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Sep 29 16 tweets 6 min read
🧵/ link in the last tweet. There’s a new video of Russian mobilized complaining they were just dropped in the field without tents and food. Together with @pustota we geolocated it and found some details about the case. Translation 1/2: "We’re mobilized people. We were brought there and dropped in the field. There’s nothing here, we’re building a fire. I’m a senior reserve lieutenant of the medical service. Nobody was waiting for us. They promise [some developments] the next morning".
Sep 27 15 tweets 6 min read
🧵 Here's a video of a Russian soldier who was mobilized recently. He was sent to the "1st tank regiment" (probably 2nd Guards Motor Rifle Division) and says they will be sent to Kherson in 2 days without any basic training. I found his VK and reached out to him. Here's full translation of his address. 1/2: "Hi everyone, the first tank regiment is here. We were officially told that there would be no training before we will be sent to the war zone. The regiment’s commanders confirmed this. On September 29 we’re will be sent to Kherson".
Sep 25 10 tweets 4 min read
1/6 Apparently, in Alchevsk, occupied Luhansk region, a former local steel plant sanatorium was hit today. Wonder what was or who lived there. There are several buildings near the main residential one. 2/6 On OTG footage local news chosen only to show a damage to the nearby residential buildings. 48.471182, 38.842884 (
Sep 24 8 tweets 3 min read
🧵1/7 Russia continues to steal Ukrainian grain from occupied territories, as the video uploaded yesterday by Russian truck driver in Crimea shows. 2/7 This guy is driving from Melitopol (occupied Zaporizhzhya region) to Simferopol. He stops in Dzhankoy (45.711617, 34.412488) and says:
Sep 23 5 tweets 3 min read
This site north-east of the bridge apparently is on the coordinates list which US provided to Ukraine (docs from July, published by Russian TG-channels, claimed to be a leak from ZSU…). Booom! (image by @planet)
Sep 21 14 tweets 7 min read
A new batch of cold-war era T62-M tanks (MY1983) for newly mobilized Russian soldiers is on its way to Ukraine. Photo taken on Sep. 11 in Millerovo, Rostov region (source Meanwhile some more modern T-80БВ (MY1983, h/t @RALee85) is heading for repair works to Uralvagonzavod. Platform says "Yekaterinburg central station", 140 km from UVZ which is working 24/7 shifts now). See geolocation in the next tweet ⬇️
Sep 19 7 tweets 2 min read
1/5 Employees of Gazprom, Russian energy giant, are being forced to chip in at least RUB 1000 (17 US dollars) each to buy medications for Russian soldiers wounded in Ukraine – due to the "catastrophic lack of supplies in hospitals". 2/5 The guy who sent me this screenshot (authenticity checked) says that this is not the first "crowdfunding" attempt of a kind, but the first mandatory one. Everyone in the chat is obliged to provide proofs that they've sent money.
Sep 17 7 tweets 2 min read
🧵Russian MoD finally approves the wording of the stamp which is being stamped on military IDs of "refuseniks", soldiers who refuse to take part in a "special military operation in Ukraine". My source sent me a photo of his friend’s military ID with exactly the same stamp. "DESERTER! Refused to perform a combat mission! Prone to BETRAYAL!" should be (and is) written on the stamp.
Sep 16 17 tweets 7 min read
Quick 🧵/ Izyum mass graves. 1/11: Geolocation. This cemetery is not new, it’s known among locals as a "forest cemetery" or "Pishanske cemetery" (…) and located here: 49.2207, 37.2444, on the street named after William Shakespeare. 2/11 A long time ago, this cemetery was actually the burial place of unknown Soviet soldiers who died here back in 1942 (…).
Sep 13 4 tweets 3 min read
1/4 Hi resolution satellite imagery by @planet of the aftermath of the August 31rd Ukrainian strike on a Russian ammo depot in Tokmak (occupied Zaporizhzhya region, 47.233 35.706). 2/4 Russia says just 15 tons of grain were burned as a result of the strike. It's indeed a granary, but as the OTG footage shows with a very special grain in it, tending to explode, and explode again, and again.
Sep 12 6 tweets 3 min read
Soldiers from the 1st Motor Rifle Regiment, part of elite Russian unit, 2nd Guards Tamanskaya Motor Rifle Division (Kalininets, Moscow region), were based in Izyum and massively asked their commander for dismissal on August 30th. Everyone there knew what's going to happen. This regiment takes part in the invasion since the very beginning, and has tens of confirmed POWs and God knows how many KIAs.
