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The best papertrail on earth to put Fauci in Prison for life. The best cure for COVID, fasting, and pathways to PROVE it. The STRONGEST science to show RISK
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Nov 27 11 tweets 2 min read
@Surgeon_General @HillaryClinton aw, you think I "bullied" you and made you feel bad. tough. if you don't like it, you should have done the right thing. the ethical thing. the ONLY thing a scientist can do, when i sent you the letter 2 years ago. @Surgeon_General @HillaryClinton yeah, feeling good? shouldn't be a thing when you've helped kill Americans with your INCOMPETENCE. spreader of MISINFORMATION. And you had the GALL to CONTINUE to act as if the anti-vaxxers were the MISINFORMATION even AFTER I so carefully spelled it all out for u.
Nov 27 9 tweets 2 min read
@Surgeon_General @HillaryClinton Do you get it vivek not worthy murthy?

You have no fans. you will not be missed. any fans that you DID have? they read what I write here and they're SHOCKED that you have sold your soul to BIG PHARMA. Some say the devil.

it's not like I don't have grounds to be mean @Surgeon_General @HillaryClinton This is the letter I sent to you TWO years ago.

You didn't act like a scientist then and you're not acting like a scientist now. You're basically a fraud. And you're a DISGRACE to the Office of Surgeon General.…
Nov 26 23 tweets 4 min read
@ThomasHarrigan8 @NEJM But if you put it into context, it's so easy to accept. The whole field of rheumatology is exactly that. An overactive immune system that can't always differentiate self from non-self.

why would a b-lymphocyte be able to differentiate a virus pathogen from a bacterial one? @ThomasHarrigan8 @NEJM it's not like our own antibodies never HAD side effects. The number one killer of children under 20 in the early nineteenth century? ONE ANTIBODY, the STREP ANTIBODY. CLEARLY, even medications that evolution evolves for us, DO HAVE SIDE EFFECTS.
Nov 26 35 tweets 7 min read
@NEJM DAY 13.01 NEJM. The world's LEADING health journal? Ignores the BIGGEST flaw in the history of medicine? for 13 days now?… @NEJM 13.02 The most talked about Pandemic in history, and THOUSANDS of peer reviewed articles in your journal and they're ALL talking about the COVID-19 antibody?

When I so CAREFULLY explained to your previous Chief Editor? LONG AGO, that the COVID-19 antibody had NOTHING to do -
Nov 25 9 tweets 3 min read
@SuxWef50019 @DrAseemMalhotra he doesn't realize cuz he's not very smart. when he became an "anti covid vax leader?" he had RESPONSIBILITIES. Which include, to use the BEST SCIENCE to stop the COVID mRNA vaccine. Not the useless drivel that comes out of his brain, but the BEST SCIENCE. @SuxWef50019 @DrAseemMalhotra This is what I sent Fauci when Fauci's team responded INADEQUATELY to my first letter in Oct 2020. when aseem was still PROMOTING the damn vaccine.

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Nov 25 4 tweets 1 min read
@AnnieAndrewsMD I'm keeping a CLOSE eye on pediatricians. If you guys can't come up with a scientific rebuttal for the String Theory, that says half your vaccines will be DESTROYED and that exposes your silly vaccine booster program, you are then HURTING CHILDREN. @AnnieAndrewsMD do you know WHY the AApeds can't BLOCK ME or DELETE my posts?

This video.

jj and me, high def clip, magnet antibodies.

HC's BLOG, a great review of my String Theory. well written.…
Nov 25 14 tweets 3 min read
@Whitehorse1255 @WriteFenix no, whitehorse. that's the excuse RFKjr and all the rest of them will use. Not true. there's no bigger fan of Trump than me among all the fake idiot hypocrite anti vax leaders.

