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Feb 20 6 tweets 2 min read
All news outlets who pushed the Burisma smear campaign against Hunter & Joe Biden are guilty of aiding & abetting Putin & his Russian Intel Services disinfo & owe a huge apology not only to the Biden’s, but to the American people. @CBSPolitics @ABCPolitics @CNN @NBCNews @ABC Putin’s goal is to elect Trump who will destroy NATO & hand the keys to Ukraine and the European continent to him.

That has always been the original quid pro quo dating back to 2016. Trump has even confirmed this goal.
Mar 13, 2023 8 tweets 3 min read

2013: Signature Bank expands presence at Sapir’s 261 Madison Ave. therealdeal.com/new-york/2013/… Three apartments in the Trump SoHo hotel-condominium, which Trump owned jointly with the real estate companies Bayrock and Sapir Org. LLC, were sold in April 2013 for a total of $3.1 million to shell companies ultimately controlled by Elvira Kudryashova

Mar 9, 2023 6 tweets 2 min read
Secret Afghanistan testimony revealed

The Trump administration’s slapdash efforts to withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan hurt the prospects of a negotiated settlement between Kabul and the Taliban, according to secret congressional testimony.
politico.com/newsletters/na… Afghanistan-focused officials were kept out of the loop by senior Trump aides. That ultimately put personnel at risk, endangered a fragile diplomatic effort and left a new administration in the dark about their inheritance, they said in previously unreported comments.
Jan 27, 2023 4 tweets 1 min read
The release of the minutes and official correspondence related to BoJo’s meeting with the now-disgraced data firm Cambridge Analytica in Dec 2016 would “directly undermine the trust & confidence between the UK & US”, the UK ICO has said. bylinetimes.com/2023/01/26/min… The 2016 US election resulted in the shock election of Trump – whose campaign had been supported by Cambridge Analytica. The firm targeted voters online based on techniques that it had learned from 50M FB profiles, using the data harvested from these individuals w/o their consent
Jan 26, 2023 8 tweets 3 min read
Egged on by Trump, AG William P. Barr set out in 2019 to dig into their shared theory that the Russia inv’n likely stemmed from a conspiracy by intelligence or law enforcement agencies. 🙄

Let that sink in, Barr believed the fauxnews propaganda BS. nytimes.com/2023/01/26/us/… Mr. Barr and Mr. Durham never disclosed that their inquiry expanded in the fall of 2019, based on a tip from Italian officials, to include a criminal investigation into suspicious financial dealings related to Mr. Trump, but Mr. Durham brought no charges over it.
Jan 23, 2023 9 tweets 3 min read
October 4, 2016:

🧨FBI Director James B. Comey has named Charles McGonigal as the special agent in charge of the Counterintelligence Division for the New York Field Office. fbi.gov/news/press-rel… Interesting… Mr. McGonigal entered on duty with the FBI in 1996. He was first assigned to the New York Field Office, where he worked Russian foreign counterintelligence and organized crime matters.
Dec 31, 2022 75 tweets 24 min read
The Mariupol plan called for the creation of an autonomous republic in Ukraine’s east, giving Putin control of the country’s industrial heartland.

The trade-off: “peace” for a broken and subservient Ukraine.

📌This was Trump’s initial quid pro quo. nytimes.com/2022/11/02/mag… Trump could help make the Mariupol plan a reality. First, though, he would have to win, an unlikely proposition at best. Which brought the men to the second prong of their agenda that evening — internal campaign polling data tracing a path through battleground states to victory.
Nov 7, 2022 14 tweets 5 min read
📌Musk’s investors (among them Musk, Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz, Qatar, and Dorsey), all of them have an interest in challenging the US dollar.

📌Musk and Dorsey are major Bitcoin fanatics, and believe in displacing the dollar. bylinetimes.com/2022/11/07/mus… 📌Of course, this strategy is also one favored by Vladimir Putin.

His disastrous war in Ukraine is about more than territorial gains — it’s also a challenge to the West and what he perceives as unreasonable Western hegemony. bylinetimes.com/2022/11/07/mus…
Nov 2, 2022 13 tweets 3 min read
The Untold Story of ‘Russiagate’ and the Road to War in Ukraine
Russia’s meddling in Trump-era politics was more directly connected to the current war than previously understood.

📌The original Trump quid pro quo involved handling Putin eastern Ukraine. nytimes.com/2022/11/02/mag… Trump was already suggesting that he would upend the diplomatic status quo; if elected, Kilimnik believed, Trump could help make the Mariupol plan a reality. First, though, he would have to win, an unlikely proposition at best.
Oct 11, 2022 13 tweets 4 min read
The Globetrotting Con Man and Suspected Spy

Tao Liu’s criminal odyssey took him from money laundering in MX to a massive scam in China to Trump’s exclusive NJ golf club.

It is believed he may have infiltrated US politics as part of a Chinese intel op. propublica.org/article/liu-ta… In July 2018, Trump met at his NJ golf club with a Chinese businessman who should have never gotten anywhere near the most powerful man in the world.

