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11 Jan
Another example of @KellyTownsend11 instructing the people the rules don't apply to her.
Here's @KellyTownsend11 showing she's willing to enforce rules on conduct...if they don't apply to her.…
She definitely is a fan of enforcing rules...
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11 Jan
@AZHouseGOP @AZGOP @MarkFinchem @MarkFinchem's statement has a falsehood in the first paragraph. He's never been in possession of evidence. He's never presented evidence in any of the multiple frivolous court challenges in AZ.

@AZHouseGOP @AZGOP @MarkFinchem Per his timeline he admits he was present on the east side of the Capitol after his fellow protesters had breached all four lines of barricades.

@AZHouseGOP @AZGOP @MarkFinchem Per his timeline he was present on the east side of the Capitol when the Senate went into lockdown.

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26 Jul 18
2/ your VOTER REGISTRATION is July 30. That’s next MONDAY. B sure 2 sign up for VOTE-BY-MAIL. It’s easy and convenient. Here’s an online option for registration or update if you have an AZ driver's license or state issued ID:… … you don’t have AZ ID
3/ here's a link to download the FEDERAL form and mail or drop off 2 your County Recorder:… Do u know someone who hasn’t registered or has moved in the last 24 months? Help them out! Let them know how important voting is and encourage them to value their
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