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19 Jul
1) Okay quick Portland anecdote that both illustrates why I love the city so much and how utterly useless any secret cop attempts to bring it under control will be...
2) I was shooting sevond unit on LEVERAGE season 3 finale, and wasn’t nuts about the outdoor location we’d found, so I decided to take a walk around the streets on Sunday near base camp to see if I could find something a little more interesting for Monday morning.
3) I find this funky little park, 10am Sunday, and there’s another two dozen people hanging out. Playing croquet. Pretty quirky, huh?

They were playing croquet with oversized wickets, bowling balls, and sledgehammers.

And dressed in full-on Steampunk costumes.
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13 Jul
1) Joking aside, there's actually something illustrative in here when he talks about "bad science".

Our challenge writing sci-fi is not in explaining nuances to the audience. Our challenge is explaining science to EXECUTIVES. The dumbed down version is often for THEM, not YOU.
2) Execs are often a) scientifically illiterate and b) assume the audience is dumber than they are. So you get the "this is wrong, but it's the version they'd let us do" in a lot of sci-fi.
3) Or at least you did *back in the day*. What's been fascinating is watching the rise of nerd, or science geek directors, who can protect the complexity of ideas a bit more. Because execs listen to directors. They do not listen to writers.
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7 Jun
1) All right, I've received enough DM's, I'll make myself useful -- the notebook system!
2) First, a dedicated notebook for every project. This notenbook is creative -- questions, rebreaks, notes from the room that require in-depth consideration, etc. This is the creative/thinking space.
3) I have a separate notebook dedicated to examining my own workflow, notes about screenwriting or management books I read, etc, but you can skip that because you're normal people.
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13 May
Just to reinforce. Talked to my son in Seattle. Speed limit culture is fear driven. Safe driving+cowardice. It's a regime dominate by fear of crashing and fear of killing a kid in a crosswalk. Both are species of cowardice.
Just to reinforce. Talked to my son in Seattle. The “safe disposal of human waste culture” is fear driven. Sewers+cowardice. It's a regime dominate by fear of getting cholera and shitting yourself to death and fear of causing other people to do so. Both are species of cowardice.
Just to reinforce. Talked to my son in Seattle. The “no smoking around your kids” culture is fear driven. Nicotine patch +cowardice. It's a regime dominate by fear of getting cancer and fear of causing cancer in your loved ones. Both are species of cowardice.
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3 May
The only reason the argument "lockdown or economic ruin" has any traction is because the federal government refuses to intervene on behalf for working class like every other 1st world nation. It's a false choice made manifest through a combination of malfeasance & ideology.
"Everybody, here's two grand a month, rents & mortgages are suspended, stay home while we turn the entire military industrial complex to making a fuckload of tests so we can safely reopen, let's see where were are in two months. Just chill, we got this." Could've been that easy.
Instead we've got people so greed-sick or so addicted to work as the sole virtue that we've got this crazed shitshow.
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30 Apr
1) Holy shit, this photo of a police sniper aiming his weapon directly at the armed militia in the Michigan State House *taps ear* no, I'm sorry, that's a sniper pointing his weapon at unarmed black protesters, including children, at Ferguson. Apologies. Let me switch feeds...
2) ... ah yes, as I said, holy shit, this photo of state policemen standing calmly, weapons holstered, as armed white militia force their way into the Michigan statehouse is a hell of a thing!
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29 Apr
14) But in a rapidly changing world full of unprecedented challenges, we are burdened with close to half of the ruling class laboring with imaginations limited by their greed. They cannot imagine a better world, because *they cannot imagine better people.*
15) Luckily, there *are* better people. And they’re the majority. But they didn’t spend the last fifty years trying to figure out how to hack the system. And so they are in a shitload of trouble right now. /XX
