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7 Apr
Tonight is the City Council meeting that was delayed last week for contract talks with the Fire Protection District Board. Once again I have submitted a comment about cannabis, in advance of the Council re-examining the illegal ordinance they passed several months ago. Here is...
my comment:

"I'm sure you are quite aware that a number of your constituents want to be able to have a cannabis dispensary. Some number of folks don't have a strong opinion on the subject, while others are vehemently opposed to allowing dispensaries.

Some of those people...
pretend a city should ban cannabis because they don't like the smell. Others pretend that cannabis dispensaries will turn our city into a festering crime haven, often insulting the beautiful city to our south in the process.

To that I say: they should have more faith in...
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5 Apr
I've posted this before, but I'm posting it again. A Christian conservative nutjob, named Adrian Zenz, who thinks God created him to take China down cooked up a totally fake report with manipulated numbers and links that don't say what he claims they...

do, and reported that China is conducting a genocide of its Uyghurs.

US politicians and US media, seeking negative publicity to use in economic warfare, to manufacture consent for future sanctions (and potentially war) grabbed onto this fake report and...
have been using it as leverage in diplomatic relations and telling it to the entire world as if it's true. It is unclear whether any politician is doing this on purpose. But there's no excuse for anyone in media not doing the slightest bit of basic....
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14 Mar
In anticipation of the American Canyon City Council reviewing the illegal ordinance it passed a few months ago, I am focusing my public comments (as you may have noticed) on #cannabis. Here's the comment I submitted ahead of Tuesday's meeting:

Today I would like to talk... 1/8
about how many seniors I've seen stand up and give testimony to how cannabis has helped them and demand the right to be able to go to a local store for their medicine. Getting it from a delivery service is very complicated. But don't just take it from me. I've solicited... 2/8
a few comments from seniors:

Walter, age 62 " I was diagnosed with Lupus about 7 years ago when I was 55 or so. Worst symptom was and has been joint pain. Initially I was prescribed Norco however they had to keep increasing the dose. Next they prescribed Hysingla, a step...3/8
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13 Mar
This is not a democracy. And it's not peacetime. You live in a brutal #empire that exploits and enslaves people throughout the global south, and leaves a wake of putrid oil, poisonous acids, mined-out pits and blood behind it. This empire enforces... 1/5

extreme poverty and racist violence and gang violence throughout much of the world. And when poor people try to rise up and replace oppressive governments with popularly elected ones, the empire will help rig elections or overthrow elected leaders. 2/5

If the empire decides to overthrow a leader, that leader will be dubbed a dictator and the poor of that country will be starved until they are dissatisfied enough with their government to make a coup easier.

Fuck Joe Biden for this horrible shit... 3/5

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12 Mar
For five years, people on the left have felt the need to attach a disclaimer to any statement about someone or anything that criticizes a Democrat. We didn't used to have to do that, didn't have to say "Not that I like Bob Dole" or constantly defend...1/4

against people accusing you of being a Bush supporter. Nowadays it seems like the truth isn't ALLOWED to fall outside party lines, and it happens on the left and the right.

And I think that the very disclaimers that we've all felt like we HAD to... 2/4

include or people are going to go nuts on you, have helped to legitimize these attacks. I call them attacks because that's what they are. It's not just an accusation of being a rightie, it's an accusation of being a stupid ass hole who happens to BE...3/4

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12 Mar
In most years, this would be a taste of what the average person might spend into the economy. Almost every other country in the industrialized world has been covering most of people's paychecks since the lockdown began. The US hasn't. Instead we got $1200, then $600, and... 1/10 Image
in the newest bill we'll get $1400. Except that not all of us have gotten them.

This $1400 check is being hailed as a great bill by all the establishment Democrats and by the media that seldom challenges anything they say. But Joe Biden DID promise us $2000. He promised... 2/10 Image
it over and over again, leading up to the runoff in Georgia, and then he changed it. I don't want to hear your lame excuses, that's what happened.

Then they decided to means test the checks, so fewer people will get checks under Biden than under Trump. How are you going... 3/10 Image
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26 Feb
If a network or a newspaper doesn't send reporters to other places to ask questions and report on what they see and hear, then that network or newspaper is just a mouthpiece. Period. @CNN may go to Texas or California, but did they go to Myanmar? Did they go to Syria? Or... 1/3
Venezuela? Did they go to Brazil when the Amazon was burning? Germany? They told you that Putin poisoned Navalny, but did they go to Germany and talk to Navalny? How about India? There have been huge farmer protests against Mohdi. Did they send someone? How can... 2/3
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26 Feb
@MaxBlumenthal, of @TheGrayzoneNews, published a piece that exposed a massive UK effort to de-legitimize Russia, which includes Theresa May and blaming Russia for #Brexit & includes the poisoning of Sergei Skripals, the former Russian spy who was... 1/4

living in Salsbury.

