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May 25 6 tweets 5 min read
1/ Sharing a smart trader on #GMX.

He went long on $BTC in the past month and made ~$522K.

Moreover, he didn't lose any money even in the down market.

How did he do it?👇 Image 2/ The smart trader opened long positions in $BTC and $WBTC on April 23 and then closed the long position on April 28, which made him ~13 $BTC ($435K). ImageImage
May 24 4 tweets 4 min read
1/ A smart whale who made ~$2.5M during #USDC depegging is long $ETH on #Aave.

Today, this whale:

- Exchanged a total of 7,169 $ETH for 7,169 $stETH.

- Deposited 7,169 $stETH into #Aave.

- Borrowed 8.45M $USDT.

- Deposited 8.45M $USDT to #Binance (possibly buying $ETH). Image 2/ The whale deposited 28,755 $stETH($52M) to #Aave and borrowed 36M $USDT in total.

The health rate is 1.2.

It will be liquidated when the price of $ETH decreases by 20% (~$1,511). Image
May 23 5 tweets 3 min read
1/ Sharing a super #MEME coin hunter who earned 562.64 $ETH($1.06M) in the past month!

- Made 189.5 $ETH ($345,306, 4x gains) on $RFD.

- Made 127 $ETH($248,697, 32x gains) on $PEPE.

If you always lose money on #MEME coins, this thread will help you increase the win rate. 🧵 Image 2/ The super #MEME coin hunter traded a total of 104 tokens in the past month, of which 66 tokens were profitable, with a winning rate of 63.5%.

May 18 4 tweets 4 min read
1/ We noticed that BlackRock Fund withdrew 1.27T $PEPE ($1.98M) from #Binance to 4 addresses 2 hrs ago.

And BlackRock Fund made $2.39M(10x) on $PEPE before! ImageImageImageImage 2/ These 4 addresses use the same Binance deposit address as blackrockfund3.eth, and are most likely addresses newly created by BlackRock Fund.

etherscan.io/address/0x89a3… Image
May 18 4 tweets 3 min read
1/ Jump Trading transferred 3M $LDO ($6.9M) to the new address"0x0ee7" 6 hrs ago and then deposited 7,366 $LDO ($17K) to #Binance. Image 2/ Jump Trading spent 1,207 $ETH ($4.76M) to buy 5.59M $LDO at $0.85 on May 10, 2021.

Then transferred 3.36M $LDO ($7.7M) to #Binance and #KuCoin at an average price of $2.29 after a one-year lockup period. ImageImage
May 17 4 tweets 3 min read
1/ Sharing some interesting findings on $SHIB and $DOGE.

The 5th holder of $SHIB and the 5th holder of $DOGE seem to be the same person, either Jump Trading or a partner of Jump Trading.

Holding 20T $SHIB($176M) and 3.4B $DOGE($248M). ImageImage 2/ 12 hrs ago, "0x73AF" transferred 20T $SHIB ($176M) to "0x40B3" in 4 transactions, and "0x40B3" became the 5th holder of $SHIB.

Almost at the same time, "DDuX" also transferred 3.4B $DOGE ($248M) to "DEgD" in 4 transactions, and "DEgD" became the 5th holder of $DOGE. ImageImage
May 15 10 tweets 8 min read
1/ Are NFT influencers making money on #MEME coins?

Here are 8 NFT influencers, 4 of which made money on #MEME coins.

It seems that the more #MEME coins you trade, the easier it is to lose money.

Let's see how they trade on #MEME coins.👇 Image 2/ @Vince_Van_Dough spent 90 $ETH($167K) to buy 96B $PEPE at $0.000001736.

Then sold 90B $PEPE for 96 $ETH($174K) at $0.000001935.

The profit is ~$18K.

debank.com/profile/0x0f0e… Image
May 11 5 tweets 4 min read
1/ This SmartMoney is really an awesome #MEME coin hunter.

- Only bought $PEPE and $LADYS.

- Bought $PEPE on Apr 18 and bought $LADYS before #Elon_Musk tweeted.

