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4 Jun
The money only sits in the bank if you're not actually using it to fund founders.

So that makes it clear what it's about: PR, not actually material impact.
I have 10%+ of my net worth invested in businesses founded by Black women. This isn't a hard problem, it just requires spending a tiny amount of effort.
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26 May
(1) collaboratively writing retrospectives and incident timelines
(2) taking meeting notes, so that people can take over if the person who's primary notetaker wants to say something.
otherwise the person who is notetaker winds up feeling they can't participate, which is sadface, especially given it's mostly women who wind up taking notes unless the culture explicitly assigns the meeting chores fairly.

I love working with @FisherDanyel because he volunteers!
Oh, and I forgot an important one! Every single Google employee internal demand/organizing document has been written in Google Docs by folks who stepped up to lead and draft.
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20 May
Goddamnit Gartner is so close yet so far with regard to pinning down what o11y is -- they start from discussing unknown-unknowns, and then immediately handwaves and says "logs, traces, and metrics" and "AIOps will solve this" for the future :(
also, it feels very very strange that I have never heard of Broadcom, Tingyun, ManageEngine or MicroFocus as competitors.
the wait to add DataDog, Instana, and SignalFX to the quadrant until _this year_ feels long overdue too.
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15 May
I see br*tb*t and KiA are on their shit again today.
and on that note, I look forward to my lithold being lifted so I actually can be unmuzzled about _context_ specifically around the D*m*re litigation and the malicious leaking.
It turns out that it's easy to take cheap shots at people who cannot publicly speak up about your claims, because they're under a litigation hold.
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13 May
Here's a detailed writeup of the most current instructions for installing Ubuntu 20.04 on a #Honeycomb_LX2K!…
Linux kernel 5.7-rc6 seems to work fine. Will update the instructions after I've put a few days of stable usage on it.
Prebuilt signed DEBs if you don't want to wait an hour for the build to finish:…
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8 May
Prep work for my #honeycomb_lx2k: self tapping some screws into the heatsink, in a way @Noctua_at definitely would not recommend. Two screws sticking out of the underside of a heatsink, in holes that are smooth rather than screw tapped.
@Noctua_at crossing my fingers that those dimensions align with the supported fan mounting holes (I know @linux4kix has been experimenting with AIO setups, so would know exactly how many mm between the fan mounting holes...)
suggests the side springs might fit, but if they're too wide, then I'm pretty sure the diagonal configuration will work.
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7 May
Year of Linux on the Desktop for real?…
guys guys I know it's a meme, you don't have to tell me it's not gonna happen
been a user of nothing but linux for 16 years, I know the disappointment, I don't have my hopes up
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22 Apr
Mhm. I'd love to get back in the air to see my customers and the SRE community, but that's likely just not happening.
Also, this means I'm not going to get to see my non-nesting partners for a very long time :(
and that my nesting family is going to be stuck inside, in order to protect my health.
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21 Apr
Look what I just found floating around on Github! #Graviton2 #AWS…
am really curious whether anything needs to be done to get Golang to generate v8.2 rather than v8.0 instruction set... or whether there's any perf gains there...
Aha, looks like golang reads HWCAP.…
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18 Apr
Denying the US citizen half of a mixed status family the financial benefits that other US citizens enjoy is racism, plain and simple. Mixed status families are more likely to be latinx.…
I just reread the article. They're not only denying US citizen adults money because of the immigration status of who they love, they're denying US citizen children money that would be used for their care, based on what the immigration status of their parents is.
Not to mention, undocumented immigrants whose families are affected by this have been flagged BECAUSE THEY PAID TAXES. The irony.

Every person has inherent worth regardless of whether they're undocumented. And whether or not they pay taxes.
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17 Apr
Making a difference one video at a time: insisting that every piece of durable marketing video I participate in is captioned, even if it's not a Honeycomb first-party video.

Sadly, the economics of captioning all my less polished livestreams just doesn't make sense :(
My company and I can afford to live caption finished work product, but not intermediate stages of work product, because human-captioned material is hundreds per hour.

I do know of people who put free/cheap AI craptions on their livestreams, but I just don't think it makes sense.
I'd rather bundle a quality captioning product or none at all, rather than subject people to AI craptions that don't actually express what I'm saying.

If someone wants craptions, they can wire it up themselves, is my personal opinion. Don't want to normalize craptions.
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17 Apr
That was a scary as fuck 3 hours of breaking my BIOS to the point that it wouldn't POST even after clearing CMOS.

