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31 Dec 20
1/ Let's talk about how to live your best life today.

Lately I've noticed an uptick in comments from people, usually in their teens and twenties, asking things like, "How do I get your life?"

Usually I make a throwaway not-a-joke about going through a lot of misery first.
2/ But I think this is perhaps unkind, because while a self-effacing joke is fun (and true about how I got here), I think the question is often asked very earnestly by people who wish they could change their circumstances.

I empathize. This was me throughout my 20s.
3/ While the winding, misfortune-fueled road did bring me here, it would have been nice if I could have been more intentional about my path with the guidance from someone who had walked it... this was not an option for me.

So I feel like I should do better than a throwaway joke.
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31 Dec 20
I agree that words aren't inherently racist but disagree that words don't have inherent power in themselves

Words evoke an emotional response in you and change your state simply by reading or hearing them

At a minimum they spark a thought. Words inherently change the recipient.
The reason words aren't inherently racist is that they spark _different_ emotions or thoughts depending on the recipient.

Your own reaction to the receipt of a word is what colors your perception of the word, and this can either be consensus reality or private reality.
We get into cultural clashes when someone's emotional receipt of a word differs from our own perceived wider cultural baggage around that word and brings us into dissonance about who's model of consensus reality is correct (or more moral).
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30 Dec 20
Just got a PM asking about my writing again. Since my opsec is blown anyway, y'all are welcome to read my first fantasy novel if you would like to. It's early work and the pacing is irregular but I'm still proud of it.…
My game is actually set in the same world 1000 years later
It actually kind of annoys me how differently I would write this book today because I LOVE the world and story and think I could do a much better job with it now.
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29 Dec 20
Hmmm Coinbase is suspending trading of XRP on Jan 19th due to the SEC battle

It’s down another 40% today

Probably going to crash near 0 over the next few weeks

What this means tho is if there’s any chance you think they win you might wanna snag some before it freezes
If they end up winning the legal battle or settling or coming out unscathed and coinbase opens it again it’s gonna pop hard on renewed interest and people are gonna jump in to ride the wave up

I’m gonna wait until a week or two into Jan and make another small move in
Don’t be with money you can’t lose, I’m already down 85% on my investment here and I’m okay with that since I knew it was high risk

But this was trading at 50-60 cents for a fair bit and has popped twice before so it’s not a bad risk if you don’t mind losing it
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29 Dec 20
Sittin' here in San Diego thinking about my not-so-secret desert base and trying to decide what a wise / satisfying / ideal course of action is.

I've spent all day doing research on this and I'm gonna be turning it over in my head for a while (which for me is a few weeks).
So there are a number of routes to go with this.

I can spend a small amount (<$5k) on like 2-5 acres in a couple different places in Arizona and get a little plot of land with power lines. Gonna need water hauling and septic installation on any of them.
I could spent a little more $10-15k and get somewhere between 6-20 acres with similar conditions.

Or I could spend $15-20k and get 40 acres of super remote desert.

I don't think I really wanna live SUPER remote, that just makes things hard if I get bit by a rattlesnake or sumn.
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29 Dec 20
Ok so

Step 1: Buy a bunch of land in the desert
Step 2: Install water tanks, septic tank, solar setup
Step 3: Install several domes
Step 4: Mystic retreat to study magic and host meetups in the Arizona desert?
Also obviously gotta build crazy art installations
This could be a whole rad maker-space destination
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23 Dec 20
1/ In light of that garbage Amazon article I just posted and also my frustration with Patreon lately, let's talk about audiences, platforms, asymmetrical information, and rent-seeking this morning.
2/ As a small business owner and creator of all kinds of different (mostly digital) products, this is something I have a lot of experience with.

