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19 Jul 18
So. Y'all remember this picture, right? It's adorable, charing and all over the shop since it first appeared in June last year. Well, there's more. Thing is, the National Aquarium of New Zealand has done it, as advertised, EVERY MONTH since then and, folks, it's a ride. Strap in.
July is criminally absent from the NANZ facebook page, but we rejoin our penguins in August, with some lightweight mischief from Pepper (nothing in the league of Timmy's assult, though) and the punctual, but somewhat mundane virtues of the Captain.
Penguin Antics 4/10
Twitter, meet Mo. He's about to rock the world of Being a Penguin in New Zealand: he's a hoarder, all-round bad boy and STEALS FISH FROM OUT OF YOUR MOUTH. Meanwhile we have Flip teaching us all to stand up for our sweethearts when those dang kids come around
Penguin Antics: 8/10
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