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Data is the new oil, if you can interpret it, You can make money.
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19 Oct
The top 10 stocks in #Nifty50 contributes more than 55% weight-age, the remaining 45% comes from other 40 stocks. This weight-age changes yearly twice based on stock performance. What if I choose to do SIP of Rs.10,000 every month only with Top 1 stock from this list?
I downloaded last 13 years historical Nifty50 constituents from and grabbed the top stock based on weight-age. Allocated Rs.10,000 every month into that stock.
Used @ValueResearch portal to upload the transaction to compute the final results inclusive of Bonus, Splits, Dividends etc. In last 13 years, these 5 stocks #HDFCBANK #ICICIBANK #ITC #RELIANCE & #INFY had the highest weight-age at different periods.
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29 Sep
What is Rakesh Jhunjhunwala's Investing Strategy, is there a way where we retail investors can follow his strategy and generate similar returns like him? We did an extensive research and this is what we found. A short thread
We all know that Rakesh Jhunjhunwala made headlines recently with his ZEE stock purchase, where he made 67 crores profits in just 6 days. Even though many claims it’s an insider trading, he might have known about the ZEE Sony merger news beforehand.
As per bulk deal report from NSE, he bought the stock on 14th Sep 2021 at Rs.220 and on that day ZEE stock closed at Rs.260 and retail traders still got the time to invest in ZEE stock, from Rs.260 the stock went up to Rs.330 in next one week, that’s almost 27% returns.
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10 Sep
I have worked with Infosys and other IT companies for 10 years, let me explain why the mess up with tax portal happened and how #TCS attacked #Infosys indirectly through this ₹4200 crore IT portal project in this 🧵
When it comes to handling government projects TCS is the real king, not only in India they run government projects for many countries, TCS have decades of experience and expertise in handling various govt projects successfully.
TCS handles major project like Passport Seva Kendra, India Post and IRCTC. We all know how flawless these portals are. Infosys won the Tax project through a bidding process. The Income Tax portal was previously run by TCS. Once TCS lost its project to Infy, problem started.
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9 Sep
Most beginners when building a trading strategy simply use current info and test with it, they don't know How to Get Historical Stock Futures lot size, list of stocks that are part of index like Nifty 50, Nifty 500 historically, I will share all such info in this thread
Please note that there is no way to get the historical lot size of stocks futures, NSE don't publish it directly, so we need to do some calculated steps to get that data. Download Market Activity report…
The zip file contains multiple files, open the second file.
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13 Jun
We are launching an easy-to-use execution platform called #OptionX where any traders can automate their option trading strategy with a click of a button. Also they can simply copy/paste their existing strategy from @stockmock_in and execute it with Image
list of pre-defined strategies available in OptionX, you just have to click on any of the strategy and execute the same. If a user want to execute Short Straddle strategy, he just have to select it, enter the desired stop loss %, I have specified 25% in the below example. Image
And click on Trade button, you just have to select your broker. Image
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2 Jun
Warren Buffett is the richest investor of all time. Everyone knows that, but he is not actually the greatest-when measured by average annual returns. Jim Simons, the one who runs the most successful hedge fund in the world Renaissance Technologies has made 66% annually since 1988
No one comes close to this record. Warren Buffett has compounded around 22% annually. But how come he is richer than Jim Simons who has made higher returns than Warren Buffett.
Warren Buffet started investing at his very early age when he was 10 years old. His networth is around $85 billion, of that $84.2 billion was accumulated after his 50th birthday. His skill is investing, but his secret is time.
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2 Jun
Why you should not invest in fixed deposit? Once we start earning and make some lump sum money, one of the most common recommendations from our parents would be to invest that into Fixed Deposit. Does it really makes sense now,if one invest in FD for long term? Let's check it out
If you Invest 1 lac in FD for 10 years with current interest rate of 5.4%, your 1 lac grows to 1.7 lacs in ten years. But after tax, your FD interest rate will be just 3.92%, so after ten years your post tax returns would be only Rs. 1.47 lacs only.
But consider the inflation, remember what was the #petrol and #diesel price before 10 to 15 years? Currently, we pay around Rs.100 per litre, but in the year 2003 it was just Rs. 33. The fuel price alone increased more than 203% in last 15 years.
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17 May
I always used to develop option selling strategy with fixed stop loss, when SL hits, I prefer to simply close it and move on. Since most option experts use to tell me that only with adjustments one can make consistent profits with option selling, but this
But this adjustment was mostly on a discretionary basis. I couldn't come up with any quantifiable parameters for adjusting the option legs based on any specific rules. Three months before I got an idea for creating an Option selling strategy that can automatically adjust position
Here's the rule. Consider Bank Nifty is trading at 30000, we sell ATM straddles at 9:30 AM, but we don't keep any stop loss here. Instead, when Bank Nifty moves +1% or -1%, we exit the straddle and create a new position.
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4 May
A short thread on The 80/20 rule for Trading and Investing. If you really want to improve your trading result, follow this one simple approach which can immediately show you the reason why you weren’t able to make profits in the stock market. Image
Retrieve your last six months’ trade report and check the results trade wise.