This is just one part of the effort, though. The deep state has been doing this since the rigging of the 2016 Dem Primary, and it includes French & German elections, as well as the Catalonian independence movement in Spain. 2/4

Twitter even created a new disclaimer JUST for this piece, which says "These materials may have been obtained through hacking". In the interview, Max says he hasn't been accused of hacking anything & doesn't know WHY Twitter gave his piece this new... 3/4

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24 Feb
It is a war crime for #Israel to refuse to vaccinate Palestinians in the territories that it is occupying. Citizen or not, Israel controls Gaza, West Bank and Golan Heights and is responsible for the well-being of the residents.

It is shameful, and...1/7
a mark of the apartheid state that Israel IS that Arabic non-citizens are treated as less than human. Israel proudly announces how many citizens it has immunized, but neglects to mention that only 2000 immunizations were provided to Palestinians. 2/7

The Palestine Authority has received 5 times more help from Russia.

How is this possible? Because Israel uses a double standard. When the people who live in these areas need help, they are not part of Israel, but when Israel suspects a crime, even...3/7

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24 Feb
@JoeBiden is opening a new child immigration detention facility in TX. Because his policy, as I said repeatedly during 2020, does not significantly differ from Trump's. Biden helped build those cages FOR children, and was never planning to end that policy.
Thank you so much @AOC for your words. There is a huge swath of Democrat voters who won't listen to leftist activists but WILL listen to you.
"No one wants a repeat of the 2014 episode in which overwhelmed immigration officials mistakenly released a number of Guatemalan minors to traffickers who enslaved them at Ohio egg farms." I don't remember hearing about THAT on the news! Could it BE....
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22 Feb
@JoeBiden told corporate executives that nothing would fundamentally change. Then he pretended to make a bunch of concessions to progressives. He pretended that he would raise the minimum wage to $15/hr, said he would dismantle Trump's severe border policies, said that... 1/7
healthcare was a human right, pretended that he would put a stop to the genocide in Yemen, feigned banning fracking, talked about an economy that works for everyone, promised $2000 checks immediately and more. When he got into office, the mask came off.

He's not raising... 2/7
the minimum wage, he isn't ending US bombing in Yemen or weapons sales to Saudi Arabia or the UAE, he certainly isn't moving the American Embassy back to Tel Aviv, he seems intent on invading Venezuela and Iran (just like Trump), he isn't providing anyone with emergency... 3/7
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19 Feb
THIS IS NOT "PEACETIME"! I get so angry when people forget that we are at war. I suppose I shouldn't. Corporate media has done that. The establishment was afraid that people would stop supporting the Iraq War, so "journalists" stopped going to...1/11

war zones. If you're not going to other places and asking people questions, how can you be a journalist? You're just a mouthpiece. That's why I love the @TheGrayzoneNews and RT America.

I want you to watch this video. No one can tell you about... 2/11

what's going on in the Middle East like @richimedhurst can. @JoeBiden has gone back on promises left and right and appointed corrupt neocons (which signals more lies down the road) and every time I point it out, I get a bunch of people saying.... 3/11

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5 Feb
Whew! THAT was close! Donald Trump almost got away with decreasing our insanely enormous overseas presence in a country where we have 35 military bases, even though no country has threatened to invade!

Yes, first he tried to withdraw from the... 1/6

illegal invasion of Syria, then he tried to cut the number of troops in Afghanistan. And then he tried to cut down our completely unnecessary and wasteful presence in Germany! Can you believe the nerve? Well, thank God for @JoeBiden!

Those women...2/6

and men serving their country didn't WANT to come home! No, they especially enjoy the German winters. They didn't want to be able to see their families anyway!

It's more important that our government spends a shit ton of money on drone flights... 3/6

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4 Feb
Interesting read. Napa County wouldn't limit campaign contributions at all, and it's led to wine growers having their way with the Board. Now the state is going to impose limits and they want to do even better. That's great to hear! I appreciate... 1/4

Brad Wagenknecht's suggestion of a $2000 cap. It's hard to argue against that being a reasonable limit. And I'm thankful the Board is looking at stricter limits.

