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17 Oct 20
Dismissed @PoliceNG officers: Abayomi Shogunle, AP No, 42056, Dominic Agasa, AP No, 120397, Nanbol Lado, AP No, 51071, Ogalgu Tochuckwu, AP No, 190655, Sanusi Rasaki, AP No, 57052, Fakorede Victor, AP No, 41985, Dolapo Badmos, AP No, 87058. #EndSARS #ReformTheNigeriaPolice
Iyanda Olufemi AP No, 122857, Gajere Taluwai, AP No, 50569, Ehis Oba, AP No, 129595, Edem Michael, AP No, 1256967, Agha AMA, AP No, 119535, Yusuf Lateef, AP No, 36725, Eliaz Casmir, AP No 57688, Oluwafunmilola, AP No, 122864, Mkay Ali, AP No, 111702.
Ado Doko, AP No, 46664, Sani Muhammad, AP No, 50679, Adamu Shaba, AP No, 140320, Adamu Bunu, AP No, 42565, Giade Sabo, AP No, 50579, Dattijo Abdullahi, AP No, 87072, Yahaya Shem, AP No, 86216, Tijani Richard, AP No, 46670, Nwamanna Nelson, AP No, 46675.
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4 Jul 19
Can I have your attention ladies and gentlemen. Let me tell you a story of how I almost lost my biggest deal in digital marketing/social media advertisement 🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭.
One fateful morning I received a message from an unknown number saying hello I'm Mr XYZ. As a hustler wey I be I replied by greeting him too hoping it was a client, yes I guessed right.
Fast forward to the main reason why he messaged me, he confirmed If I go by the alias Village headmaster, and i replied in affirmation, he moved on to talking about business immediately, he explained to me he would be launching his travel agency and would be needing publicity,
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21 Jan 19
Is The ERGP working?

Since President Buhari inagurated the ERGP team in 2017, a number of successes have been recorded in.


Inflation rates have maintained their declining trend for 18 consecutive months. From a peak of 18.7% in January 2017, inflation started trending downwards to 11.26% by August 2018.

After 18 months of steady decline, the inflation rate rose steadily for two months, analysts also predicted inflation to rise for a third consecutive month but their predictions were wrong as inflation dropped again.
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3 Dec 18
In beginning of what we call time, God said, let's do this thing, in our image


For thousands of years man is monkey. Then man is stupid. Then Man obtains knowledge. Man creates tech. Man is where we are supposed to be
So man is us. We are man. Now separated of course into male and female.

Walk with me into the future. Man creates AI. AI becomes indistinguishable from man. AI is better than man, AI merges with man.
*year 10,000
Man cures all diseases. Man edites genes. Man has created elixir of life and lives forever, with science

*year 11,000
Tech and science is so advanced, it's no longer called tech and science
Man has completely subdued Mars and the moon by now. Man is bored.
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14 Sep 18
Finally my dad has been reinstated after he was sacked four years and 11 months ago for exposing corruption in Yabatech. He is to resume work starting from Monday ... Thanks to Everyone who took out time to help me in one way or the other, God bless you all!!!! 🙌🏿🙌🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿
Thank You President @MBuhari and Vice President @ProfOsinbajo for listening to the #RecallIbirogba cry. I believe public office holders will also stand up for what is right and defend our national treasures always.
How It Started! My dad got suspended on the 7th of October 2013 for exposing corruption in Yabatech under the leadership of Dr Kudirat Ladipo and the chairmanship of Chief Ebenezer BabaTope…
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6 Sep 18
I've noticed a lot of outcry on this #TraderMoni and here is my view.

The Trader Moni scheme is designed to help petty traders expand their trade through the provision of collateral free loans of starting with N10,000.
Trader Moni was launched in partnership with the Bank of Industry @BOINigeria in order to enlarge government’s “financial inclusion agenda down to the grassroots, the bottom of the ladder, considering the contribution of petty traders to economic development.
Under the scheme, beneficiaries can get access to a higher facility ranging from N15,000 to N50,000 when they repay N10,000 within the stipulated time period (6 months).

It is worthy to note that something similar to tradermoni has started in some developed countries years back
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