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22 Sep
If you are wondering how to find the most commonly reported side effects of Covid vaccines, I will list them below since the VAERS database system can be a bit unwieldy or daunting for some people to navigate.

Some of them are quite serious. 1/8
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22 Sep
"The pause was recommended after reports of SIX cases of a rare and severe type of blood clot in individuals following administration of the Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine."

Remember J&J's 'pause'? Yet FDA notes 1500+ myocarditis cases w/ Pfizer/Moderna so far.…
It was pretty crafty of CDC to remove the actual myocarditis & pericarditis numbers from its press release on it.

But you can find the numbers in the VAERS database:

Myocarditis: 1,544 events
Pericarditis: 984 events
Press release here:…
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9 Sep
Update: We're now up to *FOUR* Red State governors.🔻…
Make it FIVE: Key Ivey released a statement. Thanks @BonnMom
Now it's SIX: Wyoming Gov. Mark Gordon issued a statement. Thanks @rmbushy
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31 Aug
Masks are not for personal protection, just like vaccines don't prevent transmission.

Thus, neither masking nor vaccination are 'public health' issues, they are personal health issues.

The real civil rights violation is mandating that people wear masks or take vaccines.
CDC: COVID vaccines won’t stop transmission; Fully vaccinated can still get, spread Delta strain…
"[T]he evidence just is and was not there to support mask use for asymptomatic people to stop viral spread during a pandemic. While the evidence may seem conflicted, the evidence (including the peer-reviewed evidence) actually does not support its use"...…
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29 Aug
It's official: Russia is now less authoritarian than the United States.
I lived and worked in Russia, by the way. I have the firsthand perspective that the left-wing ignoramuses who will undoubtedly howl about this statement do not.
Putin: "Vaccination is the main weapon against the spread of the virus. Importantly, no one should be forced to get a jab. Pressure, where people may lose their jobs, is even less acceptable. People must be convinced of the need to get the vaccine." Transl. from @ThePaulyShow
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29 Aug
One thing you could never accuse President Trump of: He didn't *care.*

He cared. About America. About the troops. About the future of this great country.

Biden clearly doesn't. Turning his back on the country, leaving Americans behind, all of this makes it clear beyond a doubt.
Let me add Biden has refused to answer questions at 5 press events in under two weeks. He has forbidden rescue operations by our troops at Kabul airport. He has agreed to a Taliban 'deadline.' He has given those terrorists a 'list' of Americans names (!) This is not being unfair.
Any president who cared would cause heads to roll in the Pentagon and JCS. Biden won't do anything. Hence, he 'doesn't care' about accountabliity, and therefore, about the future of the country.
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23 Aug
The pandemic is *over.* Don't take my word for it.

Just look at the actions of America's elites.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi wining & dining in Napa Valley. 1/6
Senate Majority Leader Schumer dancing a jig with "comedian" Stephen Colbert backstage at a concert in Central Park. 2/6
Former President Obama holding a maskless "super-spreader" birthday bash under tents in Martha's Vineyard. 3/6
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20 Aug
So we have ties between China and Pakistan, the U.S. has been giving hundreds of milions in military aid to Pakistan, and the Taliban is flooding into Afghanistan from... guess where? Pakistan.

Our foreign policy is a complete mess.
U.S. Aid to Pakistan for last few years. Trump cut aid as part of his quid pro quo, pragmatic approach to foreign policy. Some of these expenditures are redacted.
Biden, who was one of the key architects of the Kerry-Lugar Bill, is looking to increase aid to Pakistan in his proposed 2022 budget.
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20 Aug
Why is ABC News sitting on video of the biggest moment of Biden's presidency?

This never would have been done for Trump. It doesn't make sense from an ethical or ratings point-of-view.

Let's just go through the identifiable lies & half-truths in Biden's interview. [Thread]👇
"Well, the question was whether or not it w-- the idea that the Taliban would take over was premised on the notion that the -- that somehow, the 300,000 troops we had trained and equipped was gonna just collapse, they were gonna give up..."

WaPo determined this was a LIE.🔻
"I don't think anybody anticipated that."

The WSJ reported about a July memo that said that Afghanistan would collapse soon after a U.S. withdrawal.…
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19 Aug
You can now watch the D.C. response LIVE on the report.
"I got a bad feeling about this one," a reporter who says he has covered a hundred bomb threats said. "I've got a real bad feeling about this one."
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17 Aug
My challenge to Americans obsessed with Covid mandates is go to charts of cases, hospitalizations & deaths and see if you can guess where mask mandates were implemented or what mask compliance rates are.

I can tell you right now you will not be able to tell any difference.
You can check cases for countries and the United States here:
You can check mask compliance rates here:
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14 Aug
"In the Slaughter House Cases, the Supreme Court indicated that the right of interstate travel was a privilege of national citizenship."

There is no COVID clause in the Constitution. The U.S. govt. does *not* have the right to restrict interstate travel.….
"We are all citizens of the United States, and as members of the same community must have the right to pass and repass through every part of it without interception as freely as in our own state." - Chief Justice Roger Taney
"[T]he Court seems to have given up any notion that the right to travel can be located in any single part of the Constitution. Instead, it cites the old cases and may add a sentence indicating that the nature of the federal union requires a right of interstate travel."
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12 Aug
If this were the infamous 'pee-pee tape' referred to in the Steele garbage dossier, it would be running non-stop on cable news to humiliate Trump.

