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Jan 11, 2019 150 tweets 77 min read
Hi @dhruv_rathee, love your channel :) but that's a Typhoon you've got there in your graphic, not a Rafale. Image Hi @dhruv_rathee, it’s Eurofighter ‘Typhoon’, not Tycoon. Image
Apr 25, 2018 165 tweets 89 min read
Hi @bsindia, we need to talk. Image Not to be trivial too, but it’s spelt R-A-F-A-L-E, @siddaramaiah. Image
May 24, 2017 77 tweets 37 min read
Hi @Mid_Day, that's a Gripen. Neither the Indian Air Force nor the Pakistan Air Force operate any. Hi @TimesOfIndia, why a 'representative image' of an F-35 though?