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25 Nov
While it is very true that Maternity is more likely to be accurate than paternity, the name of your mother, and the name of your mother's mother, is asked for during consultations because your mother is your passage into earth.
She is your "source". It is not the complete story to chuck it up to worries about paternity fraud.

Also, there is Okun-ọmọ-ìyá (The bond from a shared mother) and Okun-ọmọ-baba (The bond of a shared father.)

And The Bond Of a Shared Mother, is considered the stronger force
Which is why when there is too much animosity between children of the same mother, whether or not they share the same father, it is more shocking/frowned upon/unexpected, versus animosity between children of the same father with different mothers. The Bond from A Shared Mother >>
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25 Nov
The name of many Agbo Ile has been changed because of religion. For example, I do not identify as "Ọmọ Agbo Ile Alagbaa" because Alagbaa is the name of the household idol and no longer holds sway in my own life. We have long adopted the name of a great grandfather instead
On my paternal side that is.

On my maternal side, my grand mother's agbo ile was changed to Moboluwaji. A very morden name. We don't even know what it used to be called anymore. But they became Christians and divested of the household idol, from which they named their clan
It is therefore inaccurate to say one can translate original Agbo Ile to a paternalistic surname.

Also in Yoruba land, you identify with the Agbo Ile of both of your parents. Which is why upon your death, your body is taken to both ancestral homes during the processional dance.
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23 Nov
Ready to finally watch "Move To Heaven." I am mentally prepared to cry.
Move to heaven is about a Neurodivergent young boy/man and his deadbeat uncle who becomes his guardian after his very attentive father dies. It is a story of redemption for the uncle, but the themes are sensitivity, family, goodbyes, grief, and second chances.
I highly highly recommend it. It is very moving. The movie won several prestigious awards including Best Writing and Best Actors. One of the best Korean works in 2021.
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