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#LazySports: Providing connection, entertainment, and support for sports fans interested in Web3 and NFT’s
Jan 25, 2023 6 tweets 5 min read
Hi Everyone! 👋
Please Allow Me to Reintroduce The #LazySports Club!

We Are A Group of Sports Fans Born Within The @LazyLionsNFT Community 🦁

We Often Talk #Sports via Twitter Spaces, Host Competitions, and Try to Have Fun 🏆

But WHY..??
What is the Purpose..??

Read On..
🧵 2)

The #LazySports Club is Establishing 3 Pillars To Help Answer This Question.

Pillar #1
#Community - We want to provide a sense of Belonging through #Sports Fandom. Sports provides an unbeatable Connection amongst Friends and Strangers Regardless of Backgrounds 💪