Tao Liu had recently rented a luxurious apartment in Trump Tower in NY & boasted of joining the Trump’s Golf Club in Bedminster.
Sep 25, 2022 11 tweets 10 min read
Virtual vacation time!

Please enjoy the beauty of Chateau Chantilly, Chantilly, France.

Attached below is a number of photographs in two versions, one color, and the 2nd tweaked B&W “infrared” effect.

I took these when there in 2019, thanks to @Geurtie’s suggestion.

Enjoy! In the distance is the Chantilly Horse Museum.

Chantilly is about one hour north of Paris via train. We caught the D train at the huge Gare du Nord — it took a bit to find our way, but we did.

From the train station we caught a taxi to the chateau.

Sep 21, 2022 4 tweets 2 min read
Diamond magnate Lev Leviev was served with a summons by police Tuesday night upon his arrival at Ben Gurion Airport from Russia, as he is wanted for questioning in relation to the multimillion-dollar “Black Diamond” fraud investigation that began in 2018. timesofisrael.com/diamond-tycoon… Lev Leviev, the Israeli Billionaire With Ties to Jared Kushner and Putin
Leviev is best known for having cracked the world diamond market monopoly of the De Beers cartel in the 1980s, and for real estate holdings and construction deals.

Aug 31, 2022 7 tweets 3 min read
The share-trading scandal known as "cum-ex", which has blighted German political and financial circles for several years, has cost taxpayers billions of euros.

Government officials say the investigation involves some 100 banks on four continents and at least 1,000 suspects. “The robbery of the century,”

“The biggest tax theft in the history of Europe.”

From 2006 to 2011 hundreds of bankers, lawyers and investors made off with a staggering $60 billion, all of it siphoned from the state coffers of European countries.

Jul 19, 2022 12 tweets 10 min read
🤗Timeline Cleanser

Portland’s Japanese Garden is huge and spectacular and not to be missed if you are in the area. Also, the adjacent rose test garden is amazing as well. Portland’s Japanese Garden website: japanesegarden.org

Portland’s Washington Park International Rose Test Garden: portland.gov/parks/washingt…
Jul 19, 2022 4 tweets 1 min read
Employees at Rocket One Capital, had learned of the pending deal long before it was announced.

Rocket One officials at the time talked about ways to profit off the soon-to-be-announced transaction with Trump Media & Technology Group by investing in the SPAC. Federal prosecutors and regulators are now investigating the merger between Digital World and Trump Media, including the frenzied trading in the SPAC’s warrants, according to people familiar with the investigation and public disclosures.
Jul 18, 2022 5 tweets 2 min read
2017: Alexander Dugin and Steve Bannon's Ideological Ties to Vladimir Putin's Russia newsweek.com/2017/05/05/ste… Alexander Dugin - The one Russian linking Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Jul 14, 2022 4 tweets 2 min read
In 2022, political committees tied to Trump routed more payments than ever to one firm involved in the Jan. 6 rally — Event Strategies Inc., the firm named in a permit for the rally that also employed two individuals involved in the protest.

opensecrets.org/news/2022/06/t… Event Strategies Inc. was helmed by Tim Unes and Justin Caporale, Trump campaign aides who were listed on permit records as the Jan. 6 rally’s stage and production managers.

Unes was reportedly brought to Trump’s campaign by Paul Manafort.

Jun 24, 2022 4 tweets 3 min read
Today the partisan theocratic hacks on the Supreme Court, ruled that all American women are second class citizens, forbidden from making their own decisions regarding their health & bodily autonomy. #GOPWarOnWomen #NoFreedom4Women #RoeVsWade #GOPDeathCult
Jun 17, 2022 6 tweets 2 min read
Chinese operative Guo Wengui Spent Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars to Overturn the 2020 Election

Bannon patron Guo Wengui sent hundreds of supporters to the “Million MAGA March” and helped fund a Georgia lawsuit. motherjones.com/politics/2022/… Chinese Tycoon Holed Up in Manhattan Hotel Is Accused of Spying for Beijing

U.S. research firm in commercial dispute alleges exiled businessman Guo Wengui, a frequent critic of China’s Communist Party, is a spy for Beijing

Jun 8, 2022 5 tweets 2 min read
The filing lays out evidence that General Allen joined in the secret lobbying plan along with Richard G. Olson, a former United States ambassador to the United Arab Emirates and Pakistan, and Imaad Zuberi, a business executive with ties in the Middle East. In June 2017 General Allen was recruited by Mr. Olson and Mr. Zuberi to meet with top Qatari and American officials to diffuse the Gulf crisis — and how General Allen saw the money making potential for his involvement.
May 31, 2022 19 tweets 7 min read
“The word “woke” once meant something, kind of.

But now it’s just an empty, all-purpose insult hurled by conservative propagandists, anti-vaccine fabulists, lazy journalists and people who don’t want to know history.

Give it a rest, folks.”

washingtonpost.com/opinions/2021/… “Republicans accuse Democrats of being woke, trying to make the word into a synonym for un-American and implying some imaginary threat to Whites posed by African Americans and other people of color.”