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4 Jan
Many in #Pakistan don't get a proper meal for the day. But we have Crore Commanders & politicians of Pak living life King size. In this thread, we bring out questions unanswered & how the corrupt ministers & army generals are eating up whatever left #Pakistan.
🔸Starting with Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa what is the total assets of the Gen ? Where did the 4 Land Cruise cars worth billions come from?
🔸How did the Army Chief build an earthquake-proof bungalow worth billions given to his eldest son wen his service salary is not so much?
🔸Pervez Musharraf possess dozens of accounts with loads of cash & numerous properties in #Pakistan & Arab countries? Where does the money come from? Evaluation of properties possessed by him comes out to be 119 times more than his full service salary & pension?
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13 Dec 20
A ballot is stronger than the bullet. #Kashmir chose to vote for a better & prosperous future.#DDCElections2020 phase VI voting commences at #bandipora #Baramulla
Voters coming forward to vote for phase VI #DDCElections2020 at GHS #Juhama #Kashmir
The cold winds today became the winds of change. First voters of phase VI #DDCElections2020 show the spirit of #Kashmir which wants progress & development #NayaKashmir
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12 Dec 20
A Thread

♦️Gupkar Gang: Dynasty rule in #Kashmir♦️

#Srinagar's Gupkar Road is #Kashmir's Lutyens’ #Delhi. A 2km long path to power that slopes & curves like a peaceful dream amidst a turbulent landscape. The road ends at the residences of the #Abdullah family.

1/13 Image
The #Abdullah & #Mufti clan occupies 3 sprawling bungalows in this area. It is at these lawns the People's Alliance for #Gupkar Declaration (#PAGD ) was formulated to defend the very existence of Gupkar dynasties, which has been looting #Kashmir for quite some time now.
2/13 Image
After the revocation of #Article370, the Gupkar Gang has been seeking the restoration of the erstwhile state's special status. But the #DDCElections are paving way for a new system which appears to be putting an end to the dynastic rule of the #GupkarAlliance.
3/13 Image
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21 Nov 20
The fiction of “Azad Kashmir ”

🔶The Nomenclature of #Pakistan occupied #Kashmir (#PoK) by Pak is best e.ghow mind games are played. Pak tried smart by giving it name‘Azad Kashmir’to misguide as ‘Azad’ gives impression as if it's a free territory.

Is Azad Kashmir really free?
🔶 According to Article 21 of ‘AJK interim constitution, 1974’ #PMof #Pakistan will always be chairman of ‘Azad Jammu & #Kashmir council’. Now look into Article 24 (1) (c) of AJK interim constitution 1974 which clearly defined that...
🔶Any citizen of Pak qualifies to be member of assembly of PoK. PoK assembly can’t even amend important parts of its constitution without permission of Government of #Pakistan (Article 33 of ‘AJK interim constitution, 1974’). That’s how Pakistan made #PoK completely handicapped.
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20 Nov 20
New Frontiers of #Terrorism- Earlier SocialMedia now #Cyptocurrencies.

🔶 With conventional means of funding #terrorism is under tight scrutiny by #India , #terrorists are finding it hard to survive, So its time for a new means & new #technology has come up .
🔶Its #cryptocurrency. With expertise & access to #DarkWeb & cryptocurrency available, its hard to track the agencies or souces funding them .There was a time when one could take cash secretly & perform transaction without fear of tracking by regulatory agencies.
🔶Digitisation of financial system deprived them of privacy. cryptocurrencies promise to return privacy & anonymity to #terrorists , #cryptocurrency or ‘virtual currency’ does not have govt backing. It has no legal existence in any financial system.
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20 Nov 20
Why LordNazirAhmed Left House of Lords

🔶#UK House of Lords Conduct Committee published a report on conduct of former member #LordNazirAhmed, recommending that he be expelled from House & that his appeals against findings of Commissioner for Standards be dismissed.
🔶According to 300-page report, one of victims stated that "when she asked Ahmed for help,he initially made unwanted physical contact of a sexual nature with her & later held out the promise of using his influence to help her, when in fact his aim was something else.
🔶A group of #Kashmiri women in #London launched a Hollywood style #MeToo. Protest campaign against politicians including Nazir and faith healers who are exploiting vulnerable women in #Kashmir community, committee report stated,That is why he left before he could get suspended.
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19 Nov 20
Real Achievers Of #Kashmir