I explain how trump saved the world from an Evil CCP a year ago. @Whitehorse1255 @WriteFenix I am MORE of a birther than Trump is, and was a BIRTHER BEFORE trump ever coined the term. I understand trump better than any of these idiots and will HELP TRUMP more than ANY of these idiots becuz I show better than ANYONE how DUMB the dems were with their censorship.
Nov 24 37 tweets 7 min read
@AmerAcadPeds @USCPSC DAY 43. AApeds. Since I first informed you of the Antibody String Theory that will take DESTROY half the vaccines on earth. And now, the LONGEST stretch of NO POSTING on your twitter (12 days) in over a year (I didn't check beyond that).

It is only ONE DIAGRAM. @AmerAcadPeds @USCPSC 43.02 And this ONE DIAGRAM to take down HALF your childhood vaccines? right in front of your DAMN eyes. ANY one of you could have discovered it, IF you cared about CHILDREN. So, you will all claim later, that "you didn't know."

The question you will have to answer is --
Nov 23 4 tweets 1 min read
@LawMedLegalRN yes, it's frustrating for me. I had the BEST scientific evidence to show NO BENEFIT from the vaccine. But, the leaders were all proud of all their RISKS and patient side effects they had accumulated. So, I spent six months and came back with the String Theory. @LawMedLegalRN it ties ALL the risks, all the diverse side effect issues, into ONE mechanism. that apparently can't be refuted. that will destroy half the vaccines on earth. so, it is the One Diagram to bind all the risk together. shouldn't the anti vax leaders now look at my info?
Nov 23 14 tweets 3 min read
@OneMargaux Then have him come to the @AmerAcadPeds because I have 800+ posts describing the STRING theory which will DESTROY half the vaccines on earth.

The man RUNS away from me, NOTHING like he appears, he RUNS like an OLYMPIC SPRINTER when I'm around. @OneMargaux @AmerAcadPeds why doesn't Dr. Pete Hotez use his brilliant vaccine brain to come slap me back down, becuz I'm so RUDELY calling the AApeds baby killers and they can't BLOCK ME, like Dr. Hotez has already done.

Nov 23 28 tweets 5 min read
@AmerAcadPeds @USCPSC DAY 42 PART 2. What do the MIDDLE-MAN and BABY KILLERS have to do with each other? The half-life lesson was toooo easy for me and not "science"cy enough for me.

Read on to find out. @AmerAcadPeds @USCPSC 422.02 But, amazingly and so sorry AAPeds. This MIDDLE MAN? Can kill off half the vaccines on earth by itself too. Aaargh. I didn't tell you? That if any of you 67,000 pediatricians? somehow came up with a miraculous scientific rebuttal to the STRING THEORY?
Nov 22 4 tweets 1 min read
@AstraZeneca @TheSMI @LarsFruergaard A1.01 Astrazenica. BREAKING NEWS. CRITICAL UPDATE.

It has been discovered that COVID vaccine BOOSTERS have a MAIN EFFECT of creating CLOTS. The EXACT mechanism has been FOUND.

It is a 2 minute video and it will change medicine forever.

@AstraZeneca @TheSMI @LarsFruergaard 1.02 It is the SINGLE biggest medical discovery in the past century. This STRING THEORY will DESTROY half the vaccines on earth. There will NEVER be a medical story THIS big for at least another century.

The AAPeds was informed of this nightmare approximately 42 days ago.
Nov 21 12 tweets 3 min read
@NIHDirector Monica, Your uncle and everyone else that knows you, that you consider a friend, they are all reading my posts.

you can choose. in front of them ALL.

Choose to protect America's children.

So far, you're choosing to protect BIG PHARMA. @NIHDirector You and Vivek not worthy Murthy have a lot in common. wolves in sheeps clothing. you both look so kind, speak so delicately, and both involved in supporting the injection of CLOT CAUSING POISON into children.

Nov 21 18 tweets 4 min read
@NEJMEvidence Really NEJM. Why don't you just use this time to show the world how science is properly done? when you're WRONG, you ADMIT IT like a PHUCKING MAN.

