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14 Oct 18
What have people lost from social security cuts this decade? How much is down to #universalcredit? Should we focus on reviewing/fixing UC, or on reversing cuts, many of which affect the ‘legacy’ system too. Both: the amount of money matters, but so does the system’s design (1/18)
First, cuts. There have been calls for £2bn to be put back into #universalcredit. That would be good, but remember a whopping £37bn has been cut from working-age social security since 2010. Most cuts apply to both the legacy system and UC, but UC takes cuts further. (2/18)
The freeze on working-age benefits is the biggest single cut - for years support hasn’t risen with rents or inflation. Over the decade failure to uprate benefits properly will cost the poorest 10% of households over 10% of their income.… (3/18)
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