Defying odds in face of #Terrorism

🔶Despite turmoil & terrorism , #Kashmiris are diving into uncharted territories with credence, In comparison to rest of the country, Kashmiri youth has been subjected to myriad attempts of radicalization & ... ImageImage
🔶Indoctrination by #Pakistan in a bid to destabilize region. Despite all odds, success stories have been emerging from #Kashmir which is an outright rejection of #Terrorism.

🔶Max potential could not be explored as youth was misguided by Pak through romanticism of #Terrorism. ImageImage
🔶As proverb, every cloud has silver lining goes by, #Kashmir too has her share of sparkling gems who enjoyed last laugh after kicking out #Pakistan backed extremism in butt & chalked out unique course.These are real achievers & heroes, who gave it all to attain dizzying heights. Image
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16 Nov 20
🔶Muhammad Ali Jinnah conceived #Pakistan as an Ideal #Democratic State & stated that constitution of #Pakistan should embody essential principles of #Islam,because religion’s idealism preaches #democracy , #EqualityForAll , #justice #fairplay for All.
🔶However, harsh realities of ‘Idea of Pakistan : An Ideal #MuslimState’, contrary to ideals of Md Ali #Jinnah, have emerged to make it a State which, in words of Hussain Haqqani, “is a volatile, semi-authoritarian, national security state, which failed to run itself .
🔶Consistently & Under Constitutional order or rule of law”. #Pakistan has become a greedy state, unsatisfied with the status quo, with the very intentions of incapable #leaders & with intent of #crorecommanders , #Pizzagenerals , #Twittergenerals
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16 Nov 20
How the #NIA tracked down #Bombmaker of #Pulwama

🔶February 14, 2019, is a day that will forever live in infamy. Not bec a suicide bomber rammed explosives-laden car into a #CRPF convoy in #Pulwama, killing 40 troops, but because it pushed #India & #Pakistan to brink of war.
🔶Adil Ahmad Dar, suicide bomber who was vaporised in blast, was only a pawn. The vehicle, too, was pulverised. So, there was little physical evidence to go by. Several months after #pulwamaattack ,many questions remained. Who radicalised him? Who was bomb-maker?
🔶How did they smuggle explosives into India? Who were their accomplices? Finally, #terror investigation agency filed a voluminous 13,800-page charge-sheet against 19 accused in the case. The charge-sheet is a complex jigsaw puzzle that the #NIA painstakingly pieced together .
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16 Nov 20
After 30 years of #Romance , #Pakistan Seems to have Dumped Both #Hizbul & #Hurriyat

🔶 A time when govt forces launched a major offensive against #Terrorists in #Kashmir
A majority of #Terrorists were from #HM outfit which was traditionally inclined towards #Geelani..
🔶From the sudden rise in the number of local #terrorist killed, to #Geelani’s resignation, there is apparent change in #Pakistan policy towards #Kashmir
Among all Hurriyat leaders, hardliner #Geelani always had an edge...
🔶You cannot ignore him, because of his influence on a #Kashmir society, especially youth.

So, if #Geelani left #Hurriyat, amalgam is now void of crowd-pulling attraction. In other words, #Hurriyat factions have been reduced to a dirty banner in #Kashmir
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15 Nov 20
#Pakistan’s #ARMY Growing Propaganda #ISPR

🔶Undetected by the world, #ISPR has raised an astonishing network of 4000-strong highly qualified Information Warfare Specialists during the past decade through a carefully crafted internship programme directly run by #ISI .
🔶 Based on reliable #OSINT estimation, #ISPR yearly indoctrination, internship & information warfare budget is 600 crore #Pakistani rupees. Horizontal germination of SM across the world provided recruits, battlefield to wage incessant warfare against its select adversaries.
🔶Using #SM, #ISPR has been creating political divides & communal poisoning in #India to further #ZulfikarAliBhutto “bleed India with a thousand cuts” policy.