- Gained 36x on $PEPE and 35x on $LADYS. ImageImage 2/ The SmartMoney bought 108B $PEPE with 3.63 $ETH($7,531) on Apr 18, the buying price is $0.00000006965.

And sold for 135 $ETH($255K) on Apr 30, May 6 and May 6, the average selling price is $0.000002358.

The profit is 131 $ETH($247K), with a gain of 36x. ImageImageImage
May 11 5 tweets 3 min read
1/ We noticed that some addresses swapped $PEPE positions for $LADYS!👇 Image 2/ Address"0xfb2b" bought 292B $PEPE with 54 $ETH($101K) and sold for 288 $ETH($532K), the profit is 234 $ETH($430K).

He bought a total of 7.5T $LADYS ($1.18M currently).

The cost is 168 $ETH ($310K) and the average price is $0.00000004133.
debank.com/profile/0xfb2b… ImageImageImage
May 8 6 tweets 4 min read
1/ What are $PEPE SmartMoneys doing?

Do they keep selling $PEPE or buy again?

What other #MEME coins do they buy?
2/ 0x9cd6 bought 7.3B $PEPE with 11 $ETH($20,861) 4 hrs ago.

He started buying $PEPE again after selling 1.75B $PEPE for 2,128 $ETH ($4.18M) to take profits.

And totally bought 936.5B $PEPE with 1,374 $ETH($2.74M) at a price of $0.000002922.

debank.com/profile/0x9cd6… Image
May 6 7 tweets 4 min read
1/ Missed the $PEPE?

We found 3 SmartMoneys that both bought $SHIB and $PEPE early and made millions of USD.

- 0x778c made $5.8M on $SHIB and $1.18M on $PEPE.

- 0x2af8 made $3.84M on $SHIB and $1.34M on $PEPE.

- cryptopolitan.eth made $2.45M on $SHIB and $695K on $PEPE.
👇 2/ Address: debank.com/profile/0x778c…

0x778c started buying $SHIB on Feb 2, 2021.

He totally bought 1.31T $SHIB with $13.5K and sold for $5.81M, the profit is ~$5.8M. Image
May 5 5 tweets 3 min read
1/ A SmartMoney who made ~$7.5M on $SHIB woke up after more than a year of dormancy and bought 6 #MEME coins.

Including $PEPE, $WOJAK, $AFY, $Dione, $DMTR, $VAI.

He is also very lucky to get 179M $FLOKI ($9,378) from Flokitars Deployer. ImageImage 2/ This SmartMoney spent 10 $ETH ($15,118) to buy 1T $SHIB very early and sold 703B $SHIB for 676 $ETH ($2.24M) after the $SHIB skyrocketed.

Then transferred 300B $SHIB ($5.3M) to #Binance after listing on #Binance.

The total profit is ~$7.5M! Image
May 5 5 tweets 4 min read
1/ A SmartMoney that made ~$3.84M on $SHIB swapped some of his $SHIB positions for $PEPE!

This SmartMoney bought 325B $PEPE($700K currently) with 6B $SHIB($67K).

Very wise decision!

If you want to buy the next $SHIB and $PEPE, be sure to follow this address. ImageImage 2/ This SmartMoney bought 133B $SHIB in April 2021 at a cost of $224K, then transferred to Gate.io on May 7th and 9th.

If he sold 133B $SHIB at the price of transfer would get $1.13M.

The profit is ~$903K. Image
May 4 4 tweets 2 min read
We noticed an early buyer of $SHIB also bought $PEPE and $WOJAK.

The SmartMoney started buying $SHIB at a very low price on Jan 30, 2021.

Bought 188.6B $SHIB with $96.5K and sold 95.3B $SHIB for $1.18B.

Currently holds 92.3B $SHIB($929K) and made ~$2M on $SHIB ImageImageImage The SmartMoney bought 72.83B $PEPE($95,610 currently) with 19 $ETH($36,415) and bought 529M $WOJAK($329,315 currently) with 30.5 $ETH($61,170).