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29 Apr
7) That’s who’s running giant chunks of the country. People with a complete lack of imagination, unable to conceive of anything more important than shoving money upwards, or becoming powerful because that’s what’s important to them. Even *virtuous* to them.
8) When Lindsey Graham whines that you can’t be too generous with unemployment, because people will take advantage of it, it’s because he can’t imagine somebody who wouldn’t exploit the system. Because HE WOULD.
9) Trump can’t imagine anyone who’s not try ing to cheat the system, or fuck other people. Kushner can’t imagine anything but exercising power. An entire political movement incapable of imagining any virtue than work and obedience to your betters.
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29 Apr
1) I can't sleep. because a scene from one of the first COLUMBO TV movies keeps running my head, and it explains everything about America right now.
2) So in RANSOM FOR A DEAD MAN, available on our friend @IMDbTV the cunning lawyer Lee Grant murders her husband, dumps his body, then fakes a kidnapping so she can hijack the ransom and deprive the stepdaughter of her inheritance.
3) The stepdaughterr figures it out, and offers to disappear for a nice bribe. Lee Grant agrees, pays her off — but TWIST! Columbo set it up so he could prove she has the ransom money.
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26 Apr
1) Based on today's Twitter meltdown, I think we may have underestimated the narcissistic injury the widespread mocking of Trump's disinfectant comments. This was not criticism -- it was mocking. That's intolerable.
2) Also, the petulance about working hard -- we shoudl remember that despite the fact he's barely working, THIS IS THE HARDEST HE'S WORKED IN YEARS. Not to mention --
3) I mean, his total business for a decade at least has been being on TV, paying for sex, and being a compliant money laundering cog. Sending the kids off to negotiate with the Russians or Iranians (look it up). That's it.
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3 Feb
1) The crazy thing is yes, you saw the halftime show and think "relentless sexual power", but much like a comedian who no longer laughs at jokes, having seen @JLo train for last year's show I now just see "mind-boggling athleticism".
@JLo 2) We watched her work out a dance routine, that intensity, that speed, ON A BREAK FROM HER OTHER SHOW, ten times in a row. My brain is now broken for all live dance performances.
@JLo 3) I'm seriously in awe, for the few times I've brushed up against the music side of the business, of the fitness levels of those performers.
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29 Dec 19
1) A brief reminder re:the current freakout over X % of millenials being open to "communism/socialism":You are talking about people who have grown up in a world, *literally two generations deep*, where any policy that could help working people has been decried as "socialism"
2) To the pedants who smugly assume "if we just taught these kids civics, they'd know how bad socialism is and embrace the current model", there's an excellent chance you'd instead get the result "Oh, thanks, now with a civics education we see you've been FUCKING LYING TO US."
3) My excellent civics education taught me that Thomas Jefferson thought inherited wealth was one of the greatest threats to America, a 90% top tax rate built modern America, and the first Gilded Age was a stupid goddam thing to let happen AGAIN.
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17 Dec 19
People, I'm test driving the Minimalism Art A5 black, dotted paper as a project Moleskine replacement. I know many of you await my various pen and notebook posts breathlessly, and I will update ASAP. Hang in there.
Not all of them - some are at the office, comics go in a different notebook, and for a while I was doing daily journals in Evernote, but most with NDA’d and still unannounced turned spine back. But it WEIGHS like a career.
Well, the back half of a career now that I do the math. I started screenwriting professionally in ‘97 or so. Didn’t start journaling every project until LEVERAGE and I greatly regret that.
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23 Oct 19
1) Okay, I'm on a break, and we all know my limited superpower is asking "how?" when confronted with batshit right wing conspiracies and plans, so I'll ask, and would love answers, about this:

