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10 Jun
The other day, I retweeted a tweet by @alexisjreports that was the kind of tweet I'd wished I had tweeted: It pointed out an interesting hypocrisy in our society in a way that was both thoughtful and funny. I thought ABSOLUTELY NOTHING OF IT until that tweet became national news
Later, I found out Ms. Johnson had GOTTEN PULLED FROM THE BIGGEST CIVIL RIGHTS STORY OF MY LIFETIME because of that funny, insightful tweet. Now, I'm a white lady with tenure, so I got a whole mess of privilege and I'm pretty mad because Ms. Johnson is an amazing reporter
So, I'm going to respond in the great tradition of privileged white ladies: I WANT TO SPEAK TO THE MANAGER. In this case, the manager is Keith Burris, who, in the great tradition of privileged white dudes, has managed to figure out a way to make HIMSELF the victim here.
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25 Apr 19
So, as promised, I have some thoughts on @povertyscholar’s “Fragmented Democracy” and they mostly boil down to this: You should teach this book because it allows you to talk about how to do excellent political science research....
First, Michener is a brilliant writer, which is good because it makes it easier to get through the master class she is giving us on how to do both top-notch qualitative methods AND top-notch quantitative methods.
Her subjects come first — they tell their stories before we get to the theory because they are real humans, not just some exemplars of concepts we want to elucidate. She listens to what they say, writes it down, analyzes it, and reports it back to us.
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4 Oct 18
So I have a thought or two about this whole “hoax papers” controversy. Mostly those thoughts boil down to this: What they have found is that peer review is not very good at asshole detection. I accept that, AND I am OK with it.
When you submit a paper to an academic journal, the assumption you get is that you want to be a part of the academic discourse on the subject of that paper.
The “hoaxers” took advantage of that assumption and managed to fool editors and reviewers into thinking they wanted to be a part of the conversation. They didn’t. They were lying and they did not get caught in that lie.
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18 Apr 18
Few of you will be surprised that I have some thoughts that I feel compelled to share with ALL THE WORLD. Today , those thoughts are about editor's notes. 1/10
Being asked to edit a journal is an immense privilege and an incredible power. You are making decisions that could literally affect whether or not people get to keep their jobs! 2/10
The correct response to this, it seems to me, is to feel incredibly humbled and to pledge to do your best, be fair, and use your best judgment on the quality of the work. 3/10
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