I've tried all kinds of revshare models (which is really what the standard platform model is).
3/ People tend to see platforms like Amazon, Patreon, OnlyFans, etc as exciting opportunities when starting out because "they scale with your earnings." An 8% fee looks negligible when you're making $100/month.
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23 Dec 20
This is a garbage business practice

Using sales numbers you have access to because you're a platform and the scale of a large company to crush small businesses that have been making you money is pretty bad

It's about as predatory as you can get--free market research and testing
Increasingly it looks like P2P crypto solutions are the only way out of the rent-seeking platform hellscape of the early 21st century
This is like handing a potential competitor ALL of the sales data and details about your product and asking them very nicely not to step in on your business

There's a reason we have trade secrets
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23 Dec 20
For being so popular, Patreon is kind of a garbage platform

They want 8% of all earnings AND you pay the transaction fees. You can't customize the page styling or branding AT ALL except for button colors and your banner. You need a different email for every page.

It's like they made Wordpress with 1/100th of the flexibility and a janky Stripe integration
Oh and Wordpress almost certainly HAS a stripe donation plugin

I don't even need to google it I'm sure this is a solved problem
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22 Dec 20
Time for Angel I have earned him
I can’t remember what happened in S1 that made Wesley so gloomy and I need to go look
I also don’t understand why Angel works out

Do vampires build muscle and get flabby

How does this work @JossWheedon

The biology doesn’t make sense to me
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6 Dec 20
1/ How can you get an AI to produce a coherent story from an outline?

This is the thing everyone seems to want to do and its feedback I get a LOT about TextSpark too. But even the best TextGen models on the market can't do this effectively right now (so far).
2/ I didn't design TextSpark to solve that problem anyway (it's intended as more of a creativity tool and accelerator rather than a replacement) but the question is a good one and possible solutions have a lot to offer in any AI-aided narrative constructive anyway.
3/ I've thought about this problem A LOT while working with AI text-gen for the last year or so and I have an as-yet untested model for how it might be done with existing technology.

The primary limitation on this today is prompt sizes.
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6 Dec 20
Can’t decide how to burn my Sunday

My RV is so cozy and comfortable but I’m getting waaaay too attached to being a workaholic

All my romance tarot throws say no dice on relationships for a bit so dates are out

This is the dilemma of being semi retired at 35
I was actually thinking yesterday about how a problem I have is that as my businesses approach the revenue level where going back to a full time job would offer LESS money than just doing what I’m doing now, it’s constricting in some ways

This may seem strange and even insane
It’s definitely a first world problem

But it’s a unique kind of choice restriction

Right now I tell myself that if I get bored or lonely I can always go back to a normal job and have coworkers and get plugged into a bigger unit where I can socialize and build with others
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6 Dec 20
Have some time to kill and this seems like a fun game, h/t @Richard_Vixen
Obviously we're not starting unless this reaches some acceptably anonymous threshold
Also to clarify, I'll be playing this game as though I were willing to date men
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4 Dec 20
Thinking a bit about slippery slopes this morning

The term gets used to dismiss concerns of abuse 2 or 3 steps past a decision a lot

But a “slippery slope” argument is actually about constructing an unlikely chain of events and catastrophic thinking with no basis in reality
This is different from looking at a decision and saying “given the factors in play around this, what are some possible outcomes we should be concerned about and how will we guard against them”?

Just calling an argument a slippery slope and refusing to entertain it is bad
Unless you can explain specifically what the weak link in the argument is that makes it a slippery slope

Otherwise you’re just identifying possible patterns and guarding against bad outcomes
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2 Dec 20
1/ An idea occurred to me today about knowledge and success and labor and goals. It's a half-formed idea, but I want to talk it out and see where it goes.

Feel free to jump in while I'm flailing if you have anything to add.

But it goes something like this:
2/ There are lots of different ways of achieving goals, and some of them are much better than others.

Sometimes the better ways require more capital or skill.

But often you could avoid a lot of pain and frustration and unnecessary effort if you simply know the right tricks.
3/ This implies that information is very valuable (which is obvious). But also having the right information appropriate to your situation and skillset at the right time from a trusted source.

