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#2022ElectionsSoonerThanUThink🌊 BlueWaveMustbe➡#BlueTsunami2022🌊 #REGISTERtoVOTEthenGOVOTE! #2020isCENSUSyear➡#VOTE #FBR #DontJustLikePlzRETWEETtoo🌊
Sep 22, 2019 12 tweets 17 min read
1/ .@SpeakerPelosi
See? ..more of what I cautioned U abt, here:

YOU MUST provide more PROACTIVE leadership: QUICKLY!
Read these & other threads: even staunch Dems can lose hope & perspective if they cannot even SEE a path..or it looks as if any door may be closing.. 2/ .@SpeakerPelosi
I realize u need to find bal betw YES/NO Reps..& remain neutral bc YOU r in direct POTUS line aftr VP..

I fail to see how YOU can fail to see that:
STATING Ds initiated
Is Way To Increase Public Support You Seek
Jul 25, 2019 9 tweets 4 min read
@MMFlint 1/ Michael, I hear your frustration in this, I share it; however, in mulling today's retrospect, while certainly not the 'Smoking Gun' we all sought, I do not think the testimony (esp. pm session) is as inconsequential as one may initially believe.. @MMFlint 2/ Democrats were able to make the Public newly aware of Mueller Report details/findings & tell Public MUELLER FOUND:

▪Russia attacked US/Elections
▪Russia DID hack/steal-work w/ Wikileaks to disseminate Clinton/DNC emails
▪Russia WANTED a trmp win
Jun 26, 2019 8 tweets 4 min read
.@michelleinbklyn saw u on @MSNBC
Issue w/ ur thesis
I'm strong liberal/progressive Dem🌊don't kno who I'll vote4 yet-but kno it's a Dem!

~Can't BASH ANY Dem who needs voters
See #IndivisibleCandidateGuide
Talk up+++instead of candidate negatives 🚨EVERY DEM CANDIDATE is 100,000x better than what we have now..
SO Dems need emphasize ea candidate's positives:
NOT his/her negatives..
Of course one may want to say smthing like "I'm not so crazy abt x position-but it wouldn't keep me fr voting🌊for X, esp compared to trmp"🆗?
Jun 6, 2019 9 tweets 8 min read
@joelockhart .@joelockhart agree w/ u mostly, but would like u (all Americans) to understand if House rushes process--it may not have desired outcome

Watch: "How to Impeach a President" by .@RBReich
▶1st part shows how Nixon got off fully when Ford pardoned him ..1/2
@joelockhart @RBReich IF House convenes too soon, VP will just FULLY PARDON TRMP.. #unacceptable

IF House times it so hearings are ongoing (but not finished) during election season, & cont AFTER 2020 ELECTION (when a Democratic President "WILL" be elected), & into Jan2020, then VP cannot pardon ..2/3
Jan 21, 2019 15 tweets 4 min read
@supmikeclines @supmikeclines Dear Sir, I was extremely upset to see the disrespectful actions of the @CovCathSch boys in DC this wknd. As you are aware, many taunted & jeered a Native American Elder, made racist gestures, & mocked Native cultural ways. I watched all the..1/cont. various video clips, even long, 1:46min video showing full confrontation. It incl. more Catholic school students than just @CovCathSch students. I am certain you have now seen the full accounts, also. So you understand my position, I do not place blame solely on the students. 2/
Oct 16, 2018 12 tweets 5 min read


NorthDakota is politically disenfranchising it's Native American Tribal Members who live on reservations
~normally tribes do not have street addresses..Rs passed law requiring it /cont Hasn't the dominant white culture done enough to Native Americans already? Do they have to try to take away their Right to Vote, too? #Shame

ND Repubs knew they needed to depress # of Indian votes in order to ensure the R-senate candidate would win over @SenatorHeitkamp 2/cont