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Goodwill message delivered by Rt.Hon.(Dr) Mudashiru Obasa @mudashiru_obasa , Speaker, Lagos State House of Assembly at the 16th LEGISLATIVE-EXECUTIVE PARLEY, today in Lagos.
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Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, I am greatly delighted to welcome you all to this Executive/Legislative parley designed to fashion out a collective consensus agenda for rebuilding our dear Lagos State. 
2. This assemblage, is targeted at deliberating on matters of ...
paramount interest to this state and by extension, Nigeria as a whole. Hinged on this, I bring you all goodwill message from the entire Lagos State House of Assembly.

3. You will all agree with me that the necessity and significance of this parley is explicit enough.
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1. Peace is expensive, but you don’t negotiate with Shekau nor bandits. America understands this. Does Nigeria?

Each time you open negotiations with criminals, you invite trouble, I mean big trouble. Sheikh Gumi is playing with fire. Any nation that buys peace is indebted to war ImageImageImageImage
2. You cannot rule out ethnoreligious & political dimensions to this war. But the insecurity in Nigeria is largely fueled by corruption.

A police sergeant, have his 3 children in a private secondary school or a private university. Plus, he is building a duplex in the city.
3. Police officers pay huge bribes to be posted down South, to lucrative states. You cannot tell me police officers don’t know the location of some of these kidnapper’s den.

These kidnappers & bandits are well known by the police authorities. In some cases, they are protected.
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Counsel, having established the law on criminal assault ( and battery) in your response to @Mochievous' tweet, I find your conclusion extravagant and not supported by the same law - S.252 of the Criminal Code - which establishes the offence whose ingredients you distilled
Actual harm is not central to the finding of guilt in the case of criminal assault (and battery)- See Omohodion v Commissioner of Police (1961). Apprehension of harm or fear of harm or violence is sufficient. See Commissioner of Policee ( 2016; Unreported)
So reading S.252 of the Criminal Code, there are two ingredients that must be proved by a victim of criminal assault (and battery) thus:
1. That there must be threat to apply force;
2. That the act puts a reasonable person in fear of battery. In other words,
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In a forward thinking Country, one will expect the Senate and House of Representatives to summon the President and slam him with impeachment notice for failing to protect Nigerians.

Unfortunately, the Senate and House of Representatives are largely occupied by members of .....
the President’s political party. I kid you not, they’re just taking pay check and feeding the President’s ego. To them it is all about party loyalty rather than patriotism. The President is aware of how solid his cabals are and will not be bothered with the agony of the masses
The Judiciary on the other hand have not provided comfort to Nigerians. Matters demanding urgent sentences are dragged until amnesia sets in. It is a planned attempt to keep the country in perpetual misery.

I am tired of reading news of death, kidnapping and banditry......
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i) I see Gen Z came with bazookas to a knife fight. But what’s the fuzz about? FK and Moe should have known coconut head children, do not take prisoners😅

Now let’s see what’s peculiar to each Generation:

Gen Alpha (21st Century children) are mostly the children of Millennials.
ii) Gen Alphas; were born early in 2010, they are 11 years today. So they are not on the internet. Therefore, we shall spare them the violence.😊

Millennials (Gen Y) were born between 1981 to 1996. Millennials are the children of Baby boomers (those who bastardized Nigeria).
iii) Millennials are the parents of Gen Alphas. They are the last generation that enjoyed Nigeria. The 2go & Blackberry generation. They used the kobo, showered & danced naked in the rain.

Millennials are the Fintech bosses, CEOs of most Social Media Giants & internet companies.
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I spent most of yesterday in conversation with a key #EndSARS figure who comes from Gen Z, and my takeaway is that for all the things some of us find annoying about them, that generation will be Nigeria's cultural salvation if such a thing is possible.

They're actually solid.
I was reading that Zikoko article and something one of them said that deeply resonated with me was that many of us millennials actually lived under the military, and are still carrying the baggage of authoritarianism around with us.

They have no such baggage.
Look beyond their superficial silliness (which we also had/have in bucketfuls), and you'll see that there is a core respect for the concept of right and wrong, and an appreciation for freedom and personal agency that many of us simply don't have because of Buhari-IBB-Abacha PTSD.
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It is no more news that I have stepped down as a trustee of the Social Intervention Advocacy Foundation, SIAF. As indicated in the early hours of this morning, here is my statement:

1. A formal resignation was sent to Sega at the beginning of the third week of January
2. He replied that Distinguished you are going nowhere.

Following my appearances at the #Endsars judicial panels in the south east and south south, I did a quick review and thanked my colleagues @EphesisL who central to our work. I tell my colleagues that I would review
My pro bono work and relationship with the #Endsars movement, considering the mistakes that were made during the struggle and personal politics that was clearly endangering the movement.
In October, at the height of the struggle, I did speak to Sega and expressed my reservations
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Good morning everyone!
It’s a windy, almost rainy day here at the Court of Arbitration. The dark clouds heavy with rain, hang over the building give me a sense of gloom.
As I walk into the courtroom, I can’t help but wonder what it’s going to be like after #OccupyLekkiTollGate
Tuesday, February 16th marks the 41st sitting of the Lagos Judicial Panel of Inquiry.