🔶Brutally beaten in conventional wars against #India, & elimination of Nos of #ISI-backed #terrorists in #Kashmir...
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14 Nov 20
We must Save Children Imprisoned in #Pakistan jihad run #Madrassas.

Let Me all Tell you a Story

When I was about 04 yrs old, I asked my mother how I was born. She said I came out from her tummy. I asked, "But how did I get in the first place?" My mother fumbled at the ques.
My elder cousin told me a fictitious story about how I was actually an orphan & I was discarded in a dustbin after my birth. She narrated that she, was my great saviour as she collected me from this terrible position & handed me over to my mom.
I was shocked at first — but, coming from a trusted elder, story seemed believable.
For many years, in fact, I wholeheartedly believed in this tale & would even narrate story to all my relatives. There was not even a speck of doubt in my mind that story could be untrue.
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13 Nov 20
#Pakistan has No #Money but #ARMY is cash-flush

#Pak is desperately poor. Its #ARMY is rich beyond belief. How come ?

🔶Lets talk about something #Pakistani Deep State is most secretive about & something unique about its army.
🔶The struggle between #armys𓆗 & civil seems to come to a thaw after appt of Imran as #PM, who came to power because army backed him up .

So, it's an uneasy relation b/w Imran & #ARMY- he is going to stay as long army wishes.
🔶 The #Pakistaniarmy took advantage of authority & kept establishing businesses across #Pakistan .Today, #PakistanArmy is largest business conglomerate with more than 50 big business entities across , most of whom are largest in country .
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12 Nov 20
♦️#Pakistan Soldiers for Sale♦️
#Turkey has been in the news lately, where it's prez is going all out to be the caliphate of #Islam. Off late #Erdogan has shown its keenness towards #Kashmir.
@desertfox61I @VsNarrative @SoldierNationF1 @AbuBakaar_29
The pugnacious leader is making statements in the #UN & hiring #Kashmiri separatists in media to tarnish #India 's global image. If we are talking about #Kashmir, #Pakistan is never behind. The closeness between Erdogan & Mr Imran Khan has been growing.
Now #Pakistan has put its air force pilots on sale, to fight for #Turkey. To understand the issue we go back in 2016 where the failed military coup d’etat in #Turkey involved several Turkish Air Force officials, including pilots & some other senior functionaries.
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11 Nov 20
Is #Pakistan Arming the #Kashmir Centric #Terrorist Groups with #Turkish Drones?

🔶Lately, #Kashmir has witnessed several #Drone sorties from #Pakistan dropping weapons & cash. #Chinese #Kamikaze & #Turkish Bayraktar may be next lethal #weapons in hands of #Lashkar & Jaish.
🔶After article 370, it appears that so-called “#Kashmir issue” is tottering to its natural death. With every passing day, the false narratives, lies, & deceitful structures of jihadist violence are slowly & smoothly inching towards a dead end.
🔶Can #Pakistan afford #Kashmir slide out of its control? Once perception of “#Kashmir not being an issue anymore”gets ingrained in #Awam, #Pak faces existential threat. It won’t be able to justify mammoth budgets it has been accumulating for decades in name of #Kashmir to #Pak
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21 Oct 20
Gilgit-Baltistan Pakistan’s 5th Province?

Pakistan PM after spending 3 yrs of his tenure chasing after his #Kashmir dream is now into some desperate attempts.
Firstly, he renamed roads then released a fantasy map,& now he wants to declare Gilgit Baltistan as its province

So now lets first understand a little geography & history before moving ahead on discovering the motives behind declaring it as a province

It lies to the North western side of Kashmir. The region is often addressed in international forums as #Pakistan administered Kashmir
Pakistan when formed in 1947 had 4 provinces. It has never treated Gilgit-Baltistan as its own, it’s not even mentioned in its constitution. Obviously, because it was an illegal occupation.