Since it's Biden's son, it's only a 'curiosity' for his detractors. No, it's a national security nightmare.…
"The American people don’t need a Mueller investigation to know that Hunter Biden’s son is a national security risk, the Russians and Chinese have blackmail material on him and his father..."
"..., and that Joe Biden has already issued executive actions and instituted policies that benefit those nations, such as shutting down the Keystone XL pipeline, and removing objections to the Russians’ Nordstream 2 pipeline in Europe." ...
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6 Aug
School districts around the US plan on putting kids through another year of COVID hell.

This is the action plan: School board & town hall meetings. Letters to the school district.

Here are your questions. Do NOT let them off the hook & do not consent. FORCE ANSWERS. [Thread]👇
1. How many kids have died from COVID in the last 18 months? What is the risk to schoolchildren of dying from COVID? What is the risk to healthy children?

2. How many people are dying from the Delta variant? Is it more or less deadly than original COVID? [More]
3. Have other nations that have seen a surge in 'cases' from the Delta variant experienced a case decline within 6-8 weeks, regardless of vaccination rates & mask compliance rates? [More]
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6 Aug
Americans are not identical in health characteristics, and COVID doesn't impact people equally.

That is why *DOCTORS* are put in charge of health decisions with the consent of individual patients, and *NOT* bureaucrats & politicians.
The breakdown of COVID risk by demo is actually quite striking in its different impact on groups.

Almost no risk to children. Near-zero risk to healthy kids. 80% of deaths over 50. 78% hospitalized were obese.

Vaccinations are thus a matter of personal health mitigation.
Doctors and parents need to make vaccination choices, not bureaucrats.

Vaccines have reported side effects, including heart inflammation; serious eye conditions; Bell's palsy; and more.

They may help protect at-risk from severe symptoms, but may not make sense for everyone.
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5 Aug
Let's kick things off by pointing out COVID vaccines don't prevent you from getting COVID. You read that right.

Second, they don't prevent you from spreading COVID. Again, this is by CDC's admission.

Third, they're only good for symptom mitigation, BUT...
... If you are under 50 (>95% of COVID deaths are over 50), not obese (75%-80% less risk) with no underlying conditions (94% had severe comorbidities), you are at a fraction of the risk.

If you factor in Delta is weaker, it's even less... so why the authoritarian vaccine push?
It gets more questionable. CDC stats by age demo are not based on deaths FROM Covid. They're based on deaths WITH Covid. That means someone can have it & carry it around with no symptoms and if they die and test positive, they can be included. It overstates the mortality rates.
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1 Aug
"N95 or similar respirators" may have more protection... "than disposable medical masks or reusable multilayer cotton masks. Nevertheless, in view of the limitations of these data, we did *NOT* rate the certainty of effect as high."

Lancet meta-analysis, June 2021.🔻 Image
"[R]eusable 12–16-layer cotton masks; pinteraction=0·090; posterior probability >95%, LOW CERTAINTY)"...

This meta-study is actually being cited as evidence that "masks work"!🔻…
Once again, we are talking about "mask" or face covering usage among the general public. The data is very weak indeed to support mask mandates as public policy.
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30 Jul
"Face masks should not be worn by healthy individuals to protect themselves from acquiring respiratory infection because there is no evidence to suggest face masks worn by healthy individuals are effective in preventing people from becoming ill." — JAMA…
*This was the understanding of wearing masks & face coverings to prevent healthy persons from acquiring viral transmission for decades and numerous pandemics, until *hocus pocus* and *alakazam* the CDC's science "evolved" along with the politicized agenda of the Democratic Party.
Wait, wait... isn't this almost exactly what Dr. Fauci told a government official in that private email that was FOIA'd and released to the public? By God, it is!…
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28 Jul
Childhood mask mandates do more damage than good [thread]:

• Children less at risk than earlier thought
• Declining academic scores
• Stunted psychosocial development
• Increased anxiety/depression
• Masks trap CO2 (evidence)
• Bacteria/viruses found on masks (1/9)
"Some 99.995% of the 469,982 children in England who were infected during the year examined by researchers survived... In fact, there were fewer deaths among children due to the virus than initially suspected." (WSJ)…
CDC reports 337 childhood fatalities from COVID. There are 100,000,000 children in U.S. This is a 99.9997% survival rate.

Fatalities attributed to COVID in this age group is 0.67% of all deaths. CDC reports 94% of COVID deaths have serious comorbidities:… Image
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21 Jul
Let's review the three BIG LIES involved in the anthem-kneeling nonsense:

❌"Hands up, don't shoot" = LIE
❌"Police are hunting down black males" = LIE
❌"National anthem is racist" = LIE

Disrespecting the men & women who died for our freedom over lies is *acting the fool.*
Big lie number two. (Search: Unarmed black males shot by police: Average is around 12 per year.)…
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20 Jul
It is hard to overstate the cruelty & absurdity of mandating tens of millions of children wear masks in school.

CDC stats, extrapolated to correct for severely at-risk, show approx. 18 healthy children died with COVID over 18 months of data.

This is roughly 1 per month.🔻 1/8
This is because around 95% of deaths with COVID have severe comorbidities, such as obesity, heart disease & other major illnesses.

The full data set can be found below at the CDC: 2/8…
Furthermore, mask efficacy with a population that is not at risk and with low mortality rates makes little sense.

The CDC estimated daily case & mortality growth rate at just -0.9%-1.9% after 100 days.

This is negligible in the childhood population. 3/8…
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