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2 Aug
"And, of course, kids are so much better about masks than we would think..."

"Not mine. Mine are worse. They hate every second of being masked and say all of their friends do too but are afraid to challenge authority."- me, every time someone tries this.
Kids want to please. But there does not exist a human, child or otherwise, who prefers to wear a mask. People may have been driven to fear, and therefore mask in unnecessary situations, but kids do it because adults say so.
With all masking, the question that needs to be asked is: when does this end? If the answer is "when COVID ends" then people need to understand that they, and their kids, will be masking forever. We may never get to COVID zero. Never.
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1 Aug
I’m quoted in this story re Chris Cuomo criticizing DeSantis. Chris broke quarantine while sick with Covid & his brother had worst Covid response in USA. “Perhaps the Cuomos should take a break from telling the rest of us how we should be handling COVID" foxnews.com/media/chris-cu…
I feel very defensive of Florida, and of Gov. DeSantis, because under his leadership Florida gave our family nearly 5 months of sanity and stability at a time when NY refused to. city-journal.org/a-lifelong-new…
Meanwhile Gov. Cuomo had highest death count in country, wrote a book celebrating himself, locked us down again when that success turned out to be fake, all while his brother was breaking quarantine WHILE SICK, brother’s wife having maskless yoga while gyms closed and on and on.
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28 Jul
Prediction: NY will see a spike in cases in the fall, right after we’re done congratulating ourselves for good behavior unlike those terrible southern states who are clearly not as virtuous as us. Spike will be blamed on schools. (This is optimistic version where schools open!)
OMGGGGG we are in the Bronx and the car in front of us has a magnet from the school our kids went to in Florida. This is a sign from G-d, right?
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10 Jul
Just under the wire, the COVID-hypocrite thread gets another update.
Another appearance for Gov. Gavin Newsom on this COVID hypocrite thread.
Heading into August 2021, the COVID hypocrite thread just won't end.
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11 Jun
We literally just spent a year proving that "new technology" sucks when it comes to teaching children. How does anyone still think the future is remote schooling? I'm so confused.
It’s not “nonsense online,” sir, it’s your own words. A better clarification is needed.
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11 Jun
I can't believe today is going to be a "America played no role in WWII" day but ok.
I don't discount Soviet contribution in WWII. My grandmother's 2 brothers were sent to the front & never heard from again. But pointing to Soviet loss of life as evidence they won that war is absurd. The loss of life was because they treated their people as cannon fodder. C'mon.
Also does all history have to be rewritten from an "America sucks" perspective? We're objectively the greatest, freest, country to ever exist. We're not perfect, but there is no perfect, and we are close enough. Just stop.
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19 May
So excited to be live and in-person on set in NYC today! And with my buddy @JoeBorelliNYC too! We’re scheduled for 10:30am ET.
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3 May
Take the masks off kids. Do it now. My column in Monday’s @nypost nypost.com/2021/05/02/the…
Europeans don’t care about their kids less than we do. I don’t care about my kids less than you care about your kids. It’s insane to so intensely mask a demographic that has bad outcomes from COVID so rarely. nypost.com/2021/05/02/the…
Parents sometimes tell me some variation of: “My kid loves the mask. His face feels naked without it. He feels like Batman. I can’t get the mask off him!” Great. Your kid can wear the mask into adulthood. Just leave mine alone. nypost.com/2021/05/02/the…
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30 Apr
Black and Hispanic kids go to bad, unchallenging, NYC public schools that leave them unprepared to take the SHSAT test for competitive high schools. Progressive solution: Get rid of the test.
Getting rid of the SHSAT just hides the evidence of these failing schools. It does absolutely nothing to fix anything about education or equity. And the intense focus on it is a distraction from the truth: our school mostly suck.
Here's a great piece by Alina Adams, and then her husband who attended Stuy, that breaks it all down.
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27 Apr
Keep thinking of this @robbysoave thread. It’s been over a year of hysterics having the run of the conversation. Their reign should now be fully over.
Last week, in Florid, I went to a “mask optional” coffee shop. It was amazing. I walked in grinning. I went back 3 times in 24 hrs. I bought everything. Their mug, to-go cup, phone holder. But I’m afraid to shout them out because of busybodies who will try to get them shut down.
Yesterday on @BuckSexton’s show, he was talking about bad flights, intense rule enforcement, and I was wary of saying that I had great experiences on several United flights where they were chill about masks. The crazies are in control of the conversation and we have to stop them.
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26 Apr
Post-pandemic we have to see shopping local as our patriotic duty. These businesses have suffered while Amazon thrived. I’ve sharply decreased my Amazon spending in the last few months and urge others to do the same. My Monday column in @nypost: nypost.com/2021/04/25/let…
I was the person who had Amazon packages at my door every day. I get that it’s a hard habit to break. And I’m not saying I’ve gotten to zero purchases. But I’m doing what I can for the local stores which need our support more than ever right now.
Shopping local, and breaking our Amazon addiction, isn't a new idea. But it's an urgent one: nypost.com/2021/04/25/let…
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5 Apr
If Democrats want open borders, they should admit it and let the American people know where they stand, my Monday column in @nypost nypost.com/2021/04/04/dem…
Democratic policies and rhetoric have led to the crisis on our border. You can’t encourage people to come to the US (or send their unaccompanied kids) and then be surprised when they do it. You can’t make policies that encourage illegal immigration and pretend there’s no crisis.
