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Scientist studying language, cognition, & social neuroscience. Skeptic. Fan of Orwell. MIT/Harvard alum. #Neurodiversity #HumanRights #SocialJustice #Resist
31 May 20
This is *Austin, Texas,* NOT Los Angeles.

DISINFORMATION is being spread by @Breaking911 w/600M followers - framing protests as violent!

Help me call out this *Alex Jones InfoWars* crap that helped get TRUMP elected.

RIP #GeorgeFloyd
Please go on every @Breaking911 video and CALL OUT THEIR BULLSHIT.
This MISINFORMATION video shows AlexJones of InfoWars' vehicle. It was actually shot near the corner of E 8th St. and San Jacinto Blvd. in Austin, TX - NOT Los Angeles. Yet @Breaking911 is promoting it as being from Los Angeles. Check Google Maps for yourself. #GeorgeFloyd
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20 Dec 19
THREAD. So I went to my local NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) group meeting tonight. TWO things annoyed me. (1) We had to pledge allegiance to the medical model, implying participants must denounce any version of a social model or combined social-medical model. /1
(2) Reinforcing (1), the moderators jumped all over me when I mentioned a medication name. Apparently, there is an “unwritten rule” that people are not allowed to talk about any medications that they’re on by name. Only circumlocutions are allowed. /2
What was the reason given for (2)? Supposedly, “they” don’t want people to take questions back to their doctors about their medications or treatments, or heaven forbid to not take a medication. /3
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