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5 May
If you’re a designer or PM developing products in a specialized domain (e.g. healthcare, gov, science...), working effectively with internal subject matter experts is an essential skill. Some key principles I teach my clients & teams: 1/
If a SME is also a user, their job is to help the team understand key concepts good practices, NOT to solely “represent” users. Their proximity to the product & (usually greater) expertise make them a little weird. 2/
If a SME feels their influence is threatened by user research, it often helps to point out their unusual level of knowledge & also invite them along to observe & help you get more nuance from interviews. 3/
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20 Apr 20
I’ve been coaching lots of folks on updating their resumes these days. A few tips from a hiring manager’s perspective: (1) Lead with what impact you had in each job. Increased revenue 5%? Saved 4 months of effort? This tells me you’re able to get things done. (1/?)
2. Describe the skills you used to accomplish that, starting with what’s generalizable. Don’t tell me you adhered to FDA process XYZ; tell me you figured out and addressed exacting regulatory requirements (such as FDA XYZ). If I’m not in your industry, that means more. (2/?)
3. Focus your CV on showing you have the skills to do the job you want; don’t just list every irrelevant responsibility you’ve ever had. Your aim is to help me imagine you filling the open positions I have. (3/?)
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