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16 Oct
New: @AGBecerra and @CASOSvote says @CAGOP agreed to no longer deploy "unstaffed, unsecured, unofficial and unauthorized" private ballot boxes.
@AGBecerra @CASOSvote @CAGOP Padilla: "The California Republican Party can conduct valid collection activities, but they have to play by the rules and follow state law."
Well, it sounds like state officials basically are OK with GOP assurances that they're securing the ballots.

"We are trying to make sure that the law is followed," says Becerra. "We're not going to mother, or shepherd them through every day of activity."
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15 Oct
A brief #cabudget thread on a notable non-event... not enough for a story but, hey, enough, for Twitter.

In short: today's the day by which the June budget deal hoped additional federal coronavirus relief funds would come in.

And as everyone knows, that didn't happen.
There were 2 viewpoints about how to deal with the need for more federal help when @GavinNewsom projected a $54B deficit in the springtime, a shortfall spanning two fiscal years: write a budget assuming the feds would come to the rescue... or... write one assuming they wouldn't.
CA Senate Dems preferred to assume the money would come, but to insert automatic cuts to schools and more to be triggered ON if the feds failed.

Newsom balked at that, insisting the cuts take effect immediately and could be triggered OFF if fed money arrived by 10/15 -- today.
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14 Oct
"We are going to use the same rules" as Democrats, CAGOP chair @millanpatterson says about the party's private ballot drop boxes. And to @AlexPadilla4CA: "He has no foundation to stand on" in demanding the ballot boxes be removed.

The CAGOP position in a nutshell: this is community collection of ballots, nothing more... and that the boxes are only handed out to groups as long as they're staffed and that ballots are delivered within 72 hours, per state law.
CAGOP attorney says widely distributed photo of drop box on a sidewalk (presumably the one below) is misleading b/c the pastor who snapped the pic did so as it was being delivered, not at its final spot.
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15 Jun
With no indication yet of whether #CABudget deadline day ends with a deal or a pro forma vote and ongoing talks between Newsom and legislative Dems, there's this thorny issue: the budget bill to be voted on today assumes a gubernatorial action that hasn't happened. (Thread)
The main #CABudget bill, #SB74, relies on the use of cash reserves from the state's "rainy day" fund. But under the provisions of Proposition 2 (2014), those funds can't be used without a gubernatorial declaration of a budget emergency. But... wait for it...
There's been no such emergency declared by Newsom.

An agreement on a budget plan could easily include such a proclamation. But suppose there's no deal today?

While #Prop25 only required a budget bill to be passed by midnight, this is the first time #Prop 2 cash is being used.
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14 Apr
@GavinNewsom's midday COVID-19 briefing promises to be something different than those of previous days: a first glimpse into what he thinks needs to happen before lifting the stay-home order. Seems fair to assume some level of subjectivity on a topic that's so complex...
Newsom now calls the road ahead one where "we begin to transition into suppression" and says science "not politics" must be the guide.
The Newsom plan and 6 issues he says need to be addressed before CA stay-home can be lifted: better testing, prevent infection in most fragile, surge capacity in healthcare, need for theraputics, business protocols on distancing for customers, ability to resume at-home if needed.
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