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11 Apr
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16 Mar
Who is Naura Hayden and why did she miss a unique opportunity to sell 2.3 million copies of her book?

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In 1982, Naura Hayden released a book called Astro-logical Love.

She printed 5000 copies but only sold 2000.

It flopped hard.

Read on to learn why...
The title didn't convey the value of this book.

It wasn't persuasive. It wasn't eye-catching.

I mean, what does Astro-logical Love means?

Is she talking about love affairs with Aliens?

Is it a mystical romance novel for women?

Or is it something else?

Nobody knew.
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16 Mar
6 free apps to write and sell ebooks

No.4 is my favorite

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No1: Gumroad

Perfect eCommerce platform beginners.

Upload your PDFs and videos quickly and easily.

Its simple email marketing feature will help you
reach out to buyers.
No2: Google Docs

Access your information from anywhere.

It saves everything automatically and auto-saves different versions of your documents.
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15 Mar
Selling ebooks is the best online business model

Here are 5 reasons why.

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Friends, there's something about typing your ideas on digital paper

You feel like you're transmitting your consciousness to others – which you are

You're broadcasting your ideas, your feelings, your thoughts, your strategies, your failures, your ideals, your values

Feelz good!
Reason #1: No Inventory To handle

Upload a PDF to your favorite e-commerce site – I use Gumroad.

Sell access to it.
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15 Mar
⚠️Ebook Printer is here⚠️

A simple, repeatable 3-pillar system to write and self-publish ebooks even if you're not a pro writer, an expert marketer, or tech-savvy.

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You'll learn:

• How I turned $77 in a multi-six-figure ebook business

• Strategies to never get lost writing your ebooks

• Turn your ideas into profit-generating ebooks even if you've never written an ebook before

Get Ebook Printer here 👇
I’m giving you the complete game here.

• How to come up with captivating ideas for your ebooks

• A surgeon-like precision to writing your ebooks

• The path to setting all the technical stuff so you can sell your ebooks without wasting money
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14 Mar
Got tested a couple of days ago.

Covid-19 confirmed

Feel low energy

Still, I'm launching my Ebook Printer on Monday sick or not

Something shitty always happens during a launch.

At least this will be a good sales angle when I launch a course about launching products 😂
I have a light case of pnemonia. Drinking tons of water and meds to get this fixed.

I've been taking a one-hour nap every 2-3 hours.

By doing so, I was able to finish the landing today.

It was a challenge, though.

Getting sick wasn't on my plans lololol
The meds have really took a toll on me.

I'm in a bad mood all day.

And my family has paid the price for it.

Won't blame the meds, though.

That's on me.
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12 Mar
Procrastination is inevitable.

Here's how to use it to become a weapon of mass production.

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Everyone procrastinates.

Procrastination when you avoid doing a task that needs to be accomplished by a certain deadline.

High achieving people, high-IQ people, dumb people, haters, your spouse, your mom, and even your lousy boss procrastinate.

But why?
We procrastinate because of:
- risk
- complexity
- lack of immediate reward
- lack of resources

Risky? Screw that. Netflix it is.

Complex? Lol.... Youtube.

No reward? Pornhub, here we go!

Lack of resources? He! Let me clean my room

So, how can you use procrastination to win?
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11 Mar
4 online business you can start for free today

\\ Thread
1. Freelancing

The process is straightforward.

You learn a skill.

You sell the skill.

Profitable skills you can learn?
- Web design
- Copywriting
- Email marketing
- Video editor
- Content creator
2. Agency

Having an agency is one level above freelancing.

Instead of doing the grunt work, focus on sales.

Get the sale and delegate the work.

Hire a freelancer.

Or work with a whitelabel company:
- dashclicks .com for tech and marketing
- expresswriters .com for writing
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10 Mar
3 Ways Anyone Can Make Money With Social Media

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Way#1. Create Digital Products

Write an ebook.

Create a course.

Record an audiobook.

But how do you create a digital product?

Let's tackle this next.
Imagine you have an audience of 1K followers.

Ask them about their current challenges.

Find their problems and create a solution.

Most people overcomplicate this.

Just give people what they need.
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10 Mar
Don't expect everyone to love you.

Most people don't even love themselves.
This is a sad but amazing realization I had years ago.⁣

I remember a time in my life when I sought the approval of others to validate my own existence.⁣

It was a sad period of my life.⁣
Thankfully, I overcame this dumb notion.⁣

Today, while I do appreciate the attention I get online, and the recurring praise I get from my followers, I seek neither praise nor admiration.⁣
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9 Mar
9 Insanely Useful Strategies To Build Your Daily Writing Habit

\\ Thread
These insights helped me:
- establish the habit of writing at least 1000 words a day for the past 3 years
- create the foundations of my multi-six-figure business
- grow an email list of over 10K subscribers
- gain 50K+ Twitter followers

Be sure to read till the end.
1. Start small

When you're starting out, promise yourself you'll write at least 100 words every day.

