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21 Jul
Sunday Igboho’s arrest & extradition imbroglio should teach IPOB adherents a lesson. It’s glaringly obvious that Ilana Oudua is well run compared to IPOB.

IPOB’s leadership alienated people that could have been sympathetic to their cause. They deliberately cultivated hate as /1 a strategy, and it backfired spectacularly. For instance, compare the calibre of people that attended Ilana Oudua’s protests with that of IPOB.

Even when SE politicians stood for the group after MNK’s arrest, the group deliberately burnt that bridge because MNK wanted /2 be the only and supreme voice in the SE.

Additionally, MNK wouldn't have been in this mess if he wasn't running the group as a one-person show. How will they arrest a leader of such a popular and entrenched movement, and members weren't aware until he was bundled back? /3
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