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Writer, editor, runner, author of River of Lost Souls (non-fiction Torrey House 2018) and Behind the Slickrock Curtain (fiction Lost Souls Press Sept. 2020)
21 Nov 20
THREAD: 1/n Yesterday I posted this picture without a lick of context, and it elicited some good reactions. So now, a thread with a little more context regarding one of these areas in particular — the biggest one, in fact.
2/n In 1936, Bob Marshall and Althea Dobbins published their inventory of un-roaded areas of >300k acres (forest) and >500k acres (desert). This time I included the legend, and an overview of the inventory by Dave Foreman, of Earth First! in images below …
3/n I'm focused on the 9m acre “Colorado River” area in SE Utah. #101 on the map. It’s huge, includes Glen Canyon, Henry Mts, and what is now #GSENM and #BearsEarsNM. To be fair, it wasn’t *completely* roadless. There were some oil prospecting roads in here. Still…
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