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2 Aug
My online course just got $100k, so I wanted to provide the keys to creating a quality online course. 🔑

A thread💯

1. Never ASSUME what your potential students want.

Create a google doc with each module and curriculum written out, it doesn’t have to be super detailed.
Here’s a brief breakdown.

Send this doc to potential students with a link to a google form and ask basic questions like:

🔑 would you take this course?
🔑 what’s missing?

Record your responses in a google sheet for later use.
When potential students say things are missing, edit your google doc to include popular curriculum and things needed.

2. Create a page to capture pre-sales

For those that said “hell yeah” create a landing page to capture them. Ask for a small deposit. $7 works.
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29 Mar
Thinking about starting up another e-com biz.

Here are some my favorite resources
for research:

1. - this tool scours the internet to find exploding trends before they take off.

It even organizes by category & searches, convos & mentions online.
2. Google Search + Keywords Everywhere

#KeywordsEverywhere is a chrome extension.

Via search it will tell you how many monthly searches keywords gets & if it’s competitive. You want to find the perfect combo:

High Search Volume + Low Competition.
3. #GoogleTrends

Trends make it easy to analyzes the popularity of top search queries in Google Search across various regions and languages.

It’s a great visualization of potential business ideas. For example, here’s one I did based on search:
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25 Mar

It’s got a lot of us worried, fearful and I indecisive.

Many of us are working remotely, some of us have lost our jobs and many people are fearful.

I want to talk about an additional way to make money w upfront work, and passive income on the back end.

1. Online Courses

I believe anyone with talent can turn that talent into an online education program.

With so many folks working remotely & leveraging a bit of time on their hands, it’s a good time for them to learn a skill they can execute quickly.

You can fill that void.
I have 2 courses. All of my additional content is free. To start, I suggest two course types:

Low Cost - $100 or less
High Cost - $499+

You should be providing free content consistently. It should provide ACTIONABLE RESULTS. No fluff. It’s a great way to develop your audience.
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22 Mar
Hey, everyone.

As we navigate this unfamiliar terrain, I want to help the best way I can.

So, I’ve put together a list.

As a business owner, I’m a big proponent of standard operating procedures...

A strategy for creating systems in your business to scale your efforts.

This is an opportune time to spend with family, all the while, bulletproofing your business to run efficiently.

So, I’ve included a few links below that you can add to your business structure to make it..
...rock solid during turbulent times.

I hope these help:

1. Resource List
This is a list of my favorite free tools. You can use these anytime:

2. SOP Training
Here’s how to setup SOPs in your business:
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11 Mar
As many of us begin work as remote superstars, I wanted to create a thread on how I’ve been able to do it consistently for 6 years. 👨🏾‍💻

Here are my tips for optimizing remote work and crushing the workday. 💯

1. Wake Up Early

I wake up (most days) at 4:45a. Now, you don’t have to get up THAT early. Start with one hour before your current time.

Use that time to:

🙌🏾 meditate
📚 read

By the time your family or clients wake up, the bulk of hard work is done!
2. Get Dressed for Success

Working from home takes discipline. This starts w mindset. Shower, get dressed & prepare your breakfast and lunch.

This creates a feeling of distance from your “home” environment & does wonders for productivity.

Pajamas are cool...once in a while
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17 Jan
My tech stack 👨🏾‍💻

I use a few tools every day to run a remote business of 6 team members.

Here’s how we keep from fumbling the bag with MOSTLY free TOOLS that help us CRUSH productivity. 🔑🔑🔑

1. Task Mgmt. - @asana

It’s the first place I visit during the wk, day.

I leverage this tool to view upcoming jobs, due dates & specifics to jobs to make it simple for the team to execute.

Team members can see jobs due, what they need to work on & include SOPs
2. Team Communication - Slack

Think of Slack as WhatsApp for business. I’m able to chat in real-time with my team, which consists of U.S. & international team members all on one platform.

I can segment conversations via “channels” for simple organizations.
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4 Nov 19
Let's talk about one of my favorite social media tactics.


This is the concept of taking a few hours a month to generate the majority of your social media content and scheduling it throughout the month.

Here's how...[A THREAD]
1. Lock in a Time On Your Calendar

Choose a time on your calendar for the next three months.

I usually dedicate 2-3 hours to this, once a month.

This is non-negotiable and MUST be set up in advance! Once locked in, choose your main social concept...
2. Choose Your MAIN Content-Type

When you're starting, it might be hard to create a plethora of content types (video, podcast, mini-blog...). Decide on ONE. This will make it easier to develop your content. Look at:

- What Content Resonates BEST for Direct Competitors
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19 Oct 19
Value ALL DAY.💯💯

It’s important to build value...always.

Here are a few reasons to build value-based content for your audience and the tangible and intangible benefits that come with it. [A THREAD]
1. Makes you better at what you do ✊🏾

When you give people valuable content in the form of a blog, video or social post you’re framing content so it’s easy to execute.

By giving a look at your process, you can repair imperfections and fix the services you provide.
2. You become a thought leader 🐐

By giving a ton of value upfront, you’re positioning yourself as the TOP DOG.

Folks will inbox you with questions, want to pay for your services and ultimately pay a premium to work with who they perceive as the best. Stay consistent.
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