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21 Oct 20
New Policy Giving Fresh #Terrorists Recruits a Chance to #Surrender.
🔶Top brass of the #SecurityForces has proposed to Centre for formalisation of an effective surrender & rehabilitation policy for those who choose to come out of live encounters and abjure violence ...
🔶To live a normal life.This, they feel, will encourage the 'boys with guns' to quit #Violence & lead a normal life.

🔶These recruits were carrying only pistols, which clearly suggests they were neither well-equipped nor trained.
#kashmirrejectsterrorism #Kashmirilivesmatter .
🔶Killing a recruit does not mean you kill militancy.

🔶Now ,We realise some boys pose pictures with guns & then upload them on social media before joining #Terrorists groups , but they are naive and do it out of peer pressure & romanticism of gun.
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20 Oct 20
Man on a #Mission

🔶J&K Government has initiated #MyTownMyPride program with a prime agenda of empowering Urban Local Bodies by reaching out to the urban population,with governance at their doorsteps & ensuring on spot redressal of their issues & grievances.
🔶LG @manojsinha_ Inaugurated various projects & laid foundation of #development works worth Rs16.64 cr.
🔶Fish Market Bridge worth Rs 4.99 cr dedicated to public, also development & upgradation of Cariappa Park to be carried out at Rs1.31cr.

🔶Visit of LG @manojsinha_ to #Baramulla.
🔶He did the Inspection of various stalls and distribution of Various items to Beneficiaries of various schemes.
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20 Oct 20
🔴Breaking News🔴

🔶Joint operation launched by security forces on input from @JmuKmrPolice at 01:00 pm at #Hakhripora #Pulwama .

🔶Likely presence of 01-02 Unidentified #Terrorists in General area.

🔶Gunfight going on , operation underway.

Further updates to follow .
🔴Breaking News🔴

🔶02 terrorist killed and 02 AK recovered in Joint operation launched by security forces on input from @JmuKmrPolice at 01:00 pm at #Hakhripora #Pulwama .

🔶01 more terrorist trapped

🔸Encounter in progress

Further updates to follow .
🔴Encounter Update🔴

🔶Total 03 #terrorist killed and 03 AK recovered in Joint operation launched by security forces at #Hakhripora #Pulwama .

🔶03rd terrorist who was offered to surrender but he responded with fire and then killed at 05:30pm.

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19 Oct 20
🔴Breaking News🔴

👉Joint operation launched by security forces on input from @JmuKmrPolice at #Melahura #Shopian at
2:15 pm.

👉 Fire fight started around 5:10 pm.

Stay tuned for more updates

#Kashmir Image
🔴Encounter Updates🔴

🔶01 #Terrorist killed in a joint operation launched by security forces on input from @JmuKmrPolice at #Melhura #Shopian

🔶Identity of the slain #Terrorist is yet to be ascertained.
Further updates to follow
#KashmirRejectsTerrorism #KashmirBleeds Image
🔴Encounter Final Updates🔴

Op #Melhura

🔶 Joint operation was launched by security forces on input of @JmuKmrPolice at #Melhura #Shopian.

🔶In initial contact 01 #Terrorist got killed & 01 Pistol rec.

🔶Further Cordon was thickened &search suspended at last night. Image
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18 Oct 20
#TRF (The Resistance Front)

🔶Newly formed ‘The Resistance Front’ (#TRF) is like old wine in new bottle.
🔶This seems to have been created to give #Pakistan deniability from action under #FATF & is an amalgamation of existing terror groups operating in #Kashmir.

why new name ??
I.S.I and #Pakistan Gamechanger plan

🔶#TRF creation is due to the #FATF sword hanging over #Pakistan to cut terror groups funding .

🔶#Terrorism & the #terror outfits are increasingly becoming more institutionalized & #TRF is another move towards it

🔶#TRF, which is owning up #terror attacks in #Kashmir these days, is an offshoot of the #terrorist group Lashkar-e-Taiba & also associated with other terror outfits such as Hizbul Mujahideen, Jaish-e-Mohammed.
🔶Various reports claim after abrogation of article370 in J&K..
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