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So I had a brush up with SARS today. Turns out that what I have been seeing on the TL is real. Certainly felt good to be a lawyer today.

A short thread.
I and a couple of tenants from my compound were on our way to NEPA office to complain about the exhorbitant bills we were recieving as if we are mining Bitcoin or it's a bakery (almost 300k!). One of us asked we stop along the way so he could use the ATM...
While we were chilling in the car waiting for him, a sienna car with no plate number suddenly pulled up in front of us, reversed in such a manner that we couldn't drive off without hitting it, and four armed policemen jumped out of the car...
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7years now since I last saw you.

I went home last week, some guys were making trouble for women on the road, I was passing by and one of them said "ọ kwa nwanne fifty, rapụ ya" (That's fifty's sister, leave her) I didn't know if I should cry or laugh.
#WhenTheySeeUs #EndSARS
November 29th 2012, I got a call that #Sars arrested all the people that went for the child dedication at Ajali that day. Mum told you not to go but you insisted he was your friend's first child.
Where are you brother? We miss you?
#WhenTheySeeUs #ENDSARS
Last anyone saw you (mum did) was in #sars custody at Awkuzu yet they kept denying that you were there. We sold that land at Nibo, You know? We sold it to pay for your freedom but it wasn't to be. Human rights activists scammed us, lawyers scammed us, police commissioner said...
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Recently someone asked me what I think will make Nigeria better, and I replied “Democracy”.
The guy was suggesting our ministers be taken on a tour to grave sites of executed corrupt officials, on the day of their orientation, to scare them. 🤣🤣
Thats not Democracy. #Thread
Democracy is when the people choose their leaders, when they can feel the power to hire and fire their leaders; not when leaders pick themselves.
Democracy produces responsible leaders.
This is why it is important to use any opportunity given to strengthen our democracy.
Jonathan understood this, and signed the electoral act that saw him out of office, because he saw a bigger picture.
If Buhari had signed the new electoral act into law, his loss would’ve been too clear to rig.
But he would’ve been remembered for strengthening Democracy.
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#EndSARS and @segalink are a fraud, critics allege. But, this is what they don't know as today as always typifies the usual way the legal team executes the fraud. This is how》》》
@segalink I woke up divided between attending the #AbujaPoliceRaidonWomen March and doing a home visit to citizen x whose case with SARS we long flagged. I settled for the latter.
@segalink I made a phone call to be sure of the address. Called a taxi up. Off to the home of citizen x. Two hours of interview conducted. A phone call to @Segalink to decide on action plan to free this family from constant SARS harassment.
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The complexity of our society will frustrate the current structure & approach of policing in Nigeria. We now have a society that is inundated with indolent youth with no purpose or jobs while nursing an ambition to break the bank (literally & figuratively).
These youth mostly have no apprehension of the future & hold to heart their fondness of music/nightlife despite the harsh economy. Add this to the stereotypical policing enmeshed in the parochial constabulary of 1943. This should give us a fair idea about the chaos of now.
While the current trend doesn’t augur well for our society, the victims of the agelong systemic dereliction are about to self immolate with an unwritten mutually assured destruction memorandum. The Police have now found purpose in the pursuit of a cause outside their calling.
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Dear Sega, I respect you because of the work that you do. I also have tremendous respect for Dr Oby. In fact, no one amongst Nigeria's elite has inspired me more profoundly than Oby. There is no such thing as "phantom" numbers of the #Chibokgirls.
The #ChibokGirls were held and some are still being held by one of the most vicious and secretive organizations in the world. What I did in April 2018 was to use my deep knowledge of the conflict to challenge the FG and BH to provide full disclosure on the status of the girls.
What happened immediately after I threw that challenge was, my Twitter account was suspended temporarily and death threats followed. Only my family and I bore the brunt of that experience, and several other ill treatment for always trying to get the story out.
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Dear @segalink, It has become imperative that I write you at this auspicious time. This is important, not just in the spirit of Egbon (senior) that you are to me but also a future leader & mentor that you are to many of us.
Suffice to say, this message is not in any way an offshoot of the air split that transpired  between yourself and the most estemm Dr @obyezeks a day before.

