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3 May
7 qualities of effective fathers

Use these as a North Star to level up and bring your family the value they deserve.

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1. Industrious

A father must take action. Know what needs to be done and make it happen, no excuses.
2. Strong

A father must display strength. Mentally, physically, and emotionally.
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3 May
Parenting is this awesome challenge.

You truly have to detach yourself from any outcome or expectation.

Otherwise you’ll end up grey haired and bitter.
Tonight, I’ve tried to put my son in his crib four times and each time he’s reached up for me.

I could be angry that I’m not getting any sleep

Or I could be fearful that I’ll never get him to sleep normally.
But the real growth is in seeing him for who he is

A child trying to make sense of the world.

Who could be angry at that?
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