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I keep telling you that the cause of insecurity lies on your government and politicians. They are the cause of what you are seeing today. The insecurity of today did not start today. It started a very long time ago.
You see that time people were returning from party and police men stopped them and killed all of them? Those people that came back from abroad only to be murdered by police men.

Those accidental discharge that sent both only sons and daughters to the great beyond.
The peaceful protest that turned bloody, because politicians ordered the police and military to kịll protesters in cold blood.

The corruption that have rendered lots of youths useless and prone to crime.

All these and many more contributed to the insecurity of today.
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In November 2017, it emerged that the Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria, Godwin Emefiele, had significant interests in an off-shore company registered in Bermuda, which held an account with the UBS in London.
The UBS is a multinational investment bank and financial services company with its headquarters in Basel and Zurich in Switzerland.
Disclosures released by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists in the Paradise Papers revealed that Emefiele owned 49% of...
Oviation Asset Management since 2009 and was a director in the company since January 2013.
According to The Guardian newspaper in London, “Oviation was part of a structure that imported two jets via the Isle of Man.
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1. Alama ce ta rashin riko da ‘ya’yanmu suna gida kuma muna yakin neman zabe – Peter Obi

2. Mun sayi tikitinmu akan miliyan 40/100. Shin ‘yan Najeriya za su ìyá...
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The Spanish essentially set up Equatorial Guinea as a colony for extraction only. Probably the worst type of colonization.

And in the 90s, the West started extracting oil there, just like they did in Nigeria. Niger Deltans and Guineans share more than just common ancestors. 🇬🇶🇳🇬
For those who don't know, both Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea are among the top oil producing countries in THE WORLD.

Neither of the exploited communities benefit or see any of that money, but it's even worse for 🇬🇶 because the country is a lot smaller. That is insane.
Vice president of EG 🇬🇶 (who is also the president's son) vacationing in the Maldives for $50K a day. He spent several months there. The current president has been in power since the 70s.

They going to hell fasho—first class. But never forget the West is who orchestrates this.
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1. There’s no denying the fact that Peter Obi is the New Poster Child of politics in Nigeria, at least in PDP & in the South. He is raising an army of woke young Nigerians who desire true change. It’ll be unwise 4 PDP to ignore this New Political Force. The dynamics have changed.
2. Grassroots in Anambra is APGA.Gubernatorial Election is APGA. But Anambra is PDP in the General Elections. So Peter Obi will always have his people solidly behind him. Now it goes without saying that Peter is no longer the featherweight, he’s grown so much since 2018.
3. Wike is too clever by half. Even Atiku loyalists understands that his 12 million votes was largely from the South. So I hope Nigerians are taking note of those not focusing on the issues? 2023 Elections is not for thugs. Demagoguery may have worked for DT but not in Nigeria.
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Unfortunately, religion, tribe and competency are some of the major reasons why we choose who lead us in this part of the world. Normally, the two aforementioned shouldn't have been there, the last one, competency ought to be the main and only consideration.
We've made more than enough mistakes, and this has gotten us all to where we are. You might not be tired with the current situation of things but, me, I'm exhausted already. So, I beg you, this coming election, don't think but instead, reason before you decide who you bank on.
Be courageous enough not to be swayed or distracted by friends' choice. Make this decision and be ready to stand tall no matter what the outcome. You'll agree that using religion and tribalism as the yardstick for who leads us at the centre haven't been helpful.
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I remember when President Buhari launched the operation python dance in the SE to combat the menacing IPOB terrorists at their cradle stage.

The igbos played politics and said he hated the tribe.
I remember when IPOB initially got proscribed. The ethnic wailings were loud, and Buhari was accused of hating the Igbos.

Pseudo activists labelled the Buhari Govt as tyrannical.

They said soldiers were only needed in the North.
I remember the times when Nnamdi Kanu was broadcasting via Radio Biafra, calling on the Igbos to take up arms and burn down the country.

I remember him raising funds, and I remember the Igbo elites turning a blind eye to the looming catastrophe.
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Dear HE, Prof @CCSoludo, first, my congratulations on your assumption of office as Governor of Anambra State.
Sir, I've chosen to tweet two issues, which I'm pretty sure you'd be interested in, considering your recent visit to a prison in your state
I'd preface both issues with reference to the nexus between citizens/human rights and economic growth and progress. I know that as an economist, you're familiar with this connection. I'm glad you've taken steps to highlight the place of justice administration in your government
Now to the two issues:
(1) The Ezu River Incident 2012
(2) Awkuzu SARS & Anambra State Judicial Panel of Inquiry on #Endsars 2021

I begin with the first.