Below is a list of petitioners expected to appear before the panel today.

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[PANEL RULING]: MD @LCCTollRoad says the Panel's ruling was clear and explicit. The Admiralty Circle Toll Plaza was never shut down. Rather, LCC was only asked to leave the Plaza untouched until the completion of the forensic audit instituted by the honourable Panel.
MD @LCCTollRoad Toll Plaza ever designated 'a crime scene’ by the Panel, as this would have warranted the total stoppage of vehicular movement at that section of the road, Vehicular movement has continued unhindered on the road since Wednesday 21st October 2020.
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This is BS and you know it. An inscrutable sophistry; a poor attempt at masking the truth. If #Lekkitollgate was not closed, what was LCC application to gain access for assessing insurers claims about? It should have walked into it without coming to the Panel for permission
"It would be foolhardy of any reasonable tribunal to say that the toll plaza be closed for the lifetime of the assignment of the tribunal"
-Judtice Okuwobi (Rtrd) while ruling on the LCC application to reopen #Lekkitollgate.

If it wasn't closed, why did the judge use closed?
"It is unheard of that a crime scene of this nature would CLOSED ad infintum"...(Uppercase is mine)
- Justice Okuwobi

Again, if the #Lekkitollgate was never closed as you now claim, why did the retired judge allude to its closure?
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Absolute nonsense to me. Clear case of an ambush. 4 members who voted against were absent during hearing of application of LCC, while 5 who supported were present ba? Does it not tell you of something?
Since the Report was already before the Panel, was it adopted as an exhibit of the Panel? No. The Report was never considered by all parties for the locus - crime scene - to be disposed off for the LCC application to be entertained. It was procedurally wrong
All that is stated here is not new to me. A journalist sent a whatsapp message to me as the proceeding was underway. I forwarded it to @segalink for his position as he was named in the whatsapp message. He responded. I replied him.
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Purity Exalts the body of Christ just like #Righteousness exalted a Nation

God said He is ready to #Intervene in the affairs of #Nigeria

#EndSARS #EndBadGovernanceInNigeria #Justice #mrmacaroni

But He needs intercessors who are ready to stand for the truth and uphold His righteousness, God is very much aware of this Injustice...

"Then the LORD saw it, and it displeased Him, That there was no justice; He saw that there was no man,
And wondered that there was no intercessor.” Isa 59: 15-16

Wait, No one is compelling you to Join the Protest... You don't need to be at the protest ground if you don't have the mind of @mrmacaronii , @SavvyRinu and others
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The way I hate seeing people insinuate that because someone is not in the country they can’t contribute speak on happenings in the country because “you’re in Canada/USA/China egging people on” 🤦🏽‍♂️
The thing dey scatter my bodi.
So we can’t have a position, but na you carry Trump..
For head. You wey nor get passport sabi all the names of the American senators and even get favorites to win in American elections?
Do y’all know how many of us are passionate about the country because we want to be able to have a locus standi & proud of our own home nations?
When Trump was creating harsh immigration policies, I met people that had sleepless nights because they didn’t want to have to get deported. Some considered slipping into Canada, illegal marriages etc JUST so they can live subserviently here instead of living as Kings in Nigeria.
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This happened today, a police officer said we were insulting him earlier this evening because we were talking about the protests and how @mrmacaronii and others have been treated badly by the @PoliceNG. We didn't even realize he was on the same bus till my friend got down and he
Held her and said we would have to come down and follow him to the station for just talking (since when did they take away our freedom of speech?)
This man called other police officers standing at the Maryland busstop and they all came around to further harass us.
He was going to break my phone so I stopped recording, nd we literally had 2 apologize for talking.
In Nigeria, we had to apologize for just talking about the #EndSARS and #EndBadGovernanceInNigeria protest, we were not even actively involved o.
May God strengthen all Nigerians.
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Oyo State is trending so I thought I should share my experience.

Just two days ago, my parents got into an argument with some hausa- boys. They were the ones at fault. We didn't want to complicate the matter. But these people took it to the extreme they brought war.

A thread.
So, this little girl who has been staying with us (16years) was caught stealing, she was also giving out items in my mums shop and money to some one. After much interrogation and threats she confessed that it was some boys who stayed on our street.
My dad got their numbers from her and put a call through to one of them... He was hausa-, and not even Muslim. His name is Isaac.. The call went something like this....
My dad: "who you be wey dey collect money from this small girl"
Isaac: "who you sef be"
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When will we ever learn in Nigeria? Is it not better for people to express themselves in a protest than hide behind any extreme motive to seek justice?

I would rather have a peaceful protester than a bandit with AK 47

If #EndSARS protesters promises to be peaceful, let them be.
If for any reason, an iota of violence is detected from them, the authorities should quickly mobilize and disperse them.

But as long as protesters claimed to be peaceful, we should give them their right to protest and protect them against possible hoodlums hijacking the protest.
The more reasonably engaged in citizens right to action by the authorities, the better the chances of having them on the side of the Govt.

