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Head of Sports Science & Medicine @CrewealexFC | PhD in Football Science @LJMU | @BASESUK Accredited Sport and Exercise Scientist | @UEFA B Licensed Coach
23 Feb
Recovery in ⚽️A THREAD! This season recovery has no doubtably had a significant impact on team success. Regular compliance with scientifically proven recovery strategies from an individual and team perspective can ➕vly impact physiological state and function
Whilst we look for the next novel strategy for⬆️recovery or we continuously spend⏲️examining that new monitoring tool to help us 'see where players are at'. We could be missing the point a little with basic methods. I for one am guilty of this!
So.. Let's look at the basics. Here is what I feel are the basics of recovery protocols in a pyramid form. Operating from the most to least important up the pyramid. How I look at each of these in isolation and as part of the overall recovery programme is outlined below... Image
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