Following discovery of 19 bodies (Senate/Police/Anambra State government figure) or 35 bodies ( by Amansea community/NGOs)
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Gen Z were born of danger much closer to home. Gen Alpha came from the womb, just in time to witness the rise of one of West Africa’s last tyrannical foothold.
Buhari Empire destroyed the lives of two Generation of Nigerians in its wake. This is a Nigerian True Story, & it’s a thread.
The Buhari Empire was arduous. A Regime that sent many youths into PTSD. It crushed the WILL & RESOLVE of many. Not knowing what to do, Soro Soke had to invent the WILL to carry on.
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Lekki Toll: Are We Fools? -Media Personality, Stephanie Coker Aderinokun Fumes
Media personality, Stephanie Coker Aderinokun, has lashed out at the myriad of problems that Nigerians have to deal with.
Taking to her Twitter handle on Monday, she lamented that apart from battling with the aftermath of dirty fuel, the price of diesel has increased, the national grid has collapsed and now toll operation is set to resume at the Lekki-Ikoyi Tollgate.
She tweeted, “The bill for my car as a result of bad fuel is 3.7m, a 2020 car o! Diesel is now 780, and now that the power grid has collapsed, it will probably increase. I drove by Lekki toll gate and it states toll charges will resume on April fools day.
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Much has been written about Adamu and NANS Supremo's confrontation. But, if truth be told, the confrontation highlights the hollowness of today's students' activism and the gbas gbos culture that has permeated public engagement in our country.
A NANS Chief that understands the crisis of education in Nigeria would have taken the Minister to the cleaners. Canvassing positions, marshaling them out, and articulating superior points of view are an art. That art what was missing in the NANS Chief. His was all heat and anger
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There was a man in London 300 yrs ago called Jonathan Wild. He lived at a time robbery and violent crimes were rampant in the city - day/night. The people were helpless and the police were largely absent. And because nature abhors a vacuum, this man, a civilian, filled that void.
He started hiring himself to government to capture thieves and get them hanged. He was very effective in catching thieves and in retrieving stolen goods back to their owners. He set up what he called 'Lost Property Office' which became a house of relief for traumatized victims...
of theft and robbery. Jonathan Wild did everything for a fee, became wealthy and was London's toughest guy of his time.
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Abba Kyari is worse than Evans, but has backing in high places – Lawyer, Akingbolu

According to a video made available in August 2021, you said you filed a petition against the embattled Deputy Police Commissioner, Abba Kyari, after the #EndSARS protests. What was this petition
The petition was filed against Abba Kyari in respect of his criminality committed against my client, Hafeez Mojeed. With some of his cohorts, he arrested my client in a commando style. They got to Mojeed’s house around 9:30pm; the wife was five months old pregnant.
They laid them on the ground, collected all their belongings, including the golden wedding rings of both the wife and husband, their traveling and title documents, wristwatch and his 2012 model Honda Accord. They collected 32 items from them which we listed.
After collecting all
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1. Tinubu loyalists made a coffin for his rival Aregbesola, while the later still breaths. In what became the reminiscence of Ojota, where they staged an elaborate funeral for Goodluck Jonathan, mob loyal to Tinubu held a funeral ceremony for the Minister of Interior as well.
2. Now we can all agree Tinubu was one of the hand of Esau behind the now infamous Ojoto Protest. The Minister of Interior is not my go-to-guy for obvious reason - his incontrovertible recklessness & incompetence in passport issuance.
3. But, is Tinubu the man some of you compare with Chief Obafemi Awolowo? Tinubu can’t even sit were the late Chief Bola Ige sat. A man who commands an army of thugs & guns for hire is no leader but a common criminal. This is the Political Structure y’all talk about?
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''When people who know what was happening called for total reform of the Police leading to #EndSARS ,you took it personal, and politicized it out of context.
If you get to know how many innocent men and women who were framed and had their property "stolen" by same Police officers
, if you know how many suspects whose wives were raped by Policemen claiming that's the only way their husbands can be released and yet their husbands were murdered?If you know how many suspects whose landed property changed ownership under duress?If you know how many suspects
who were simply murdered in cold blood because they couldn't raise the humongous amount of money the officers in charge demanded?Families that have been traumatized beyond what humans can bear. They're not talking not because they're afraid. They've lost their voices, and even
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Canadian Truckers’ Protests: Physician Heal Thyself! By Olalekan Adigun

