing
3. else. Little things like that tweet tell us a very important part of his character, or lack thereof. OK, let's get to your questions. Q. Does the President think it's appropriate to attack political rivals the way he did on twitter on a day like today. A. The President
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