If Trump is impeached, and these guys want to rise up and fight a civil war -- how?
2) I mean, if you're a lone dude with some friends, night of, you grab your guns, you go out and kill -- who? Seize what? Apply pressure how? Are you going to seize government facilities? What government facilities even matter near where you live?
3) At that size you're basically a terrorist cell, and all you can do is disrupt services, maybe blow some power plants. At that point the surrounding population sees you as the assholes who killed the power to ... no greater effect.
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8 Oct 19
1) A bit out of my remit, but it's fascinating when you look at this and the Press Secretary's statement about not having briefings, how this is all all phrased as Trump trying to protect his people from "not being treated well", how this falls into Trump as lifelong abuser.
2) "I'm doing this for YOU" and "This is for YOUR good", that certainly not standard, but definitely not uncommon way some abusers force everyone around them into subservient power positions.
3) When people ask "Why do/did all these powerful men fall under his sway?" I'd suggest this is one of the reasons -- as rich white guys most have never been on the receiving end of this type of manipulation and have zero defenses against it.
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8 Oct 19
1) Okay, this is a bit nuts. LEVERAGE season 5 episode 1. @Cary_Elwes is the main villain (and awesome) but we’ve cast a bunch of fat cats at a party at the Spruce Goose. Fellow rich people to be despised, we’ve done it, at that point, 60-odd times.
2) the guy who owned the museum was super connected, so he called a bunch of rich friends to be extras and be on TV for a lark. One guy gave the speech at the party.

George Sondland.
3) I mean, I may be mistaken, but IMDB confirms, and it looks like him ...

... a plutocratic corrupt real world rich guy villain was, literally, a LEVERAGE villain.
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6 Oct 19
Of COURSE we can’t trust the conclusion of thousands of patriotic CIA & FBI agents that a rival power led by a former spy moved against us. The only logical move is a shadow international investigation run by the President’s infamously corrupt personal lawyer.

With a straight face, these fucking muppets are out there selling this.
“Who ya gonna believe, me or your lying Five Eyes?”
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5 Oct 19
Oh, cool, #MarryMe behind the scenes photos are dropping! Congratulations to the amazing @KatCoiro and @HarperDill for all the heavy lifting to get the movie greenlit and shooting.
This'll be movie ... five. Huh. Five in what will be twenty years.

That's why I like TV. Although the way things are going in the streaming world ...
That’s five shot out of around twenty-five original features and rewrite scripts, as noted in a previous post.
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4 Oct 19
1) A separate point about this clip. You can literally see the cognitive lock down as Moore processes
-I support Trump
-If Donald Trump is a racist, he's bad.
-but that would make ME bad
-but I am GOOD
-therefore, Trump is not a racist

Protection of self-identity is all.
2) How many of us, in the last few years, have seen a version of that foot stamp/"This is just how it IS stop ARGUING" fit not from our children, but from our Boomer parents?
3) This is how con artists keep people roped in, of course, The pattern, when you study the stories of marks, is:
-I believe this guy
-if this guy is a con artist, that makes me a schmuck
-I am NOT a schmuck, I CAN'T be, I am a smart person
-so this person is not a con artist.
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1 Oct 19
1) *rubbing forehead* okay, so this is how it's going to go. After the Secretary of State, a disgraced pseudo-Nazi and the Attorney General get back from traveling the world on the taxpayers dime chasing a conspiracy theory pimped by the President's personal attorney ...
2) ... and just let that fucking sentence sit there for a minute ...
3) ... they'll announce they've discovered a conspiracy executed by members of the US Intelligence community to somehow-it-will-never-be-explained-how frame Trump in the 1st Russian Investigation, a frame so cunning they didn't use it when it could have actually had ANY effect...
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26 Sep 19
1) I'm wondering if any of the "moderate"-presenting GOP Senators and Congresspeople will jump on the impeachment train as things get worse. Because it seems like a good strategy.
2) You vote against Trump, you earn the coveted "bipartisan, country-above party" title that will make the press -- and even some Dems -- FAWN over you. You clear him out, no way Pence runs, and you declare for 2020.
3) You get to run as the bipartisan hero running against a Dem candidate who's going to be smeared as a radical socialist no matter what. YOU become the return to normalcy candidate for nostalgics and racists, and people who just don't like Warren's tooooone.
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