Well, you might just call it the 'catalyst'.
In my celestial observation of trend and events as you would always love to say. I have observed that if not curtailed, there is a bad precedent being set by most of you distinguished and respectable personalities on this street.
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@officialEFCC @PoliceNG @ICPC_PE @HQNigerianArmy @UKinNigeria

SARS have been intimidating Nigerian youths on the street. Please, our lives are in danger. A Nigerian youth cannot own a good smart phone in peace again. They rob us with the pretence of defending the citizens.
Please, our lives matter. There is now no difference between armed robbers and SARS. If you are looking for internet fraudsters please train your personnels on the importance of ICT. SARS have taken over the streets intimidating Nigerian youths with guns and terror.
@MBuhari @ProfOsinbajo @bukolasaraki @YakubDogara @adeyanjudeji

Please help us. Here is a post of a victim who narrated his experience on Facebook:…

Our only crime is because we are youths. #ENDSARS #nigerianyouthsmatter
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It was a ruling on an Application for Enforcement of Fundamental Rights.The defence of @PoliceNG was that the victim was an armedrobber & that he died from exchange of gunfire btw his gang &the police. #EndSARS
The principal witness of Applicant was the friend of the deceased.His affidavit evidence was that on the fateful day, he was with the deceased in a bar drinking. A team of mobile police officers bursted into the bar and arrested him & the deceased. #EndSARS #EndPoliceBrutality
They were put in the open back of the police van.The deceased insisted that he will not be taken to any police station without being told his crime. An argument ensued and one of police officers threatened that he will kill the deceased & nothing will happen. #EndPolicebrutality
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#EndSARS objective has deeper meanings than the surface interpretation. We are saying sanitize the elite squads and put the right sustainable operational procedures in place to make them function as designed & not as a tool of oppression, abduction, torture and extortion.
The term reform has no meaning within the security structures across institutions without first repealing and replacing the acts that set such institution up. This foundational element is key because our Police Act Of 1943 predates Human Rights proclamation.
So everything built on that faulty foundation that is a relic cum vestige of military interregnum will not benefit society in the 21st century and we may have to build afresh beginning with a new law. This has been an ongoing conversation that the arms of Govt are aware of.
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No doubt, @segalink has been selflessly dedicated to the cause of liberation for Nigerians in this dark age of terror and apathy.

But, paraphrasing the words of the great revolutionary, Ernesto Guevara; “there is no liberator anywhere, only the people can liberate themselves.”
There is no better way to complement the efforts and sacrifices of Sega than for Nigerians to own the #EndSARS Campaign wholeheartedly.

Beyond the constant ephemeral outbursts on Twitter, every Nigerian must personalize the #EndSARS struggle the same way Sega has done thus far.
There may be no end to SARS brutality if citizens’ rage and action is not taken to the streets.

The regime of Gen. Buhari has proven itself again and again to be tone-deaf and unfeeling towards the plight of citizens. They are not amenable to dialogues and reforms but cosmetics.
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March was a terrible month. The grim reaper was everywhere reaping from where it didn't sow. We lost @pius_adesanmi, our friend and native of our person. I thought his death was the last...

@pius_adesanmi Then, Okwui's death was announced. He had battled cancer, but his death was all the same a shock. He was on top of his game as a world renowned curator.
@pius_adesanmi Two deaths in a month, then I thought Okara's death would cap them, then the killing of Kolade Johnson by operatives of SARS- the rogue squad of the rogue @policeng. And the shooting dead of the talented rapper & activist, Nipsey
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Soldier dey carry gun
Police dey carry gun
Custom dey carry gun
Immigration dey carry gun
Civil defence dey carry gun

Citizens have become hunted animals...
#ENDSARS #EndPolicebrutality
These youths struggle to get educated, they struggle to get jobs and make a living in a tough world only to get killed by some unscrupulous elements in police uniform.