You could observe there are some trades you made profits and there are some days you made loss. That’s normal for every trader, but if you dig deep you can see the following observations
There are few traders who are always quick to book profits when the trades go in their favor, but wait for a longer time to come out of loss making trades. All the little profits you made would have been wiped out by this one or two losing trades. Overall net result is negative.
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27 Apr
Read this small story about “HOPE” in a blog today. During a brutal study at John Hopkins University in the 1950s, Harvard graduate Dr. Curt Richter placed rats in a pool of water to test how long they could tread water.
On average they'd give up and sink after 15 minutes.
But right before they gave up due to exhaustion, the researchers would pluck them out, dry them off, let them rest for a few minutes - and put them back in for a second round.
In this second try - how long do you think they lasted?
Another 15 minutes?
10 minutes?
5 minutes?
40 hours!
That's not an error.
That's right! 40 hours of swimming.
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6 Apr
If you are fitness freak there is a 100% chance that you can be a good trader as well. Working out and Trading are similar, both requires extreme discipline to be successful. You can see many people going to gym often, but you wont see considerable change because 1/5
they don't know that abs are made at the kitchen. Just hitting the gym doesn't give you required results, the lifestyle, food habits you follow outside your gym life makes a bigger impact.
Similarly, there are tons of trading strategies avaialble on the internet, but still we see lot many traders fail because lack of discipline to stick to the trading system. People going to gym lose their motivation in three months because they fail to see any considerable change
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25 Mar
A small thread on Mindset of a successful trader. What differentiates best traders from the bad ones? Why 95% of the traders don’t make money? Trading is an unpredictable game, how could one win in that? 1/n
Many people think some magical strategy or indicators is all they need to be successful at Trading. But what really goes in the minds of a successful trader? Professor Hichman Benjelloun did a research on this.
Successful traders have poker face. If you talk to successful traders or chat with them, you can’t figure out if they are happy or sad. Having good time or bad time.
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24 Mar
A small thread on various historical data analysis and trading strategies articles that I have shared so far. #TradingSystem #AlgoTrading 1/n
"Is long strangle strategy profitable?"…
"Is #Intraday trading profitable?"
Every long term investor was once a Intraday trader.

If you avoid the below three mistakes, intraday trading is definitely profitable.…
"The best way to invest in #StockMarket, follow this simple rule"

Let’s consider two different scenarios,

Market crashes after your investment
Market rallies after your Investment…
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22 Mar
Excellent speech from #RaamdeoAgarwal about significance of long term #Investing where he explains his 30 years journey in Indian stock market #videoshorts
The 1992 crash, what happened to his portfolio
Even am not the smart guy
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16 Feb
A thread on Position Sizing #Trading is the only profession where you can see Doctors, Engineers, and many other successful professionals try their luck with stock market, these people excel in their own respective field but struggle a lot when it comes to trading.1/n
Unfortunately, everybody believes that a successful trader always has a secret Technical Skill. But the truth is Technical skill is the least important factor to be a superstar trader.

Then what separates a great trader from the group of average traders? Its their emotion.
This is how most traders think: They first think about the Entry point, at which price should I buy? At which level should I enter? At which point should I get into a trade?
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14 Dec 20
If you are someone who spends more time on analyzing markets during trading, then this for you. Certain traders will create their own bullish or bearish view in their mind but seek confirmation for their trades which is called as confirmation bias. #tradingpsychology 1/15
We do not like people or information that contradicts our thoughts. We like them when they confirm what we think. Hence, we tend to place more weight on information that confirms our trade position. Example- You think market is bullish & wanted to go on a long position,
Next a new bullish bar prints on the chart. You would think "Yes, my bullish proposition is still valid" (even though this bullish bar is smaller range)
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8 Dec 20
Analyzed last 12 years of historical data to check if there are any patterns we can observe to find the best time to invest in stocks for long term. #Nifty50 #investing #stocks 1/10
This is how Nifty moved in last 15 years with three major corrections, in the year 2008,then around 2016 and then year 2020 due to Coronavirus. Only when we look back with hindsight bias we could say those were the best time to invest. But is there really any quantitative method?
200 day moving average is something that is widely used by many investors to check for long term trend. Where investors consider if stocks trades above 200 DMA, its in bullish phase and if it trades below 200 DMA its in bearish phase.
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