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Optimist. I love asking questions: why not? what if? can I have a cuppa? Research funding & policy. She/her. Director: UKRI Future Leaders Fellowships.
16 Sep
I promised #UKRIFLF folk a thread on how to use Twitter. From my experiences of using it for work and aimed at newbies who’ve not used the platform before. I’ll have missed loads so please add but here we go….

A thread🧵
I’ll start with saying don’t feel you have to engage with Twitter. Social media is not for everyone. THAT. IS. OKAY.
You might still have an account and be a silent Twitter user - someone who has an account to benefit from the information/discussions on here but without taking part (no tweets, no followers). Waves hello to several colleagues and friends! 👋
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11 Jan
1/10 Many @UKRI_News Future Leaders Fellowship applicants are currently preparing for their interview at the end of the month. I’ve tried to put some basic #ukriflf interview advice in this thread. What would you add?

TIA & good luck to all interviewees.
2/10 first, know the interview. What have you been ask to do/prepare? For the UKRIFLF interview there is a seven minute presentation
“The Vision for my Future Leaders Fellowship” followed by questions from panel members.

Presentation covers goals and establishing leadership.
3/10 read & understand the info you’ve been sent. What does it say in the invitation to interview letter? Are there things you still need to know/raise? We have a phone number and email address - please raise/ask. Lots of candidates do.
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