Yes, some of them may be involved in crime and other vices but this isn't enough justification to murder them
While growing up, I hardly saw policemen with guns, they carried batons. We used to call them 'kondo olopa' up until recently when it became a norm for all policemen to dangle assault rifles in our faces and shoot innocent youths.
#ENDSARS #EndPolicebrutality
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From findings we can safely infer that the unchecked impunity of the police have awakened the evil in the Anti Cultism folks to step up their extortions & abductions, leaving the tamed SARS disenfranchised from the lucre of the game. Now there is a competition & we are the prey.
A relapse is imminent with the ambiguity created by the IGP’s order which returned the elite squads (SARS/SACS/SAKS) Under the commissioners of police in each state. A protocol that has never worked but left our streets flowing with the blood of the innocent. #EndSARS #EndSACS
The elite squads in collaboration with their impunity ridden colleagues at the Police stations have nothing more to prioritize than feed on the blood of our youth. The hardship in the country is being cushioned by them with bloody extortions & abductions on a national scale.
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@bimbola_01 @EBONGIE @Clinton_Vice_B @Osekita @PeperHade @DeleMomodu @Efficacy12 If you don’t have clarity you ask reasonable questions not as though you know better. The then IGP & his yes men spent months cooking up propaganda & denying until they were overwhelmed with the empirical evidence made public.
@bimbola_01 @EBONGIE @Clinton_Vice_B @Osekita @PeperHade @DeleMomodu @Efficacy12 It must be clear however that the advocacy was for the IGP to do anything as the police can not reform itself or be a judge in their own case. It was for the authorities to legislate and repeal and replace the outdated Police Act of 75years ago (Constabulary).
@bimbola_01 @EBONGIE @Clinton_Vice_B @Osekita @PeperHade @DeleMomodu @Efficacy12 The Presidency knows this but there is no political will to pull it through as the Legislative (NASS) was at logger heads with the Executive (Presidency) then. My engagement reveals that the Executive will sign the Bill if we can get it passed at NASS.
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I have no beef with people who revere Sega, especially based on d voice he lent d #EndSARS agitation. Sincerely, SARS was notorious in its extrajudicial handling of issues, to a point where even armed robbers can be adjudged heroes by screaming #EndSARS
If Evans the kidnapper was in d fray of persons who championed #EndSARS campaign, before it was revealed later that he is a kidnapper, Nigerians who get sucked up easily into media phantasmagoria would prefer to look away from d dark side of Evans, as a kidnapper. He'd be a hero.
Sega is not fraudulent. When you see SEGA de FRAUD, its not the name of a perfume. He is indeed the fraud. Its as if his brain consists largely of neurons stringed into an Integrated Circuit (IC) that discharges electric current to perpetuate fraud, fraud, fraud. Won ti sepe fun.
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What i am about to share was what happened to me on the 20/02/2019.
A true life story inspired by true events..
Titled: C. I. U (Criminals in uniform)
And this is my story.....
@segalink @AbdulMahmud01 @AmnestyNigeria
Just a graceful day like every other day. Started out well with a great motivation messages and a business chat with a dear friend, I like to call him the Big hommie,
Around noon a friend stopped by to say hi and talk business too, she came with grace for she is grace.
you bet sure it was energy filled with lots of good vibes.
I saw her off to a busstop, At about past 6 pm there about, Here i was walking back not too far from the busstop i saw her off. my headphones on as usual on my head nodding to a rhythm and walking down
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1. I have insisted youths should desist from believing tweets from this Fraud called @segalink .
The Minister for State Petroleum,@IbeKachikwu has said repeatedly no $25b was missing in @NNPCgroup but this fraud has continued to propagate it as truth.
He has no character at all!
2. SEGA went as far as accusing the security agencies and government of not arresting and prosecuting criminal herdsmen,when it's on record lots have been arrainged,prosecuted and even jailed including those working for aid to Benue Governor who attacked and killed 2 Priest
3. And 17 worshippers. The likes of @segalink never tweeted when they were arrested for the killings because investigation showed they weren't "Fulani" but TIV and from South East Nigeria when arrested.…
This is how wicked & devilish SEGA displays his love
