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8 Nov
I'm back to sewing problems - I ordered a replacement bobbin case, put it in today thinking all was solved - and nothing is solved. 😥 Still getting the same as this photo. Watching it with the bobbin cover open, the top thread is no longer getting caught on the broken bobbin... actually looks like it's trying to do a pattern stitch, where the top thread goes straight for a couple sts, then wraps around several times before continuing. Except the machine is definitely NOT set on any pattern stitch - I checked 10 times & ...
it doesn't even have a pattern anything like this among the options. I also checked threading top and bottom 10 times - it's been fine all along. Have tried the whole range of tension. Machine is clean and oiled. Is this just the revenge of the terrible Walmart Singer?
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1 Oct
Here's a PSA about miscarriages that I wish somebody had given me, bc I knew nothing until it happened. Very much to my own surprise, I ended up having almost every kind of miscarriage there is.

Every man should read this. You REALLY need to know this.
There are many kinds of miscarriages - every one is different medically and for the woman & how it affects her, but they also range from "missed miscarriage" (very early, medically minor) to catastrophic (in every sense) late miscarriages.
"Missed miscarriage" is one of several weird archaic terms for when a pregnancy starts successfully but ends again before we would normally even know for sure it was there, but that can now be detected with OTC quick tests. My grandma, mother of 8 + 1 late miscarriage said
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29 Sep
Shall we list the ways GBBO shows a healthy culture in direct contrast to American culture?
1. Manners - everyone in the show is saying please & thank you all the time
2. Taking criticism - those who take it generally say "thank you," or "okay" as in, "I'm taking a note" not
as "I'm thinking of ways to murder you for daring to criticize me" or "You are so dumb and I am so right" of Americans on reality shows or, yanno, on Twitter
3. The contestants are very clearly supportive of each other and appear to make friends from the experience, as opposed to
"I'm not here to make friends" cutthroat Americans
4. No one takes the show, the contest, the baking, or themselves particularly seriously, which IMO is the key to the show and exactly what Americans are worst at
5. Altho it's hard to tell given the editing & my lack of expertise
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29 Sep
This is the kind of social science that makes historians have convulsions. You can't predict the future based on what has happened so far, bc the one guarantee the future offers us is change. Instead of counting past incidents like widgets, you need multi-factor causal reasoning.
(That's what historians do. Not dates/timelines. That's a myth. If you didn't know that's a myth, you have even bigger problems.)
To clarify: the argument that it won't happen here because it hasn't happened here before is dumb on its face. Listing causes of how the exact same "it" has happened elsewhere, looking for the whole list here, & concluding we're safe bc we're not there is also dumb on its face.
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21 Sep
I don't think anyone's worried about the scenario of Trump actually refusing to physically leave the Oval Office in Jan, lol. The prob w refusing to "leave office" is the excuse it gives his nazi citizen militias to wreak havoc on an even larger scale more or less forever.
Not to mention years of legal wrangling where he & all his ppl claim they can't be indicted because they're technically still in office - it does need to work, it just needs to endless delay thing until the fervor to get them all in jail forever dies down, which it will.
Leaving permission, in short, for all the criminals to keep doing what they're doing more or less forever. Looking forward to President Ivanka. JFC, people, you're not remotely grasping the scale of things.
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12 Sep
Parenting protip: our kids, like many, seem to be biologically (or culturally?) programmed to treat me like a vending machine for their every whim while Papa is treated like a fun human being who loves them. This is really hard to combat, but on weekend mornings he gets up with
the little one at whatever ridiculous hour she won't go back to bed and after setting her up with cartoons & breakfast she leaves him alone (I cannot even imagine what this is: if it's me, I'm talked at, climbed on, asked for things constantly). I get to sleep in, then he brings
me tea and I hide out as long as possible, enjoying blissful alone time. I highly recommend this regime. The only way to screw it up is if Mama wastes her delicious alone time on Twitter, so I gotta put this phone down & grab a book.
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12 Sep
I used to often make this mistake of offering good news to Karens anywhere on the political map that their hysterical fears for the babeez are unfounded. They respond only w hostility - they feed off the fear itself. And this is like 3/4 of white women. This society is fucked up.
& it's no wonder given the climate of baseless and infantilizing hysteria driving all media of any kind directed toward mothers. The only ppl I know who withstand it are, like me, trained in actual evidence-based reasoning in some realm. Which tells you education does work, btw.
The secret, btw, for anyone out there who may be considering having a kid or expecting one: get the fuck out of those mommy circles & advice books, stat! They'll warp your mind while it's about to get bombarded w overwhelming hormones.
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12 Sep
If I can, for a moment, speak seriously to profs who panic about students "getting away with" stuff. Let go of the need to control. You can't, and your efforts to try INHIBIT learning. You were never taught how to teach & the norm has been to copy how you were taught but...
The ppl teaching you were even worse! The fact that you made it despite that makes you an outlier, but your job now is to serve all the students. As for having been burned before by wily students: I feel you, but a classroom guided by the need for control breeds that & only that.
I know you don't have time to reinvent everything, you're overburned. Believe me, I KNOW. Here's the secret: letting go and rethinking everything will LESSEN those burdens. Maybe even bring a little joy. Sometimes a lot.
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6 Sep
There's a history to Russophobia. Most Americans have imbibed it unconsciously, it saturated virtually all of postwar western media, subsided only slightly in the 90s and early 2000s. But it long predates the Cold War. 🧵
Maybe understanding how pitifully transparent & constructed it is will help ppl see how much space it takes up in their brains. I grew up with it myself, it's still endemic even among other Russianists, let alone people who don't have much direct contact.
It's pretty much a British phenomenon, and it's still most virulent and most unconscious there; we picked it up as part of our "special relationship" I suppose you might say. That's not to say others haven't had their versions, but for simplicity's sake, I'll stick to Britain.
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18 Aug
I'm extremely comfortable w all things Online & even know a little code, yet it still takes me many, many times more hrs to prep a course online simply bc the apps fail, connections fail, apps don't play nice, etc. I'm as well equipped to deal as anyone & I do but it takes TIME.
And oh hey, my two small children have been home, anxious and scared and bored and whiny and cooped up and angry and generally needy for almost 6 months now.
I mean I was going to just correct some proofs & replace the wacked PDFs that went up on Bb last week before spending the day on the article I have to submit by the end of the week, but Adobe had a fit & now I'm spending half the day getting a functioning PDF app & fixing files.
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12 Aug
Voting is not an expression. It doesn't communicate anything to anyone. There's no "message" to send. Imagine you decide who is going to be your boss - truly evil, monstrous dolt or mealy-mouthed, well-meaning suit? You have to decide, you don't have to like it.
We only get mealy-mouthed dolts to choose from BECAUSE the DNC can't count on votes even tho we have a comfortable & ever-growing majority. If we voted automatically, like taking out the garbage, the Ds wld hold all power forever. Followed quickly by a split & a REAL LEFT.
Those are very basic structural dynamics, not my little argument. It's just how this shit works.
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