Did Diane Dillon REALLY legitimize election fraud by saying that it's okay...2/4
to exceed the contribution limits by loaning out of personal money and then allowing people to repay the amount over the limit after the election is over? This is criminal activity. Maybe the Napa County District Attorney's Office should be... 3/4

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3 Feb
A few months ago, the American Canyon City Council passed an oppressive, and likely illegal, cannabis ordinance, with a promise to revisit the ordinance in 6 months. As that date approaches, I have been submitting a series of public comments aimed at improving the... 1/9 Image
ordinance. Here is today's comment:

"A couple of months ago, this council passed a cannabis ordinance, with a promise to revisit the ordinance in 6 months time. This is one of a series of comments I will submit ahead of that period ending. I would like to make the case for...2/9 Image
allowing outdoor grows. Growing indoors requires an investment of several hundred dollars worth of grow lights (even if we ignore the illegal ventilation requirement). Not only is there an initial investment for grow lights, the electric bill is going to skyrocket. And so... 3/9 Image
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27 Dec 20
A lot of people say there's no difference between Democrats and Republicans. A lot of people point out the differences on social policy- abortion, gun control, immigration. But when you only look at foreign and economic policy, our country hasn't changed for many decades.
That's because we live in an empire. We just don't say that part out loud.

Within the empire, it is tolerated to argue about abortion access or #LGBTQ equality, gun control and immigration, because those things don't affect the structure of empire. And when someone DOES ... 2/8
talk about changing the structure of empire, they are smeared as "Putin's puppet" or "Russian bot". One MSNBC host insinuated that Bernie Sanders would execute people in Central Park, if elected.

The empire propagandists on mainstream media report international stories... 3/8
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15 Dec 20
I ran against @RepThompson twice. He is an anti-socialist and long time opponent of Medicare For All, but he was pressured to co-sponsor it by an activist campaign. As a progressive challenger, I couldn't tell his supporters that he didn't really support Medicare For All, that... Image
he has always opposed it but was pressured into it. All they saw was that he co-sponsored the bill. If any of them asked him, like I did, he just replied "I co-sponsored the bill." But there's no way he's going to vote for this. He just sent me a letter LAST WEEK saying...
that although he's a co-sponsor, he doesn't know how we pay for it. He's a grifter. And Congress is filled with Reps like this, who co-sponsor legislation like the Green New Deal to silence critics, but then just sit on it, doing nothing. These people need to be exposed to...
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12 Dec 20
Like him or loathe him, @jimmy_dore came up with a pretty great plan to get a vote on #MedicareForAll before the end of the year, by asking members of the Progressive Caucus to withhold their vote for Nancy Pelosi to be Speaker in 2021, as a... 1/5

negotiating tactic, unless she brings Medicare For All up for a vote. Supporters of this plan include the Hill's @krystalball , @BernieSanders former press secretary @briebriejoy and co-founder of the Justice Democrats @KyleKulinski . Please watch...2/5

the video to learn more about the plan, and contact some Progressive Caucus Members, especially if you're a constituent, and ask them to withhold their vote for Pelosi. Here are some members that SHOULD be friendly to Medicare For All:

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12 Dec 20
Joe Biden had a meeting with some civil rights leaders (and excluded @Blklivesmatter ) a few days ago. As leaked audio reveals, when these leaders asked Joe to use an executive order to create a database of police misconduct, he gets angry and defensive, saying that they... 1/6
shouldn't be disappointed because he's been talking about restoring the soul of the nation, because of Charlottesville, AND that he's the only one whose been talking about Charlottesville.

Let me rephrase what I just said, civil rights leaders, concerned about police... 2/6
violence, asked Joe to create a way to know who abusive officers are before cities hire them and Joe's answer was that saying that racism is bad should be good enough for them. They want systemic change and he wants nothing to fundamentally change.

Joe just told civil... 3/6
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10 Dec 20
YouTube has announced it will remove content that claims the 2020 election was fraudulent. Most of us know that Biden won, but that's not the point. I have talked at length about problems with our elections, but that also is not the point.

The point is that social media programs are being allowed to control the narrative, control the way most of us think about certain issues, by censoring those with different views. That's not the American way!

Facebook is censoring what they call... 2/9

"hate" but only towards protected groups. If you use hate against SOME groups, it's okay with them. And mark my words, one day, the far right WILL start calling progressivism hate speech against the wealthy.

Yes, these are private companies, and... 3/9

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1 Dec 20
This is Scott Sedgley, #Napa's Mayor elect. As City Council Member, he gained popularity because he was one of the leaders of the Measure C campaign to protect the watershed, which he talked about as a water use issue.

But if you think he's a staunch defender against... 1/4 Image
overdevelopment of vineyards and tourist traps, you might want to take a look at his donor list, which includes oligarch Craig Hall (of wine cave infamy), the Wiseman Company ($5000!), Altamura Enterprises, the Doctor's Company ($8000! Wow!), First & Main (also the Wiseman... 2/4 Image
Company, another $5000!), the Wine Train, Senator Dodd, JBD Consulting, Alfredo Pedroza, Truchard Vineyards, BLT Enterprises (LA based developer), David Phinney, Luna Vineyards, Eagle Eye LLC, Mazotti Holdings, Congressperson Thompson, Sacramento International Jet Center,... 3/4 Image
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