The more distance the authorities portrayed, the more hoodlums take advantage and inflame their ambers for evil

It’s all about empathy
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Partial Wins Are Not Enough! ❌

After going silent for a month, troll accounts dedicated to belittle my work & sowing doubt about my age & right to express myself as a citizen of Nigeria were reactivated.
They targeted me by releasing fake tweets & turn the public against me.
My stand on the reopening on the toll gate is clear; the state govt & the private organisation operating the toll have not been cleared of collusion with elements allegedly deployed by the federal govt to target citizens on home soil during a time of peace, without provocation.
Justice has not been served, and as a representative of the Nigerian citizenry, my only recourse is to stay the course of justice.
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Folks, I study social movements and have a fair knowledge of they operate, how they grow - succeed or fail.
See, when peaceful protesters began asking when GEJ would address the nation mid-January 2012, I whispered to @GhenhisKhan
"The people are getting tired of this protest. Time to change tactics. Get Comrade-Honourable on the phone quickly". Discussions followed. Labour took the cue.
Hon Tijani Yusuf moved a motion in the HoReps. GEJ addressed the nation. Govt reduced fuel price. We dispersed
When folks began tweeting and asking Buhari to address the nation, and some young leaders started calling to ask, "Great Oracle, when is the best time to stop protesting", we didn't need prophets to tell us that #EndSARS protests had ran out of steam. Fatigue had set in.
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1. Our attention is drawn to the planned protest scheduled for Saturday February 13, 2021 at the Lekki Toll Gate for and against the opening of the Admiralty Toll Gate.
2. The State is aware of Sections 39 and 40 of the 1999 Constitution (as amended) which guarantees the Rights to Freedom of Expression and Peaceful Assembly. However, such right does not permit the violation of the Rights of other citizens in the State.
3. While the State recognises the importance of exercising the Rights to Peaceful protests, same cannot extend to blockage of roads and or preventing other members of the public from enjoying their Fundamental Rights to move freely within the State.
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@jidesanwoolu @Prince_Muyen
Gentlemen of the press, I deemed it imperative to jointly address you and the general public with the Honourable Commissioner for Justice, Lagos State, on the stance of the Police command on the proposed Endsars protest slated for Saturday 13th February, 2021, ..
... being championed by some individuals, Hashtag #OCCUPYLAGOSLEKKITOLLGATE, at Lekki Toll Gate plaza, Lagos State.
Permit me to state in clear terms that organising any protest in furtherance of the recent violent and destructive Endsars protest ..
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HMIC Alh. Lai Mohammed addresses a Press Conference on plans to return to Lagos - Lekki Toll Gate under the guise of #EndSARS protest.

Being the text of the press conference addressed by the Honourable Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, in Abuja on Thursday, 11 Feb. 2021
Good morning gentlemen and thank you for honouring our invitation once again.

2.   As you may be aware, some EndSars proponents have given notice of their plan to return to Lagos - Lekki Toll Gate to be specific – on Saturday, February 13th 2021.
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1. Femi Falana (SAN) is an a HUGE ASSET to Nigeria. He was spitting 🔥 on Live TV, knocking senses into CBN’s stubborn head. When some of us said; “Buhari is worse than Abacha, you thought we hate Buhari?”

Now let me walk you through some of the things the learned luminary said:
2. According to Femi Falana; “CBN got an Order Ex parte to freeze & investigate 20 #EndSARS protesters bank accounts.

Guess what? CBN froze the accounts but never investigated the allegations of money laundering & sponsorship of terrorism, leveled against the 20 protesters.
3. Now Falana believes very strongly; “the Central Bank Of Nigeria deceived the court. CBN got the Order Ex parte, but did not investigate.”

Because Rinu & the 19 peaceful #EndSARS protesters, were innocent. CBN simply froze their bank accounts for 90+ days, to make them suffer.
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There is a way Twitter forces everyone to take a binary thinking position on the #EndSARS protests. Once you ask questions about the veracity of claims based on evidence, you are immediately a government apologists. People are forced to jettison thinking to fit into a side.
Yet, it is by asking critical questions of the claims made of the events that happened that night & the days after that one begins to get the impression that we were played.

The Army showing up, having the lights switched off and shooting was a dumb straregy.
As bad as that was, the claims of massacre have been found to be a lie. Almost all the images of dead persons shared that night as the consequence of the shooting were lies.
Who were the people sharing those photos? They must surely know that their lies would be found out.
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With these open & public death threats, & given that the perpetrators of the previous #LekkiMassacre are yet to face the consequences of their actions, which they eventually will, no matter how long it takes, I suggest the planned #OccupyLekkiTollGate protest be postponed for now
There are many ways to skin a dead cat. The judiciary may use this opportunity to redeem itself, & if not, the 2023 elections present an opportunity for an organised youth populace to break free of oppression. No more lives must be lost until we boot out these mass murderers.
The energy, the industry, the resourcefulness, the ingenuity, the organisational capacity, the determination and UNITY demonstrated by the young people of Nigeria during the #EndSARS protests must be brought to bear directly on Nigerian politics. It's the only way to sweep away
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