And let the TRUTH come out.

NEJM day 1, part 1

NEJM day 1, part 2.
@NEJMEvidence running and hiding like the half azz scientists that you editors are?? does NOT WORK.

It just makes the WORLD trust scientists LESS.

how many of you are HARVARD grads? I have BAD experience with HARVARD grads.
Nov 20 4 tweets 1 min read
@Pkshaw1 are you saying this for YOUR profit? or are you actually interested in the health of pregnant women?

@Pkshaw1 why doesn't your AApeds have a response to this 2 minute video? for 40 days now? They can't REFUTE that the STRING mechanism shows that the MAIN effect of COVID booster vaccines? TO CREATE CLOTS. Not safe for ANYONE, ESPECIALLY pregnant women.
Nov 20 57 tweets 11 min read
@NohaAboelataMD are you really a physician? you have a fire in your belly producing billions of smoke particles. you're trying to catch all these particles with a mask when the gaps on the side are 10,000 nm but the particles are a 100 nm. why don't you just put out the fire? @NohaAboelataMD if you don't know how, you are welcome to ask.
Nov 20 12 tweets 3 min read
@Surgeon_General don't be an idiot surgeon general.

tell them useful info.

when you get COVID? FOOD can KILL you for the next two to three days, ESPECIALLY if you're elderly.

This is the BEST SCIENCE on earth for COVID. @Surgeon_General vivek, you're really phucking getting on my nerves. trying to pretend life will go on as normal. enjoy your walk in the sun. later, it will be within prison walls. your "niceness" doesn't adequately hide the evil that you have perpetrated on the American people. Disgusting.
Nov 17 21 tweets 4 min read
@Surgeon_General @MarthaStewart Ask her what prison was like. you might be headed that way too. For spreading the COVID vaccine misinformation EVEN after I sent many emails to you explaining the idiocy of the vaccine.

@Surgeon_General @MarthaStewart You can pretend that you didn't get this email from two years ago. But, you won't be able to pretend that your family and friends don't see my posts criticizing your dumb azz.…
Nov 17 16 tweets 3 min read
@AmerAcadPeds @USCPSC DAY 36 Part 4.
364.01 AAPeds. I'm sure your board members will never forget who I am. Becuz I'm such a good teacher.

The lesson for today? Ask yourself WHY you are doing what you are doing. Don't just be a robot. Be a thinking person. @AmerAcadPeds @USCPSC 364.02 Once the world realizes how utterly stupid the COVID vaccine was,
RISK-- the STRING theory shows it's HUGE.
BENEFIT -- no path for the HUGE antibody across the lung barrier.

What CURED US in 2020? The RNase enzyme, NOT the COVID antibody.
Nov 17 6 tweets 1 min read
@NarfGb Yeah, I reviewed all that over and over the first six months of 2020. I don't know how many inflammatory pathways/cascades I reviewed. And I'm ALWAYS looking at it from the perspective of knowing that evolution can't make things perfect. @NarfGb one of my SIGNIFICANT discoveries was that the immunologists kept thinking that viruses would cause the cell to DECREASE protein synthesis, and there reasoning was so that the virus had more supplies to build more copies of itself.
Nov 16 13 tweets 3 min read
@AmerAcadPeds @USCPSC DAY 36 part 2.

I have started to reach out to malpractice carriers. I just spoke to the Doctors company on a recorded line which I also recorded. I explained to @doctorscompany that there is a BREAKING discovery that shows that the MAIN EFFECT of half your vaccine boosters -- @AmerAcadPeds @USCPSC @doctorscompany 362.02 That the "MAIN EFFECT" of half your vaccine boosters using antigens that meet the STRING MECHANISM criteria, is the formation of STRINGS of antibodies, glued together by YOUR antigens and that this meshwork CAN TRAP platelets and will cause CLOTS.