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7 Apr
bakugou always going out of his way to say he doesn’t hate kirishima. someone says ‘bakugou doesn’t like anyone’ and he’s immediately like ‘i don’t hate kirishima’. then the person goes ‘ok but you don’t /like/ him’

bakugou just. goes through an existential crisis in two seconds
he has to get an external opinion, just goes up to deku and asks ‘deku do i like kirishima’ and deku says without even looking up ‘yes kacchan’ and bakugou stands there. frozen. walks jerkily up to his room, calls his mother and asks ‘do i like kirishima’. mitsuki hangs up
he stands there for a few more seconds. debates leaving and knocking on kirishima’s door but before he even knows it their shared wall is fucking Blown Up and kirishima stands there halfway through a workout with eyes wide and instinctive hardening cracks down his face
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7 Apr
now it seems likely bakugou won’t shorten his hero name, i just know he’s gonna have to explain it on a kid-friendly show and suddenly headlines: ‘GREAT EXPLOSION MURDER GOD DYNAMIGHT NORMALISES MURDER, KIDS DON’T EVEN KNOW THE REAL MEANING OF IT ANYMORE’

bakugou’s agent resigns
BUT. bakugou probably actually said something cute

kid: great explosion murder god dynamight says murder means when you kill negative emotions and your past selves and fights so well that your life becomes a perfect victory!

teacher who was asking what a murder of crows meant:
i am jus so filled with glee at the thought of absolutely everyone taking the time to call him great explosion murder god dynamight and the way it would probably make bakugou smile so so big because he’s like ‘YEAH!! THAT’S /ME/!!!!’ i’m jus alljgdrykvdsg
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