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Society, you crazy breed.
Nov 25, 2021 4 tweets 1 min read
Young adults - teenagers who’re just out of school or maybe still in school - from upper caste families are TAUGHT & FED hatred against reservations by their families, teachers, coaching centres, etc. They have led a sheltered life, haven’t seen the real world, they are just… …repeating what was told to them by elders they trust.

It was the same for most of us.
I know it was for me. And I am not ashamed to admit it - cause over the years I unlearned it and educated myself. I did it cause I saw for myself, not because I was mocked & bullied publicly.
Apr 15, 2021 7 tweets 2 min read
Spoke to my uncle who works in healthcare (public sector) in Lucknow. He says any data coming out of there is misleading - the real numbers would be staggering. All healthcare workers are exhausted and demotivated. The stories he told me are horrifying - this one doctor who... saved countless of lives through the pandemic wasn’t able to save his own father. He breathed his last in transit by the time they managed to find a bed.

A young doctor who had served Covid duty almost 22 times in the biggest govt hospital in the last one year, passed away...
Feb 7, 2021 9 tweets 5 min read
The Making Of An Alternate Reality:

Multiple media outlets - including News18, Dainik Jagran, Amar Ujala, OpIndia & many more - made the claim that an NGO with “Khalistani” links paid over 18 crores INR to tweet in support of the farmers. Upon examination, it was found that all the outlets published this story on the basis of a report by The Print - an online newspaper.

These publications do not go into the details of the investigation, so the next step is to examine the original report by The Print.
Feb 5, 2021 4 tweets 1 min read
There’s many reasons I’m not crazy about cricket anymore (I once was). But it has to be said, the amount of vilification Anushka Sharma has had to face at the hands of cricket fans was the biggest reason that helped me completely stop following the game. Now when we’ve seen the cricket gods and heroes come out to bat against voices talking about human rights violations, we need to remember it was the footballers & other sportspersons who’ve taken a stand against wrong. And yet our country has only ever worshipped cricketers.
Dec 20, 2020 7 tweets 2 min read
Just a brief history of how Christmas came to be.

- To early Christians (and to many Christians today), the most important holiday on the Christian calendar was Easter, which commemorates the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. - However, as Christianity began to take hold in the Roman world, in the early 4th century, church leaders had to contend with a popular Roman pagan holiday commemorating the “birthday of the unconquered sun” (natalis solis invicti)–the Roman name for the winter solstice.
Sep 19, 2020 35 tweets 8 min read
Today, I want to share the story of a feminist who fought for the rights of men, when men were the victims of patriarchy.


Today, with a heavy heart, I want to tell y'all about the Notorious RBG - Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (1933-2020) - a champion of gender equality. Let's start with the story of a happy couple - Stephen Wiesenfeld & Paula Polatschek got married in 1970.

Paula was a public school teacher. Her salary was the main source of the couple’s income & social security contributions were regularly deducted from her salary.