I was thinking about this in terms of my journey as an indie writer today.
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1 Dec 20
Anyone wanna do a secret Santa for Twitter mutuals? I’m happy to coordinate

Rules: I, @maybegray, or @sadmoonanalog must be already following you to play (sorry, this would get overwhelming otherwise)

Reply in thread and I will assign you someone else in the thread you follow
$50 limit and you’ll obviously have to DM me your name and address which I promise to keep confidential except for your secret Santa

Gifts can be physical or digital

If you sign up and then don’t send a gift I will publicly shame you tho because it’s not fair to others
I mean I won’t dox you or anything but I will add your handle to a naughty list
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1 Dec 20
Okay—I have a ton of sympathy for the tragedy oozing out of this story of heartbreak, but this in no way endorses @spakhm’s advice to not hire hot employees.

He could have just as easily fallen in love with anyone and had it be a distraction, ruin his focus, and not work out.
The viral tweet made it seem like hiring a pretty girl jacked up his team environment, but based on that story he basically just fell in love with someone he met at a difficult time and she happened to work for him

Then they dated and it didn’t work out, which sucks
But it doesn’t have a ton to do with hiring a hot girl

He could have fallen in love with a coffee shop girl

Or a gym girl

And had the same outcome with his business

The friction he describes is from insufficient focus and maybe favoritism? I have sympathy about lovesickness
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1 Dec 20
Okay let’s do this in real time.

Here’s my expanded Celtic cross: Question is, “what the hell do I need to do next in my life—where am I going, how do I find happiness, what to do in biz/love/life situation?”

You can follow along while I search the cards if you want
Knight of Cups would be me, the querent

Creativity, romance, charm, imagination, beauty

Gosh the cards know how to flatter a girl. Apparently I’m moving forward on a mission to make my passions a reality, with a heavily romantic flair. I’ll take it.
Crossed by #2: The Queen of Cups. These are my obstacles. Compassion, emotional stability, intuition, being in flow.

I interpret this as being often blocked by the same passions that drive me. The romantic ideals of the knight’s passion fueled missions tossing me out of balance
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1 Dec 20
I have consistently gotten feedback from people close to me that they feel like I don’t listen to them, but I am listening to everyone pretty intently almost always and in fact can spin back the conversation in minute detail if pressed.

I wonder what gives this impression 🤔
I think maybe my attention is often split and this is like a spectrum-y adhd type thing where I seem like I’m not paying attention even when I am

Most of you haven’t met me in person and so probably can’t help me here

Both my ex-husband and ex-girlfriend mentioned this
I kind of sometimes stare down or off in a random direction when listening VERY intently to people but it’s because I’m thinking about what they’re saying and I have to remember to make eye contact on a cadence
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30 Nov 20
I’ll need to add this to my “for later” project list and wait until open source AI improves a bit but there’s a model by which you could use an AI to analyze a text and construct meaning around it like a human editor would do and compare these bits of meaning to a story template.
This in turn opens the door for all kinds of AI based analysis structured around compressions of meaning.

Think of it like compressing a document and checking if it hits the correct story beats for the genre (or that you established).
This also opens the door for noisy compression/decompression scenarios where you could compress a story into core elements and decompress it into the same story but different characters, dialog, and minutiae.
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29 Nov 20
I always find it interesting when people tell me I intimidate them 🤔

I feel like I'm kind of a universally encouraging person unless you're a dick, so it's just surprising
Both comments in reply to this and messages in my DMs are interesting

Y'all I am a very damaged person

Confused, often deeply insecure, and lonely

Laughing at the absurdity of it all

Kind because I've been hurt
Brave because I've done things that were so humiliating for me it all seems small by comparison

Smart by accident

Driven and ambitious not because I want anything, but because I have an insatiable need to do something rather than nothing and curious about everything
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