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Civil rights and advocacy has come a very long way. From the days of Dr. Martin Luther King Jnr. the American Baptist minister who was renowned for his staunch and unequivocal disposition on civil rights until it became an act in 1964.
#TechieTalk #SMWLagos2019 #SMWLagos #SMW2019
His ‘dream’ has inspired a generation of people who are activists for various noble causes. The advent of technology no doubt has put a spin on how these change-agents approach subject matters.
#TechieTalk #SMWLagos2019 #SMWLagos #SMWLagos
Segun Awosanya (SEGA) is a Realtor (land law focused) Civil Rights & Institutional Reforms Advocate, futuristic Brand, Media, Tech, Research, Business & Strategic Consultant, who is also deeply involved in social engineering and Nation-building via his numerous advocacies.
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I have a few words to say just to counsel a few people missing the point on @adeyanjudeji’s continued incarceration. It will be a teachable moment for the youth out there especially those on the cross-road. Nobody should use Deji as an excuse or basis for their personal decision.
Deji’s case is a legal issue now as worsened by political interests beyond the intervention of the police themselves. The intervention however is ongoing and no one should assume that Deji has been abandoned in anyway. It is unfortunate how this is being tooled by some elements.
We must question the rationale of most people when they raise their voice on Socialmedia for this reason. Why do you do what you do? For your political party recognition or for your country? Will you leave your church because your Pastor didn’t Christian your Pet Fowl? 🤔
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Just Heard The Best Bit Of News For 2019. Did Not Know When It Trended But A Man Who Made An Appeal For N15m To Treat His Baby Who Has Many Holes In The Heart Has Raised N70m In 48 Hours! Thank You, Real Nigerians.
Only yesterday, I was thinking to myself that there were two highpoints on Twitter for me in 2018. One was the impact which the #ENDSARS campaign led by @segalink had and @segunaeroland 's N1m medicare bailout for Bitrus (Sadiq Duba) in response to an appeal I made a day earlier
@segalink @segunaeroland At such times, I see a faint glimmer of hope for Nigeria if we somehow manage to hold onto the imperatives of our shared humanity. God bless all well-meaning Nigerians. Thank you for helping to keep someone's hopes alive
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1/ The country’s profile got bleaker this week for a host of reasons - impetuous regulatory behaviour, refugees left out in the cold, a needless rise in public recurrent spending and an unshackled rogue police squad.
2/ Nothing illustrates #Nigeria’s dysfunction as much as the minimum wage palaver. The ₦27,000 ($75) or even ₦30,000 ($83) is not much – those that earn it will hover around the poverty line.
3/ The issue is that even such a wage is beyond the capacity of @AsoRock to pay, and for many small businesses as well, this will represent a massive upswing in cost. There is a disconnect between value creation by the workforce, and how much they earn.
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I admire the ambitious spirit of the new Sheriff in Town & his eloquent/emotionally intelligent Force PRO. The Devil is in the detail & we must keep correcting these semantics that Nigerians are not looking for the reformation of SARS. We were specific #EndSARS #ReformPoliceNG
This charge however does not lie solely in your hands as custodian of the authority of the police in congruence with the orders of the Presidency. It lies in all our hands and those of the legislature to expedite action on the passing of the New Police Act. Reform begins here.
FSARS stopped being a major problem with the stop gap in place under IGP Idris in compliance to the orders of the Acting President in line with the demands of the #EndSARS movement as spurred by the clarion calls of the people. Denigrating that is a Mortal Sin against humanity.
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This is NOT a good omen. The New IG Of @PoliceNG has taken us back to the dark days we protested against at a critical period such as this (days to a major election). There’s a reason why FSARS was taken off the control of Commissioners.…
This rearrangement is just going to fuel corruption and lure the Commissioners of police into deploying SARS as political party Thugs. The stop gap worked because the Commissioners don’t control SARS.
With this order they’ll amplify the impunity they’re executing via the Police with their control of SARS. This is yet another setback in my own opinion. The negative impact of this will be felt in a matter of days. #EndSARS Objective may return. #ReformPoliceNG
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