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#TeamJoe. Formerly Chair of @TheDemCoalition; National Finance Chair for Draft Biden 2016; Long Island Campaign Chair for @BarackObama. Views=mine.
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14 Sep
SCOOP: The dispute between the Israel delegation and White House staff over wearing face masks & maintaining social distancing is ongoing & very hot. Israeli security is making this a demand. WH staff are arguing among themselves as to what is safe vs. what will please Trump. 1/
Trump has requested that no masks be worn, and chairs be placed right next to each other as if it was one of his rallies. Trump is again saying there is "no problem and the virus is going away" and "just look at our economy — it's coming back". 2/
Israeli security responded "You have 200,000 Americans dead, it’s getting worse. We won’t allow our PM to get this virus." The Israeli delegation was told not to leave their hotel by local DC authorities, but WH told them to ignore as “we’re in control, not the local police.” 3/
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19 Jan
Bernie Sanders’ campaign is using the same tactics of misinformation and distortion that we’d expect from Trump and the GOP. This is shameful and uncalled for. Bernie needs to apologize to Joe Biden immediately.…
The statement by @BernieSanders was rated FALSE by PolitiFact. He should simply acknowledge his error and apologize to @JoeBiden.
Here’s the article by PolitiFact — a widely respected fact-checking website — that rated the statement by @BernieSanders as FALSE. Bernie clearly owes @JoeBiden an apology.…
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