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Economist, 18 yrs writing on economics of PBMs. Investing in NK cell therapy, microbiome. $EVGN $GMDA $SHMP $AAPL $FATE
Jun 5, 2018 4 tweets 7 min read
@JoukoSalonen @TokenHash 1/ Working on a white paper laying out true 2 layer -- transaction/DLT -- crypto-economic system. Work on #DLTs far more along than true #p2p transaction layer. Missing piece in market design to replace 2 sided auctions (order book) @JoukoSalonen @TokenHash 2/ Only 3 cos positioned for p2p transaction layer with "battle tested" pub-sub platform: @litbysatori , @facebook with WhatsApp, and #tencent with WeChat. #satori capable of 500 Million "event" messages /ps built on top of #DTL @hashgraph capable of 100K tps.