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3 Aug
Mel Gibson's film Apocalypto opens with this quote:

A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within. - Will Durant
Pedants love to rail against the film's lack of historical accuracy

These are the latte sippers who do not understand art and the purpose of cinema

The last reveal, the apocalypse, the unveiling... is a gut punch if you understand our place in SPACE and TIME

The soil of the New World is drenched in occult power and ancient spiritual ownership

The White Man is, in fact, an occupying force as per God's decree

But the yoke is about to be thrown off once again, as the Flying Serpent stirs his wings
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31 Jul
I have quietly been planting the seeds of expatriation in the minds of my Canadian friends.

It's not for everyone, but... don't make the mistake of thinking things will get better in the short term.

Especially if you have family.
My dearest friend in Canada understands the looming threat in Canada. But he lives in a rural town, has deep roots, an extensive network that includes immediate and extended family.

He will dig down and ride it out.

He is under no illusion, but that's the right path for him.
Expatriation may be the right path for you, but there are negative aspects as well.

It's easy to romanticize moving to a new country.

In truth, you are choosing between two difficult options.
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