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19 Jan
I can’t tell who hates this Farewell Address more, me or Trump.
Four years and Stephen Miller never once tried to capture the voice of the person he was writing for. It’s always like Trump is reading somebody else’s speech on the prompter for the first time.
A 20-minute speech that’s direct-to-camera with no audience is a crime.

Impeach him again.
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10 Jan
The Articles of Impeachment should begin before Trump’s rally:

1) The President said the election he lost was fraudulent and rigged. Not a single Democratic or Republican election official agreed. Not a single liberal or conservative judge agreed.
2) Trump then pressured multiple Republican officials to break the law, violate their oath of office, and overturn the election - election officials, state legislators, Members of Congress, and his own Vice President.
3) When not enough Republicans went along with Trump’s scheme, he summoned his supporters to Washington, and told an armed mob to march to the Capitol in order to disrupt the lawful certification of the election.
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22 Nov 20
Again, two straightforward options if both Rs vote against certification:

1) Dems seek a court order to certify, which the courts have granted in the past

2) Whitmer can replace the R board members who are refusing to do their job
And again, if for some reason the courts fail here, and the MI legislature decides to send Trump electors, the law says that the executive’s (Whitmer’s) slate of electors should be recognized by Congress (where a majority in both houses now recognize Biden’s win).
Republicans in Michigan may try their best to disenfranchise every voter in their state, D or R, but they cannot and will not change the results of the election.
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21 Nov 20
What the Michigan and national Republican Parties are asking for here is against Michigan law. An audit cannot be conducted until the election is certified.
From Michigan’s top election official:
This matters because if Trump and Republicans somehow succeed in pressuring the two Republican members of the state board to refuse certification, the courts will have the next say.
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4 Oct 20
Watching Jason Miller on MTP: they’re actually going with “You can’t just hide in your basement, you have to go confront this virus” as a message.
The Trump campaign’s closing message is, literally, “You’ve got to go out there and confront this virus - BY CONTRACTING IT.”
And of course there was zero pushback from Chuck on this, and no Democrat on MTP to counter Miller’s lies/insanity.

Why wasn’t a Democrat offered a spot on Meet the Press today?
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17 Sep 20
What did we find? A thread:

1. These voters are highly motivated to show up in 2020

2. They generally don’t like Donald Trump

3. They don’t really know Joe Biden (41% of undecideds have NO opinion of him), though he’s doing better with them than Hillary (49-37% vs. 35-30%)
What do these voters believe?

1. The economy is by far the top issue with Trump voters AND undecided voters. Biden voters care about Covid response, civil rights, and health care.

2. Biden and Trump are tied on managing the economic recovery, Biden leads everywhere else.
What have these voters been hearing?

1. For Trump, 25% mentioned the Woodward tapes, 10% mentioned @TheAtlantic story, and 4% mentioned Trump’s Nobel nomination.

2. For Biden, the top response was “nothing” (11%)
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11 Sep 20
For the Nothing Matters crowd:

- 23% say opinion changed of Trump’s COVID response because of Woodward tape, including 15% of Trump voters

- 23% of indys and 6% of Trump voters say troop comments increased support for Biden

- Biden goes from +6 to +10…
I will say: it’s one poll, the shifts are small, and the effects of stories and controversies like these are often fleeting. But in a close election where more than 150 million people might cast a ballot, none of us have any idea what might change certain minds.
Also: Trump is currently behind. Every day he has to deal with a shitty media cycle is a day he loses the chance to further define Joe Biden and make up lost ground with voters.
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15 Aug 20
Good morning! I just wanted to take a second to thank our @PodSaveAmerica and @crookedmedia community for what you've already done to help win this election.
1) You've raised $1.3 million through our Unify or Die fund with @swingleft - money we'll be giving to our friends at the Biden-Harris campaign next week.
2) You've raised $2.5 million to flip the Senate through our fund, $500k to help train battleground organizers, and $3 million for voter protection and community mobilization programs.
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2 Aug 20
No more important context for the negotiations on Capitol Hill than this story. Take a few minutes to read it.…
Reading it will make you even more infuriated to hear Republican politicians push the false (according to multiple studies) talking point that an extra $600 per week is somehow preventing people from going back to jobs that don’t actually exist.
This is also what happens when government assistance programs are designed with the goal of making them harder to use because conservatives (and too many Democrats) have spent decades warning about fraud and abuse.
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18 Jul 20
Joe Biden should announce that the first bill he’ll introduce as President is the John Lewis Voting Rights Act of 2021, a law that would guarantee every American the right to vote and the right to equal representation.

It would restore the Voting Rights Act, but also ensure:
1) Every American is registered to vote (through Automatic Voter Registration, and that includes those who’ve been incarcerated)
2) Every American receives a ballot (through the mail, like citizens in multiple states do now)
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18 Jul 20
“Stick with Trump to avoid dystopia” is the most darkly hilarious campaign message I could possibly imagine.
“Vote for Trump, unless you want the times we’re living through to disappear forever!”

