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I like and believe everything. :(
Sep 9, 2020 12 tweets 3 min read
The barrage against continues into its 96th day. The cyberwarfare taking place under the hood is unlike anything we've seen in human history, rivaled only by the besieging of in 2016. Thread incoming! 1/ While there are certainly hot web properties that face a daily barrage of persistent low-grade assaults, such as and, few websites become an utterly wasted battleground like this. 2/
Jul 22, 2020 14 tweets 3 min read
Mountain Dew is now doing a tie-in to Nat Trez High School called Mountain Dew: Teen Series. We are hearing complaints that this has nothing to do with American History. Thread incoming. 1/ The team behind this is dedicated to getting this right. There are some big names orchestrating this. One player in this game is so big that we could drop the name and it would OBLITERATE this discussion. But we want to win this argument the old fashioned way: with words. 2/