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6 Sep
They’re moving wealth & property from small businesses to corporations, Main Street to Wall Street, turning home owners into renters, and free people into slaves.

This is what’s happening. It’s what’s been happening.
They came right out in 2016 and told us that “In 2030 you will own nothing and you will be happy,” and still the sheep will yell “conspiracy theory” if you state the obvious, hidden in plain sight.
“During the lockdowns, which..had no link to reduced mortality, billionaires became $10 trillion richer; poor & middle class were decimated. Over 60% of small biz..closed forever…middle class [wealth] was wiped out & Americans were shoved further into the cul-de-sac of labor.”
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30 Aug
Takeaways from our @UnsafeSpace Roundtable on Employer Vax Mandates today:
Those who oppose vax mandates are not of one party, race, religion or gender. We're united in our belief in data driven scientific study, transparent access to information, civil liberties & choice.
We need to start speaking up, despite our fear. If everyone who understands the importance of civil liberties and who opposes discrimination on the basis of medical status were to speak, this wouldn't even be an issue.
We need the vaccinated who oppose vax mandates to stand with us, loudly & despite fear, bc they want us divided but united is hard to oppose. In Italy, vaccinated people are burning their vaccine paperwork & passports in a sign of solidarity & in opposition to discrimination.
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20 Aug
To the people who want to claim CRT is not being taught in schools: I was a Social Justice mouthpiece for 20 years. A true believer. I’m not some noob you can speak lies to and intimidate. (1)
I’ve seen you talk down to parents, condescend to them, bully, use pseudo-intellectual jargon to say they don’t know what they’re talking about. Academic jargon can’t cover the fact that teaching kids to judge & treat one another differently on the basis of race is wrong. (2)
LThe only reason y’all are running scared from CRT now is because the pushback on it has been effective. Same way y’all ran scared from SJW once enough people started correctly identifying it as something bad & racist, like they’re doing with CRT. (3)
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21 Jul
NASA Microaggression Training: @claren & I just got these docs from an internal whistleblower at @NASA - this is from an employee training where they learn that “microaggressions” are incidents where a NASA employee “accidentally makes an offensive statement”
Examples include complimenting someone’s intelligence or believing all lives matter.
@WokeTemple Dude, this is exactly the kind of thing your slides today were mocking
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19 Jul
I was at a Bible study Thursday night & one of the women talked about when she was a kid, how anytime she’d be going through something hard her a grandma would say, “What about what Jesus went through? Quit feeling sorry for yourself!” LOL. I love that for a few reasons. (1)
We as a culture have become so accustomed to validating every feeling & every emotion of others (and in wanting ours validated) that we sometimes now recoil from that kind of tough love that helps the put things in perspective. (2)
Some ppl don’t know how to let go of the things that have happened to them, or the trials they’ve been through. Sometimes culture encourages us even to make these things our identity, which keeps us fixed and unable to grow. (3)
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17 Jul
Austin is a lot different than it was just 2 short years ago. I had to be down there today & it took my breath away. If you look at these pics & think they’re shaming the homeless or those simply too effed up to make it home, get your head on straight.
Those who should be ashamed are the elite who push the ideology & policies that result in this destruction of human life and of cities. You don’t have to ask what that ideology is bc it’s plastered on signs used to board up windows all over 6th street.
How many small businesses in Austin went under this year during lockdowns? Who supported those? Who imposed those?
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1 Apr
I’d like to confess my white privilege, my straight privilege, my cis-gender privilege, and to hold to account those who oppress me for being female with their toxic masculinity and male tears.
If you want to be an ally, you need to do the work, stay in your lane, reflect diverse lived experience without culturally appropriating, educate yourself and pay me for my emotional labor.
Silence is violence, & words are violence, & math and reason and logic and meritocracy are all tools of white supremacy, and biological sex is a social construct and we must judge and treat people differently on the basis of race and sex in order to fight racism and sexism. (3)
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17 Jan
This is what propaganda looks like.

Notice how they all speak the same words at the same time, the cathedral, and how the sheep in your life start repeating them all in chorus. ImageImageImageImage
The dehumanization of groups of people, in the case conservatives, liberals who are *not* social justice Marxists or authoritarians, Christians, Jews, people of color who are conservatives, anyone who voted for Trump, the police & military, etc has already begun. ImageImageImageImage
It began a long time ago actually. Watch some Uri Bezmenov and his discussion of demoralization. But I didn’t notice it until the acceleration in 2016/2017. I had been blind. ImageImageImageImage
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28 Nov 20
“The truth is that narcissists are very adept at impression management – in managing the ways others perceive them. They will appear to praise their victims in public, all while criticizing and demeaning them in private.”…
“They will provoke their victims into emotionally reacting – and they will use their reactions to the abuse to depict them as “unhinged.””
“This is the way they both simultaneously isolate and covertly abuse their loved ones behind closed doors – all while making their victims look like the abusers to law enforcement, to their social networks and to society as a whole.”
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28 Nov 20
If you missed the great SJW Knitting Wars, I tried to give an overview on @Nerdrotics. They cut it up, adding graphics & a bit of levity! 😙 For more in-depth information on what went down, check out the series of reporting from @JebsenMoore, linked below.
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