The answer? Getting tweezers out and physically shorting two pins on the BIOS EEPROM. Yes, it really works.…
Kudos to @BinaryVixen899 for asking me, "no really, did you follow the instructions in the Tom's Hardware thread," causing me to reread the instructions and realize that I'd been shorting the CMOS reset pins, and that the help thread actually was specifying tweezers for a reason.
The moral of the story is, don't try to enable fast & secure boot, even when you see that your current copy of Ubuntu Focal has UEFI boot and signed bootloader. It's just not worth it.

Reasons why Chromebooks are glorious: all of this stuff is factory-configured and works OOB.
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13 Apr
Hey Google folks: has the OwnIt extension been open sourced? If not, can it be?

Otherwise I'm fighting that useDomainAdminAccess API doesn't do what it says on the tin for ownership transfer of former employees' files :(
I am going to have to, like, time box the amount of time I spend on this, and just make a copy of the file, but grr.… is the most unhelpful answer because it just says "use the Google Drive APIs" with no description of the actual command to run, and then, surprise, it doesn't actually work on files, only on folders, if you useDomainAdminAccess.
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10 Apr
Anyone else on Focal Fossa preview have their webcam suddenly stop working with a recent package update, or is it just me?
Update: it was my camera cover lol
a clear sign our fatigue is getting to us.
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8 Apr
.@ShyRuparel recommended this to me, and now it's my turn to recommend to NYC:

My family has been receiving reheatable meal kits from for the past 2 weeks. $12/serving for amazingly delicious spicy and smokey Korean food, delivered right to your doorstep.
@ShyRuparel oh, and yes, it can be made vegan!!!

Support local restaurants with predictable recurring revenue, AND stay inside, AND reduce the contact involved in serving meals by ordering in bulk so they only have to travel once to your house per week to deliver many meals at once.
My household now no longer has the "oh crap it's 1pm and I haven't ordered or started making food yet" problem -- just pop open a vacuum sealed meal, microwave it, and enjoy delicious Korean food 5 minutes later.
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7 Apr
sooo my previous admin just... stopped processing my expense reports, and now I have 2+ months of unfiled expense reports to do on my own :cry:

if I'd known that I needed to do them myself, I would have done them in realtime, but the backlog has become my anxiety for weeks
and now I've found things dating back even beyond the current quarter, all the way back to July *sob*
the good news is that I had a company card, so aside from random MetroCard swipes, I'm not really out of any money out of pocket, but grr.

finally all done.
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6 Apr
.@seebails is giving an amazing talk detailing the business benefits of high-cardinality and observability capabilities. #Observe2020
@seebails "instrument, and find out how people are using things, to address your technical debt." #Observe2020
"Think about end user outcomes in your work, and think about the person that's going to be impacted, when framing your alerting. If you can't answer a question, instrument. Rationalize your educated guesses." #Observe2020
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30 Mar
Soooo I figured out why all my OBS streams were displaying my webcam as 5FPS. Oops.
It turns out the YUYV 4:2:2 default setting in OBS will drop your frame rate by a factor of 6 *cry*. The other settings that say "emulated" actually are the better settings to use.

User-hostile defaults for the loss.
anyways, sorry for the choppiness in my OBS-hosted streams, oh, the past 3 years or so.

This is why I primarily use @Lightstream for anything 720p or involving trying to window capture Chrome, and use OBS only for 1080p gaming stuff.
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29 Mar
Strange discovery of the day: python-httplib2 [bionic] is broken by libssl1.1 [bionic-security], and requires [bionic-updates] to be available to upgrade past the broken version.

So, somehow my main development machine the past few years has failed to have bionic-updates. Whoops
Also, yeaaaaah, it turns out that my several years old dev machine takes FOREVER to do anything like install apt packages, because, several year old CPU :/
we had assumed, that, like, security updates wouldn't break things in main non-update, but apparently not!
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27 Mar
@lynncyrin oh fuck, so sorry you got laid off :( :( :(
@lynncyrin @lynncyrin I had assumed it was "searching for career growth/stretch" based on your previous posting...
@lynncyrin I mean, no reason it can't be both, but sucks the timing is out of your control
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27 Mar
The world is finding out now what happens when the Go module proxy goes down...
Fun. cmd/hound-asg-updater/main.go:8:2:…: Get "…": read tcp> read: connection reset by peer
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