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19 Oct 19
I’m so bloody tired of freshwater ecosystems being overlooked 😤. So here’s a thread about why you and everyone else should give a shit #freshwaterneedslovetoo #tellyourgrandmothertoo🏞️(1/n)
#Freshwater makes up less than 2.5% of the world’s water (much is inaccessible, trapped in glaciers) yet 140000 species incl. 55% (!!) of all #fish species 🐟depend on it to survive (2/n)

Source: USGS
The world (people, organizations etc.) focuses much more on marine and terrestrial ecosystems, often literally excluding #freshwater at all. Ex: this figure by IUCN. Where the fuck are freshwater species? #freshwaterneedslovetoo (3/n)

Source: IUCN
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