This guy is really good at buying #MEME coins!

debank.com/profile/0x22ae… ImageImage
May 4 4 tweets 2 min read
1/ 2 whales unstaked 32,790 $GMX ($2.7M) and dumped 29,750 $GMX ($2.06M) to take a profit in the past 2 days.👇 Image 2/ Whale "0x191e" unstaked 16,565 $GMX($1.18M) and dumped 13,525 $GMX($940K) at $69.52.

The whale bought 16,565 $GMX at $35.51 from July 12 to Aug 14, 2022.

And currently holds 3,040 $GMX($212K), the profit is ~$564K.

debank.com/profile/0x191e… Image
May 2 7 tweets 5 min read
1. 🧵

A SmartMoney bought 4T $PEPE at a cost of 2.1 $ETH ($4,410) and made ~$1.71M!

And this guy also traded a lot of #MEME coins.

Let's learn about his trading strategy and portfolio.👇 2.

The SmartMoney discovered $PEPE and spent 2.1 $ETH($4,410) to buy 4T $PEPE 6 hours after $PEPE was listed.

After each price surge in $PEPE, he sold part of $PEPE instead of selling all of them.

He sold a total of 3.27T $PEPE for $906K and currently holds 700B $PEPE($808K). ImageImage
May 1 5 tweets 3 min read
1/ With the skyrocketing price of $PEPE, 3 SmartMoneys have sold part of $PEPE and made a profit of more than 1M USD!

These guys became millionaires in 2 weeks with $PEPE! 🤩 Image 2/ SmartMoney: etherscan.io/token/0x698250…

This guy bought 5.42T $PEPE with 1 $ETH($2,100), then sold 3.42T $PEPE for 929 $ETH($1.77M).

And still holds 2T $PEPE($2.37M).

Selling all $PEPE at the current price will make a profit of ~4.14M! ImageImageImage
Apr 24 7 tweets 5 min read
1/ We found that 5 addresses related to pepecexwallet.eth bought 8.87T $PEPE at a low price, and the cost was ~0.19 $ETH ($385).

Then sold 7.76T $PEPE for $1.23M on #DEX, made nearly $1.23M (3,200x)! Image 2/ Wallet "0xAd10" bought 2.44T $PEPE with 0.0195 $ETH($39.3) and transferred 2.44T $PEPE to wallet "0x9807";

Wallet "0x9807" bought 0.06T $PEPE with 0.11 $WETH($230.84) and transferred 2.5T $PEPE to wallet "0x7607". ImageImage
Apr 23 6 tweets 4 min read
1/ A total of ~1.43M $FXS ($11.7M) has been unlocked recently.

Pay attention to these addresses, once they transfer $FXS to exchanges for selling, you can short $FXS to make money. ImageImage 2/ We can see that the depth of $FXS on #Binance is only $211K, which means that the selling pressure of $210K can reduce the price of $FXS by 2%. Image
Apr 21 7 tweets 5 min read
1/ Not sure about long or short ETH/BTC?

Let's see how the SmartMoneys on #GMX have been trading lately.

Hope this thread can help you. Image 2/ Trader"0xd79b": gmx.house/arbitrum/accou…

This trader earned $1.79M on #GMX in total. He traded 80 times and won 57 times, with a winning rate of 71.25%.

He is currently long $BTC and $ETH with entry prices of $29,284 (BTC) and $1,982 (ETH) respectively. Image
Apr 20 4 tweets 2 min read
1/ This guy is really good at trading shitcoins!

He bought 2.52T $PEPE($816K currently) with 0.013 $ETH($25), which made him a 32,000X profit.

He has traded 3,000+ shitcoins in the past 2+ years and probably realized ~$2M in profit.

Here are partially profitable tokens. ImageImage 2/

This guy bought $MXS with 0.5 $ETH in June 2021 and sold for 142.5 $ETH in less than 30 mins.

Made a profit of 142 $ETH ( 284x ).

It's really incredible! ImageImage