This reduces the friction of starting out.

Once you are more established in the habit, increase your word count. Image
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9 Mar
How I make money every day without selling my own products.

It's a 5-step bullet-proof system to build sustainable, passive income.

\\ Thread
Step 1. Create a @Gumroad account

It's free.

If you can use Twitter, you can use this app to make money.

It's that easy to use.
Step #2: Write a free guide

Choose a small topic.

Write a 5 to 10-page guide talking about it.

Make it easy and actionable.

Upload it to Gumroad.

Price it a $0.
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9 Mar
3 methods to network on Twitter even if you're totally new to the platform.

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Networking allows you to:

• Amplify your reach

• Gain valuable connections

• Build deep connections with potential customers

• Sell your services and products more prolifically

So it's a big deal.
You can network:

• Upward
• Downward
• Laterally

Let's break down each of them.
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8 Mar
4 steps to make passive income with your blog.

\\ Thread
Step 1. Find An Affiliate Program

Let's say you bought a fitness guide.

You loved it.

You got results with it.

So ask its writer to provide you with an affiliate link.

They usually give a 30%-60% commission on every sale. ImageImage
Step 2. Write A Blogpost

Talk about your personal experience with the product.

Don't be afraid of being vulnerable.

Write it all down.

Show people the results you got. ImageImage
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7 Mar
3 strategies to master Twitter growth.

\\ Thread
1. Educate

Provide an exact solution to a problem.

Teach what you know to your audience.

Use of Tweet threads to expand upon an idea.

And tell people to join your newsletter, where you'll send them more educational information.
2. Entertain

Make your audience laugh.

Make them think.

Make them wonder.


- Post memes
- Crack some jokes
- Stop being a robot
- Reply to their tweets
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7 Mar
Why write an ebook?

1. No printing cost
2. No shipping cost
3. A profit margin of nearly 100%
4. A short and quick creation time.
5. You become an author

Ebooks are a great way to make an extra income every month.

Here's the math.

\\ Thread
Imagine averaging one sale per day for a month.

Let's say you priced your ebook at $10.
1 sale x $10 x 30 days = $300/month

Now let's price it at $20.
1 sale x $20 x 30 days = $600/month

How about at $39?
1 sale x $39 x 30 days = $1170/month

That's your rent right there.
So here's my challenger for you.

Start writing 100 words every day.

"Why 100 words?"

Because I want you to get started.

100 words are the bare minimum to get momentum.

Once you start typing words, your brain will want to keep working on this task.

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6 Mar
Make money selling ebooks.

Here's a 4 pillar system to get started today.

Read till the end

\\ thread
Here's the system in all its glory:

Pillar #1: Deconstruct
Pillar #2: Validate
Pillar #3: Assemble
Pillar #4: Broadcast

The first 3 pillars are about planning and execution.

Pillar #4 is about sales and marketing.

Let's talk about each right now.
Pillar #1: Deconstruct

Deconstruct is a 4-step method to get started.

1. Choose your ebook’s topic
2. Deconstruct the topic into manageable components
3. Generate ideas you can write about
4. Create the first draft of your outline.
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6 Mar
3 strategies to never run of ideas for content

\\ Thread
Strategy #1: Visit answersocrates .com

Search for the topic you like.

Find the top questions being asked on Google.

Take the questions you like.

Answer them on a blog post, video, tweet, fleet, TikTok.
Strategy #2: Visit answerthepublic .com

Once you search for the topic, you'll discover:

• the questions people ask online
• the comparisons people use while searching for that topic

And a bunch of other information that will serve you to create content
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5 Mar
How to make money with Twitter without showing your face.

Read to the end.

\\ Thread
You've seen these accounts, right?

Of course, you have.

Have you ever wondered how they make money?

Let's unpack their strategy.
Step 1. Create a Twitter account

Choose a Theme.

Find something people are passionate about.

Let's say it's about lit home offices.

People love their home office porn.
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2 Mar
Yes, procrastination is a bitch.

Here are 3 strategies to destroy it.

\\ Thread
Strategy #1: Procrastinate Forward.

What's procrastinate forward?

It's using procrastination as a tool to get things done.


1. Don't want to write the report?
Go for a run.

2. Don't want to go for that run?
Write the report.
Strategy #2: Atomic Pomodoro Technique

The regular Pomodoro technique uses a timer to break down work into intervals of 25 minutes in length, separated by short breaks.

To overcome procrastination, make the first interval 5 minutes.

Then race against the clock.
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2 Mar
7 Scientifically Proven Ways To Learn Faster

\\ Thread
Would you like to learn faster?

If you feel learning is hard, it's because you need a better system.

Let me show you my 7-pillar system.

Keep reading.
1. . Choose a Lovable Project

It's nearly impossible to learn something you hate.

Stick to what you like.

Choose a specific, manageable, time-constraint project you'd love to complete

- Design a website
- Write a short guide
- Play a song
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