Sep 9 20 tweets 9 min read
🧵/ link in last tweet. The Ukrainian army liberates cities in villages in the Kharkiv region, trying to encircle Russian forces. Russian soldiers are busy taking photos. Thread about the newly revealed locations of the RU army near Izyum. Image This guy, Oleg Budulaj, has fought in Donbass as a "volunteer" since 2015. On Sep. 6th he posted several photos while being in Gorokhovatka, west of Balakliya. Image
Sep 7 11 tweets 5 min read
🧵I spoke with a Moscow lawyer, who helps Russian soldiers to legally address issues they face while fighting in Ukraine. To put it mildly, the situation is far from perfect. No rotation, payments are suspended, no payments for those wounded in Crimea or Russia (like Belgorod). Image There are several VK and Telegram groups where soldiers can ask for legal help. I have already referred to some posts from those groups in my tweets. Some groups are already taken down by VK admins. Others still exist and mirror perfectly the grim situation in the RU army. Image
Sep 1 15 tweets 8 min read
🧵/ link in the last tweet. It’s not only Russian tourists who reveal positions of the Ru army by posting photos on social media with geolocation turned on. Soldiers themselves do that too. Here are some recent examples from the Kherson region, area of the UA counter offensive. On August 27th, a user called "Sergey Shturman" posted 2 photos of himself near BM-21 "Grad"( He didn’t switch off geo, so here it is: water pump station near Berislav. No other buildings are in the vicinity, which proves it's correct (46.8621, 33.3627)
Aug 29 6 tweets 3 min read
Unloading SPARTA II ship which allegedly brought S-300 SAMs from Syria to Russia, in port of Novorossiysk. Comparison of @planet images taken on Aug. 28th/29th. SPARTA II passed Bosphorus on Aug. 24th, following Turkish ambassador in Kyiv being summoned. For those of you who asked for raw images in addition to the animated GIF. A floating crane and a small vessel near it are gone on Aug. 29th photos. Several new containers can be seen stacked in the port, all this not necessarily connected to this unloading. ImageImage
Aug 26 12 tweets 4 min read
🧵/ link in the last thread. I spoke with yet another soldier from 64th Motor Rifle Brigade. Petr Danilov is suspected by Ukraine of committing atrocities in Bucha. He claims he was not there and describes the scale of catastrophe the Russian army experienced near Kyiv. Image Here’s the guy. He sent me his military ID and other docs proving he was dismissed from the army back in 2018 and never signed the contract again (he was fired for abuse of power and even prosecuted and got probation). Image
Aug 24 4 tweets 3 min read
Look, there's a bunch of S-300/400 missiles under the Christmas tree! Imagery @planet, taken this morning. Historical imagery shows canisters and missiles appeared in the field on the left image not earlier than August 15. ImageImage There's also another nearby site with S-400 AD systems, significant increase in numbers since Aug 7th (Imagery Aug 7/Aug 21). 45.688941, 34.414940 ImageImage
Aug 24 5 tweets 2 min read
Sometimes a lunch is more than just a meal and a drink. Happy Independence Day, Ukraine! Image Peace is not only a John Lennon quote, guys, it's something you have to fight for. Image
Aug 21 12 tweets 5 min read
🧵 Russian tourists reveal S-400 air defense systems positioned near Yevpatoria. AD is active nearly every day in this area according to local authorities. Geolocation 45.180317, 33.232232 Satellite imagery by @planet shows that the AD appeared here from July 15th till July 22. Photos above made on July 27, photos in @COUPSURE's thread on July 31.
Aug 19 5 tweets 2 min read
1/5 New satellite images by @planet, taken this morning, show what may be a new damage to Antonovsky bridge in Kherson after August 14th HIMARS strike. August 7th/August 19th images comparison. The strikes are damn precise and hit exactly the same part of the bridge every time. 2/5 I'm not 100% sure August 19th image shows new damage, but I lean to say it does. Also looks like some repair equipment is again visible on Augist 19th image (a crane?)
Aug 17 11 tweets 5 min read
Quick 🧵/ link in the last tweet. Ukraine claims it totally destroyed former SBU office in Lysychansk, used as a headquarters by Russian troops (…). Before/after. Head of Lugansk oblast, Sergey Hayday, claims 100+ killed, Russians confirm just 5 + 4 missing. Let’s check the claim. First of all let’s find on Wikimapia where this SBU building was - 48°55'3"N 38°25'28"E.