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Photojournalist at CBS Los Angeles / KCAL News (@kcalnews). News helicopter camera operator in SkyCal 🚁. Commercial Drone pilot. Mizzou photojournalism alum.
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Jan 13, 2022 16 tweets 9 min read
Keep hearing of train burglaries in LA on the scanner so went to #LincolnHeights to see it all. And… there’s looted packages as far as the eye can see. Amazon packages, @UPS boxes, unused Covid tests, fishing lures, epi pens. Cargo containers left busted open on trains. @CBSLA I’m told by law enforcement these @UPS bags are especially sought after by thieves opening cargo containers… they are often full of boxes with merchandise bound for residential addresses. More valuable than say, a cargo container full of low value bulky items like toilet paper.
Jan 12, 2022 5 tweets 4 min read
You may be watching Star Wars "The Book of Boba Fett" and imagining the exotic locales they must have filmed it in. But... "parking lot in Carson, California" probably wasn't your first guess. Took this flying over the set in March 2021. #StarWars #BobaFett And this is how the set looked in the second episode. Really amazing the technology they have now to transform a parking lot into another world.
Sep 14, 2021 7 tweets 4 min read
You’ve seen it dropping retardant on fires across the world now come along with me on a tour inside the @Ten_Tanker DC-10 air tanker at San Bernardino International Airport. 1/7 First off, ever wondered what the button looks like which, when pushed, drops up to 9,400 gallons of retardant? Here it is. Flight engineer will generally push it but pilots also have a button on each yoke. 2/7
Apr 11, 2021 5 tweets 4 min read
A “White Lives Matter” protest #HuntingtonBeach is being met with a lot of counter protesters near the pier and PCH. I’ve seen a few physical fights and shoving but police seem quick to break things up. @CBSLA This man, who was waving a flag pole with a “Trump 2020” flag among others, was just arrested at the “White Lives Matter” protest in #HuntingtonBeach. Earlier he was involved in an altercation with counter-protesters and his flags ripped down. He returned with the flags. @CBSLA