Ottawa, the capital city of Canada, has been the hotbed of the far-rightwing-inspired Canadian truckers’ protests tagged #FreedomConvoy2022 since late January.
The #FreedomConvoy2022 started as a protest against mandatory vaccinations for truckers to cross the border into the United States and has grown into broader dissent against the Justin Trudeau-led Government thereby portraying the actions as some sort of anti-vaccination movement
The #FreedomConvoy have since become an occupation. The past days have seen thousands of demonstrators and supporters flood the streets and the open space in front of the Canadian Parliament Buildings parking more than 100 trucks across several highways and facilities.
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It is unfortunate that the IG of @PoliceNG is drowning in confusion in the cocoon of corrupt felons he has found himself at the Force HQ. The Police Act 2020 was clear on the mandate of the @PoliceNG_CRU but corruption is fighting back within the system.
This week alone @SIAF_NG has recovered over N2M from kidnappers within the police system in Lagos not to mention Delta, Benin and cases from other states. This was what citizens widely protested against during the #EndSARS protest of 2020. Instead of waiting for NEC to act…
…The forces of corruption around the IGP have been hell bent on destroying the Police Complaint Unit with administrative road blocks to cover up the crimes of their colleagues. Reports have been blocked from reaching the IG & now they are launching a parallel complaint committee
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We made it categorically clear that we do not want any untrained/half baked Tactical Squad of the @PoliceNG roaming our streets. This was what the agitation against the culture of impunity was about with #EndSARS #ReformPoliceNG Advocacy. We @SIAF_NG have been getting reports…🚔
…that the SWAT team that now occupies the ADENIJI base of the defunct FSARS have started kidnapping and robbing citizens of biblical sums. A fresh report came in now, where N550,000.00 was forcefully extorted at gunpoint from someone abducted at the ikoyi link bridge.
It is unfortunate that @followlasg is yet to recover from the losses from the Protest against Police Brutality and it seemed our rogue units in the Police learnt nothing from this incident. We have notified the authorities and by morning we will fish out the rogue officers.
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9:Ęsàn x 9:Harmattan and Winter by @BrymOlawale
[Full Breakdown and Review].

A Thread💛
In January, 2021, Brymo announced he would drop an album titled 9. The album earned its title because of its significance of being his 9th studio project since he debuted as a singer. 9 is a double-faced album divided into Èsan and Harmattan and Winter.
Èsan consists of 9 songs judiciously delivered in Yoruba, while Harmattan and Winter houses 9 tracks too rendered in English Language. The deployment of language on this recently-released project continues, by way of concept, from where his previous albumYellow left off.
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Do you want to move from a President that does not know where his WAEC certificate is to a President that does not know what his real age is? Do you want to go from a ruler whose private wealth consists of 150 cows that never increase to one who can’t tell you how he made
his money? Do you want to go from a dictator who ordered the #LekkiMassacre of peaceful, unarmed, #EndSARS protesters, to one who benefited from the killings to protect his holdings at Lekki Toll Gate? Do you want to go from a head of state who goes to London for weeks to a
leg of state who goes to London for months for the same healthcare?

Nigeria, are you not tired of electing people that say they are going to fight corruption, only to themselves become the face of corruption? Nigeria has too many billions at stake to trust leadership to a man
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The British have traditionally seen Southern Nigeria as a source of clerks, teachers and low-level administrators;

But a politically irrelevant region.

That hasn't changed, if your substitute "clerks, teachers and low-level administrators" with "highly skilled migrants".
But the British didn't stop there;

They convinced their allies, the Americans to see Southern Nigeria the same way.

This was aptly demonstrated by the Obama Administration in the buildup to the 2015 elections.
One thing Southern Nigerians, with all their education and accomplishments need to understand, is that political organisation, and political power matters.

There are hundreds of thousands of Southern Nigerians in UK - but they have zero impact on UK's Nigeria policy.
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I've recently been pushing out a lot of Bitcoin-related tweets, but THIS one sticks out to me as a very good reminder of what pulled me into the space in the first place.
I still remember being in Nigeria for Christmas 2016 seeing a sign advertising a Bitcoin exchange. Being that Nigeria is a place where even the wealthiest people struggle for consistent access to power and running water, the thought Bitcoin there genuinely perplexed me.
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No matter how selfless you aim to be, Nigerians will always find a way to discredit you. It's in our DNA and we cannot do away with it. This is why as a person, I don't live for anybody's approval or disapproval. This way, nobody's effort to discredit you will get to you at all.
A lot of us are guilty of this but it's such a gutter thing to do, I must say. Fine, the man's position over #EndSARS wasn't palatable, how does this negate the aim behind his documentary about cultists? Y'all just want to drive home your conspiracies so bad and I wonder why.
Understandably, cultism is nothing new to us and many of us have had our fair share of experiences with their brutal modes of operations. But this is the first time someone is taking a bold step to unravel the facts about them, openly, which is very unsafe.
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A lawyer defending #EndSARS protesters blocking of roads told me that, since protesters hv the right to protest, I dont hv the right to move about during protest. According to him, I must either protest or sit at home. And no, I'm not paraphrasing, he said this to me expressly.⤵️
I have come to the point where I need to accept that, people are more insincere than I allowed myself believe.
For me, it is extremely difficult to understand why I will lie, embarrass my school fees, make a fool out of the body of benchers, and pause my education just to score one point in an argument. But people do this on a daily basis.
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