I understand desperation. I came to the US as a refugee when I was a child. But we followed a process and there was absolutely the possibility of being turned away. Americans aren’t heartless, they just know they’re being lied to. nypost.com/2021/04/04/dem…
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21 Mar
Narrative will, of course, be that NY’ers should just mask harder, lock down more, yet it’s obvious the higher numbers are correlated with areas in which people don’t have the privilege to work from their couch.
NY’s vaccine system is great...for English-speaking people who know how to use the internet and can move quickly to get appointment. Dark red areas experiencing spikes right now are filled with elderly immigrants who don’t know about Turbovax. Need a better system to reach them.
My mom lives in one of those (older, super immigranty) dark red neighborhoods. There is no way she would have gotten vaccinated without my help.
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19 Mar
You know what's actually wrong with me? What's wrong with me is that I have spent a bunch of time in Florida and they are living their normal lives while ppl in my home of Brooklyn are set to wear 48 masks and FLORIDA HAS BETTER NUMBERS. So no, I won't mask after vaccine. Bye.
Had I not seen Florida with my own eyes I might be quiet. But kids go to school full-time in Florida, they don't social distance in class, they don't wear masks during recess, they play sports maskless and hug their friends when they win, and they're doing better than us.
Florida restaurants are packed, people are smiling on the street, no one is yelling at people 50 feet away to mask up, everyone is in a good mood, and there's no discussion of putting on a third mask in extremely low-risk situations like there is in NYC. And FL is doing BETTER.
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4 Feb
I'm just going to keep tweeting this through September: every time you hear people say "schools are safe to open with precautions," ask which precautions. If they say "social distancing," please understand that means part-time school, at best, in most American cities.
(Couldn't live with that typo and had to redo)
Schools around the country, and around the world, have largely scrapped the social distance requirement. NYC insists on 6 feet between kids. That's crazy. We will never have full-time school again if we don't drop that.
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4 Feb
My cousin sent me a BBC piece today that basically argues we should have been wearing masks and social distancing always since even, say, the MMR vaccine isn’t foolproof. bbc.com/future/article…
It used to only be anti-vaxxers pointing out “In fact, most vaccines don't fully protect against infection” now it’s mainstream media.
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24 Jan
We threw out every single thing we know about human nature in order to fight COVID and this is where it led us. Pieces like this crush me because it was so, so obvious this would happen. I could have predicted this piece in May. nytimes.com/2021/01/24/us/…
If I told you that teenagers would be kept from seeing friends, learn only online, have their social lives conducted only on social media, not have any in-person interaction with supportive grown-ups, wouldn't I be drawing you a picture of rising suicide rates? Yet we did this.
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22 Jan
I have been screaming from the rooftops that schools will not reopen in Sept. So many ppl have told me that's crazy, so crazy. I have pointed out that literally nothing changes for kids in Sept. No vaccine for them, social distance requirements still mean no full-time school.
Success Academy declaring that they will open in a "hybrid" (part-time in-person) model in September is absolute worst news for people (like me) who are worried about schools not reopening in the fall. SA is being honest while all of our officials are not. Nothing will change.
We need to say, today, that there is no reason for children to be social distancing. None. No one else is doing this. Look at countries around the world that have opened their schools without social distancing (and largely without masks under 12yo!) while we have not.
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21 Jan
I find articles like these so deeply frustrating: nytimes.com/2021/01/21/us/… So much parsing and dancing around the point that schools are safe and we should open them everywhere.
That evidence has been with us for months. And it’s not just when community spread is moderate or low. Look at Europe when they had high spread and yet schools saw few cases—even without these mitigation strategies! Image
The very next paragraph (which also jumps from elementary to high school without pointing out these are very different) muddles this point. Yes, when transmission goes up in communities, it goes up in schools. But it’s still super low. Say it. Image
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16 Jan
Your occasional reminder that Governor Cuomo destroyed NYC's restaurant industry for no reason and your NYC City Council members, with very few exceptions, looked the other way.
"He closed restaurants to keep us safe!" FOH. Cuomo didn't want to keep Buffalo safe? He was willing to risk Albany? Somehow Long Island's restaurants aren't an immediate danger to the lives of residents there?
Yes, of course Mayor Bill de Blasio looked the other way too. But he's three quarters asleep on a good day.
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15 Jan
Middle of the night thought: there's a lot of speculation as to *why* so many NYC parents chose remote for their kids instead of the crazy sometimes-school option. Assumption, with no data of course, is that people are afraid that going to school is dangerous.
I can only tell you anecdotally majority of ppl I know who chose remote did it because they A) got more actual academics w/remote. So if your kid goes to in-person school 1-2 days/wk and has remote art/music/gym rest of time vs 5 day remote school but with actual math/English/etc
Or B) found the part-time in-person schedule too hard to manage with childcare so simply found someone to oversee remote learning instead of someone to sometimes take the kid to school/pick them up, stay with them when schools inevitably closes, etc.
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