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Jan 12 15 tweets 4 min read
Few more thoughts re: Ramsey--when you've been operating by the rules of the market and you're confronted with an alternative that costs you profit, it sounds as ridiculous and unreasonable as Jesus' invitation to the rich young ruler to sell what he had to give to the poor 1/ It's quite understandable that many Christian investor class folks would reject what I've proposed. What's attractive about a faith that is only concerned about the afterlife (most prominent in Am. evangelicalism rn) is that it gives us cover to serve both God and mammon. 2/
Jan 9 28 tweets 5 min read
I own a few rental properties in the low-income neighborhood I live in. I also help immigrant families who can’t access traditional financing become homeowners. You might say we try to help low-income families find--what's a name for it--"Financial Peace". A thread: We have a 3-bed house that rents for $600 to a retired, Latino couple. Haven't raised the rent in 10 years.The market says we could rent it for $1000/mo. No applause necessary. That itself feels greedy. Let's be real: someone else literally pays my mortgage, building my wealth.