“Vote for Trump unless you want the kind of country where you can leave your homes and visit your families!”

“Vote for Trump unless double digit unemployment isn’t your thing!”
“Vote for Trump to maintain your freedom to be gassed for peacefully protesting”
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21 May 20
NEW POLL: Michigan, May 11-17

Biden: 49%
Trump: 46%

More w/@ChangePolls:…
Biden leads:

46-38% among 2016 Gary Johnson voters
64-9% among 2016 Jill Stein voters
46-39% among 2016 non-voters
46-36% among non-partisans (voters who don’t affiliate strongly with either party)

But he only gets 30% of Whitmer-Trump voters
Party unity: Biden has the support of 87% of Michiganders who voted for Bernie Sanders this year, which is higher than the 82% of Bernie supporters who voted for Hillary in 2016
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4 May 20
Trump is now using the government to rewrite history, but the truth is all here:…
He was warned Image
He was warned again Image
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16 Apr 20

1. How Dems won in Wisconsin
2. @BarackObama, @BernieSanders, and @ewarren endorse @JoeBiden
3. @charlotteeffect from @DataProgress breaks down new polling on which arguments about Trump’s coronavirus response are most effective…
@DataProgress polling found the most persuasive argument about Trump’s coronavirus response focuses specifically on the human costs of his failures - lack of testing, lack of equipment, gutting health care.
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21 Mar 20
When Trump calls this pandemic the “Chinese Virus,” remember that it spread undetected because he took the word of China’s president over American intelligence.…
Here’s Mr. Tough on China in January and February, when his own government was warning him that China was lying about the pandemic:
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16 Nov 19
This story has more of Obama’s actual remarks today, which are far more nuanced than the NYT story framing makes it seem:…
For example:
Or this:
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31 Oct 19
1) Wilderness fans: I'm doing a second season! Should be out in January, and I spent the last 2 weeks doing focus groups with voters in Philly (disengaged Dems), Miami (Obama '12/3rd party '16), Phoenix (Romney '12/Clinton '16), and Milwaukee (Obama '12, Trump '16, D '18)
2) Some initial impressions: by and large, these voters aren't apathetic - they care passionately about a lot of the big issues - but they are quite cynical and disgusted with both politics and the media. No one has delivered for them and they don't know what info to trust.
3) Not a lot of love for Trump (though a handful of the 40+ I spoke to are considering voting for him), but not a lot of love for the Democratic Party either. But most of these folks have only heard of Biden and Bernie. Some Warren recognition too. Not much for anyone else.
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4 Oct 19
Can some Democratic SuperPAC/committee/campaign package up this statement, the incriminating texts, and the incriminating Trump comments in a quick ad and run it in ME, CO, AZ, NC, and IA so we can put pressure on those purple state, vulnerable 2020 Senators?
Here you can also use Mike Pence talking about the dangers of foreign interference in our elections:
And for all you cautious consultants, we just conducted a poll in Arizona with a message on impeachment that works pretty well:
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15 Aug 19
NEW POLL from @crookedmedia and @ChangePolls of general election voters in WISCONSIN:

Trump job approval: 48-51%

Democrat: 46%
Trump: 45%
3rd Party: 3%
Unsure: 6%

Full results here, and follow this thread for more highlights:…
2020 Wisconsin Primary:

Warren: 29%
Sanders: 24%
Biden: 20%
Buttigieg: 9%
Harris: 5%

Everyone else 2% and under

Warren also has the highest favorability of any candidate (84% among Dems)
Up for grabs voters:

- Independents (35% of electorate) lean Trump 43-41%
- 2016 3rd party voters (19% of undecideds) lean Dem 41-18%
- 2016 nonvoters (21% of undecideds) lean Dem 45-30%
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3 Jul 19
The defining issue of 2020 is related to but even bigger than the abuse at the border, the Census mess, and the North Korean-style military parade for his donors. It’s Trump’s all-out war on American democracy, and every candidate should make that their focus. That’s the fight.
In Trump’s version of America, the only people who get taken care of are the people who make him richer and shower him with praise. Everyone else can go to hell. And he’ll destroy every norm, institution, and law to make that a reality.
The fight in 2020 is nothing less than a fight to save democracy - political, economic, and social.
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21 Jun 19
“In my 22 years of doing visits with children in detention I have never heard of this level of inhumanity.”…
I expect that every pundit who used their platform to lecture us over exactly what to call these facilities will spend time covering this @AP story tomorrow, right?
Children as young as 2 years old have been suffering unimaginable neglect and abuse at the hands of our own government and the first time it’s broken through in weeks is because some of the DC set took offense at the way a Congresswoman described the situation.
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