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18 Oct
@EmJaye32 @ellievhall Two things can be true at the same time. BIPOC, queer, etc people's existence shouldn't be "political" just because we're outside the empowered class, *and* work for our safety and benefit shouldn't be defanged to "apolitical".
@EmJaye32 @ellievhall The entire point is that "political" in and of itself is not a bad thing or a good thing, it has nothing to do with whether "political" in itself is categorically one or the other, it has everything to do with marginalized lives existing for ourselves and not the comfort of
@EmJaye32 @ellievhall white people.

And especially in the case of a white liberal spouting a conservative talking point, that follows a script more than it speaks from any real human experiences, to defang the radical antifascism of care and anti-cruelty at a moment of intensifying fascism --
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16 Oct
why do gamers split hairs and actively misread semantics to punish inconsequential statements as if they're legal arguments with far reaching consequences
There's a tweet that's making the statement that Minecraft Steve was a placeholder model from a scrapped GTA fangame that Notch was working on before Minecraft came into being. The OP ~technically~ describes Minecraft itself as a former GTA fangame changed to Minecraft,
and then links to a Tumblr post where Notch describes the situation as a character model from a previous and separate game with a GTA type renderer.
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16 Oct
Having a think about a thesis that I was reminded of the other day about how horror movies's being low budget and decried by the mainstream is what makes them such fertile grounds for independent groups to be experimental with their film technique + biting with social commentary
and how that kind of neatly fits in to how children's cartoons are the most progressive LGBT representation in western media and the Barbie animation franchise is the most take-no-prisoners feminist rhetoric.
League of Legends is the most full tilt opposite *because* it has that much more money and power behind it and so favors an internal company culture of platforming the absolute worst human beings on earth
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27 Jan
Leftists stop being white supremacists challenge

I don't mean that as in "horseshoe theory!!! 1!oneone", I mean that the entire idea that reactionaries and fascists should be courted and converted as a primary thing centers white people to the existential exclusion of
Marginalized lives
It's not even a tactically sound approach if it even works, deconversion has a low success rate on a population that's small to begin with and pouring those same efforts into fighting for black, trans, disabled, and other people will give you more raw numbers than
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